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Have you ever experienced the unwanted sound of the crowd cheering while you are watching your favorite band? Or does the whistling of wind of the outdoor venue disturb your music-listening experience? Well, all these scenarios are some of the most annoying and disappointing experiences that you might have encountered. In addition, many times, you may have missed a punch line in a podcast or failed to understand the critical points of a webinar. This all happens just because of poor audio quality.

Well, there is no need to get frustrated now because you are in the age of artificial intelligence, and there are numerous AI audio enhancer tool that allows you to make your audio clearer like a super magician. When it comes to discussing an audio enhancer, it uses the latest AI technologies and machine learning models that enable it to enhance the quality of your audio and make your experience more pleasant.

An audio-enhancing AI tool does three main things with your auditory files. The first thing that it does is to minimize the annoying background sound from your audio file. Secondly, it uses its AI algorithms to make your voice clearer and high-definition so that you can listen to it conveniently. And the last thing an audio enhancement tool does is that it enhances the quality of your audio file overall to give you a pleasant experience while listening to it again.

The audio-enhancing tools improve the overall quality of your audio file with the help of their smart algorithms and machine learning capability that enables them to understand the flaws in the frequency of your audio, and they remove them resiliently without damaging actual audio.

If you are wondering about these AI tools that will boost the productivity of your audio file editing and enhancement, then you are on the right track. In this discussion, we will explore why you need these AI audio-enhancing tools. What are the best AI tools for you to use for audio enhancement? What are their use cases or applicable areas, and who will get most of the benefits of using these AI tools for audio enhancement? So, let us start to discuss every aspect of this topic and make everything clear as crystal.

Why Do You Need AI Audio Enhancers?

In an ideal situation, all sound recordings would happen in a special room with high-quality equipment. On the other hand, when it comes to normal situations, most of us record audio in not-so-perfect conditions. In addition, background noises, like people talking, cars horning, or the sound of a fan, can disturb your recordings and make audio sound not so good. Moreover, if you are using a low-quality microphone or recording equipment due to a low budget, your audio might be hard to understand, distorted, or lack clarity. This is where AI audio enhancers come in with the most handy approach. There are several reasons that emphasize the use of these AI voice-enhancing tools. Following is a list of these reasons. Let us have a look at them.

  1. They are really good at getting rid of background noise in a matter of seconds.
  2. AI audio enhancers make sure your audio is always clear, sharp, and without distracting background noise.
  3. They make voices clearer and make the overall sound better.
  4. Many of these tools are perfect for things like webinars, online meetings, and live streams that will increase your understanding level with the reduction of unwanted audio elements.
  5. They can make a big difference in how you experience the audio.
  6. AI audio enhancers make sure your audio is always clear, sharp, and without distracting background noise.

These are the potential reasons that you should use these AI audio enhancer tools for an exceptional listening experience with your audio files. Now, you might be wondering about what are the best AI tools that you can use to increase the quality of your audio. Keep reading this guide, as we will discuss them in detail in the next section. Let us dive deep into it.

10 Top AI Audio Enhancers

When it comes to finding the ease of listening to audio with real spectrum and quality without any turbulence, things get so vast. There are so many elements that are involved in making your audio files clearer and pleasant. Here are AI-powered audio enhancer tools that allow you to make your audio files more elegant and clearer. In this section of our discussion, we will explore some of the best audio enhancer tools that will make your sound experience more elegant. So, let us start our journey to find the best AI audio enhancer tools.


In the list of our artificial intelligence audio-enhancing tools, Veed comes at the top rank due to its magnificent qualities and features. It is a tool that helps you edit videos, and it also lets you improve the quality of your audio by using AI. The cool thing about its AI background noise remover is that it uses Dolby Technology, which automatically finds and removes background noises, such as wind blowing, breathing, traffic noise, or other unwanted sounds in a matter of seconds.

In addition, it also allows you to make your MP4 videos sound better with this unique AI Audio Enhancer feature. The Veed.io platform also offers you a simple interface with smart tools that clean up background noise from your audio with just one click. For those who want to eliminate distracting audio and video noise in their files, this AI tool is one of the tools that enables them to do so quickly. 

Moreover, with the use of the Veed.io platform, you can also edit your videos to make their sounds clearer, and it gives you the results like your sound was recorded in a closed studio. It is not only good at removing background noise, but with Veed.io, you can also do other things like getting rid of watermarks, organizing your audio or video files, making subtitles automatically, or even translating the subtitles. All these features make Veed.io one of the most advanced and handy AI tools for your audio and video editing and enhancement needs.

Pricing & Features Detail

The platform offers you four different pricing plans that can fit into your budget. The free plan is good for quick projects that take less than 10 minutes. With this plan, you can export videos in 720p with good sound quality, create videos up to 10 minutes long, and get 30 minutes of subtitles every month, along with AI-edited sounds.

If you need more, there's a Basic plan for $12 per month. This plan removes the unwanted noises from your audio and watermarks and lets you export videos in 1080 quality for videos up to 25 minutes long. You also get 720 minutes of subtitles. The Pro plan, which costs you $30 per month, lets you remove turbulence of your audio, remove the watermark, and gives you 1440 minutes of subtitles, lets you translate subtitles and export them. In addition, the AI platform also provides you with a library of audio, video, and templates stock so that you can use them for the betterment of your videos and audio editing along with AI editing tools like clean audio and text-to-speech.

For those who are running businesses, Veed provides them with a plan that costs $59. With this plan, you get 8000 minutes of subtitles, custom templates, clickable links in your videos, video analytics, and the ability to export videos in 4k quality with clearer and more captivating audio.


Our second pick is Krisp, an online AI platform that allows you to transform your online meetings into a supercharged experience with the help of its artificial intelligence. The Krisp is an online audio enhancer that is specially designed to make your conferences and video calling experience better with its audio-enhancing abilities that make your sound as clear as crystal. This powerful AI tool is capable of effortlessly filtering out background noises without causing any delays and losing its quality.

In addition, its top-notch audio clarity features offer you fantastic solutions like the AI meeting assistant and AI Accent Localization. Beyond just refining background noise, Krisp provides assistance for individuals working in quieter environments by enhancing speech quality. You can say that it is not just a background noise canceller; it goes above and beyond with unlimited transcription, HD noise cancellation, and the ability to store unlimited meeting notes for you, which makes it one of the best AI audio-enhancing tools to use.


When it comes to discussing the Pricing of Krisp, Krisp offers a variety of plans to suit your different needs. The free plan provides 60 minutes per day of noise cancellation, unlimited transcription, and two meeting notes per day. In addition, the pro plan, available for $8 per month, offers you unlimited noise cancellation, unlimited meeting notes, HD noise cancellation, and centralized user management. If you are running an enterprise and want to use this AI audio enhancer for your more extensive requirements, the Enterprise plan is customizable based on your needs.


When it comes to discussing our third AI audio enhancer tool, Auphonic comes with great potential and features. It is one of the most powerful audio editors that allows you to meet your requirements for audio editing. The Auphonic is a web-based all-in-one AI tool designed to give your audio a professional touch. Imagine having an intelligent audio editor, noise reduction, filtering, Auto Equalizer, and a multitrack algorithm with loudness specifications. The Auphonic is one of the most advanced AI audio editing and enhancing platforms that allows you to do all these things conveniently.

Whether you are a podcaster, radio broadcaster, movie soundtrack manager, or screencaster, Auphonic provides you with a go-to approach for making your audio stand out. There are more than 300,000 users and leading audio companies globally that are using this magnificent AI, too, due to its revolutionary audio post-production service.


When it comes to discussing the features of Auphonic, things get so vast and handy. The Auphonic AI uses its smart feature artificial intelligence and makes it according to your requirements. In addition, it simplifies the post-production process of your audio files using its advanced algorithms to analyze your audio, recognize speech, music, and background segments, and process them separately to make them perfect for you. The Auphonic AI platform ensures that your speakers have equal levels and automatically identifies and excludes unwanted segments like noise, wind, breathing, and silence in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, Auphonic also applies compressors and limiters to create a well-balanced final mix of your audio files. The platform allows you granular control over every aspect of your sound and provides you with multiple tools to make your audio file more pleasant with the help of its Audio Algorithms section.


Now, let's talk about the pricing plan. Auphonic offers a free tier that covers 2 hours of audio per month, allowing you to test their tools and algorithms without any commitments. If you need more, you can explore their subscription plans or get one-time credits on their pricing page.

Here's the detail of their Recurring Credits Plans:

  • Auphonic S plan: $11/month for 9 hours.
  • Auphonic M plan: $24/month for 21 hours.
  • Auphonic L plan: $49/month for 45 hours.
  • Auphonic XL plan: $99/month for 100 hours.

If the recurring plans don't fit your style, they have One-Time Credits Plans. These credits don't expire, and you can use them whenever you want. In addition, you can save 20% with their yearly Pricing. You can say that the Auphonic AI platform allows you to make every kind of pricing plan for your convenience and according to your budget.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition stands out as one of the best Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) in the industry of audio enhancement. In addition, Adobe Audition is a web-based AI tool that allows you to do multiple things, such as creating audio, mixing it, editing, and fixing audio flaws and disturbness. The company of this AI platform has the idea behind developing this AI tool so that they can speed up making videos and finishing up audio. From many of its magnificent features, it does get rid of background noise easily, and it also has many other tools to make your audio sound amazing.

Furthermore, Adobe Audition uses smart technology, like machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, that enable it to make your audio better. With the help of these all AI powers the Adobe Audition AI platform fixes your audio files unwanted things like noise and makes them sound top-notch. And guess what? It works smoothly with other Adobe products, making it a complete solution for editing and creating audio.

Above all, Adobe Audition provides you with a smart display that indicates the editing elements in your audio files, which provides you with a more vivid and clear visualization of every aspect of your editing audio files.

Key Features

  • The Smart AI technology of this platform allows you to enhance and improve audio quality.
  • Provides you with an easily eliminated background noise for crystal-clear audio.
  • It works smoothly with other Adobe products for a complete editing and production solution.
  • It lets you make adjustments to the effects and provides you with a menu to reduce unwanted noise and enhance audio.
  • Enables you to edit low and high frequencies by visually looking at the audio flow.


Now, let's talk about how much it costs. Adobe Audition starts at $20.99 per month. With this subscription, you can not only get Audition on your computer but also 100GB of cloud storage. In addition, you can also get access to other magnificent tools things like Behance, Adobe Creative Community, Adobe Fonts, Creative Cloud Libraries, and many others to enhance your creativity and boost the process of enhancing the quality of your audio files.


In the list of our best AI audio enhancer tools, Descript's Studio comes with a handy approach. This AI platform provides you with some magical tools and features that enable you to fulfill your audio needs to be fulfilled conveniently. In addition, it enables you to turn your ordinary recordings into studio-quality sound with just one click. Using the Decscript platform is just like having a professional sound engineer who can make your sounds more elegant and pleasant. It makes your voice stand out, lets you get rid of annoying background noises, and makes your audio sound as if it was made in a fancy studio despite the difference in where you recorded it. Following are some key features of this AI platform that segregate it from the other AI audio editing tools.

Key Features

  • It enables you to click once to remove background noise, adjust the volume, and make your voice sound just like you want it.
  • The artificial intelligence of this platform clones your voice to fix mistakes in your speech just by typing corrections.
  • It allows you to say goodbye to 'mums' and 'uhs' with a single click, which makes your podcast shorter and clearer.
  • The Descript platform provides you with everything from recording to publishing, making podcasting super easy in one place.


  • Its Free Plan offers you basic editing and screen recording.
  • The Creator Plan costs you $12-$15 per month, offers you ten transcription hours per month, and lets you export one watermark-free video.
  • The Pro Plan is for $24-$30 per month and Offers you 30 transcription hours/month and unlimited watermark-free video exports.
  • If you are running an enterprise, you can choose their customized packages according to your needs and requirements.


The next AI audio-enhancing tool on our list is the Audioalter. It is a web-based AI platform that provides you with a collection of handy tools that you can use to make your audio files remarkable. Especially, if you are into the podcasting field, the Audioalter is your audio partner that enables you to make your audio quality clearer or according to your desire. Whether you want to eliminate any unwanted noise from your video or need to add more bass or amplify it, this remarkable AI tool provides you with editing tools that can help you achieve your editing needs. Despite the difference in the length of your audio file or video, the Audioalter platform's versatility and simplicity make it a fantastic free tool for top-notch audio improvements.

In addition, one standout feature of Audioalter is its automated processes. Whether you want to add effects, adjust pitch and volume, or even reduce background noise, this AI platform gives you the liberty to do all these things in a matter of seconds. Moreover, this AI audio enhancer also provides you with a ready-made settings feature so that you can make your audio files perfect according to your customized settings.

Key Features of Audioalter

  • It allows you to add effects like 3D enhancement, bass boost, and high pitch, tempo, and volume in your audio files.
  • Enables you to eliminate the annoying background noises and cleans them up for you within a few clicks.
  • For those who need a specific part of their audio file, Audioalter's trimmer helps them to do it with utmost precision.
  • The Audioalter can take out the vocals and enables you to enjoy the instrumental sound only.
  • It also allows you to convert your audio files into 3D or 8D Audio along with surround sound effects and various reverb settings.

Insights into Pricing

Audioalter is a free AI platform that allows you to use it to fulfill your audio editing needs. You can access all these awesome features without a price tag. So, whether you are a seasoned podcaster or just starting, Audioalter is a cool companion for your audio adventures.


Imagine having a remarkable AI tool that makes your audio and video sound amazing without any fancy equipment. Well, that's what Dolby.io does. It is also a free web-based AI tool that offers you many handy audio editing tools to make your audio files clearer and more attractive to listen to. Whether you are recording a piece of music, a podcast, or just sharing your thoughts in a video, the Dolby AI platform makes your sound as it's recorded in a studio without taking too much time.

In addition, Dolby AI can be accessible from your mobile phone, which makes it more accessible from anywhere and at any time. The platform uses machine learning and General Artificial intelligence models that enable it to make your audio and video better according to your needs and requirements. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about those annoying background noises because the Dolby AI will remove them, make your voice crystal clear, and add cool effects to your audio. Most of all, it allows you to share your enhanced audio files on different social media platforms to make an impact on your audience.

Dolby.io's Key Features

  • It fixes annoying background noises and removes unwanted sounds like wind, traffic, or buzzing from your audio files using its AI algorithms.
  • The Dolby AI platform allows you to make your voices super clear.
  • Whether you are recording a piece of music, speech, or a mix of both, it enables you to adjust the balance of your audio based on what you're recording.
  • Dolby On keeps your audio levels smooth and avoids any weird distortions, which ensures no sudden loud sounds that make your audio file annoying. 
  • Dolby AI allows you to add extra depth to your audio files, which makes them more appealing and engaging exponentially.


Dolby.io offers you a free trial to explore its real power along with various other paid subscriptions based on features and numbers of audio or video files from which you can enhance the quality and performance. The paid subscriptions of Dolby.io start from $149 per month, and you can avail their Elite subscription tire for $4995. If you are considering taking their services for your enterprise audio needs, the Dolby.io platform also offers you customized packages for your audio editing needs.

Audio Studio

Our next AI audio enhancer platform is Audo Studio, which is an online source that provides you with so many handy features to transform your sounds into captivating and engaging. The Audio Studio is one of the most versatile platforms that offers you many tools to make your videos more elegant to listen to. Whether you are a YouTube video maker or a podcaster, this magnificent AI tool enables you to transform your sounds into various forms. From the deep vocal to stereo, there are plenty of options that you can use to enhance the sound quality of your videos.

In addition, the equalizing and background noise remover tools of this AI platform allow you to improve your audio files conveniently and in a matter of seconds with a few clicks. Following are some magnificent features of Audo Studio that enable you to craft more engaging audio files for your personal or commercial use.

Key Features

  • It allows you to click once, and sit back to get relaxed because everything will be done by AI automatically. The Audio Studio does it all in a matter of seconds and lets you focus on other important elements of your video to stand out.
  • The Audio Studio gives you the liberty to say goodbye to those annoying background noises. It automatically cleans up your audio, giving you a crystal-clear sound without any hard work.
  • You also do not need to play around with volume buttons because Audo Studio takes care of it for you, making sure your sound is perfectly balanced.

Let's Talk About the Plans

There are three tires of subscriptions, one of which is free that you can get from Audo Studio and enables you to explore this platform conveniently. The free plan is perfect for starting your experience with this AI platform, which allows you to do noise removal, echo reduction, auto volume, and 20 minutes of audio enhancement every month. In addition, its Creator Plan starts at $12, which enables you to do 600 minutes of audio enhancement every month. Lastly, the Pay As You Go plan, in which you just have to pay for one time, allows you to get many other features for just $20.


Our next AI audio enhancer is no other than CrumplePop, your secret weapon for amazing audio editing and enhancement. This platform uses artificial intelligence to make your podcasts and videos sound fantastic. With the help of this remarkable audio enhancer tool, you can ensure no more annoying background noise or unclear voices in your videos or audio files. This web-based AI platform is easy to use and provides you with an easy way to boost the quality of your audio files in an exponentially easy manner. Despite the difference of who you are, whether you're just starting or a pro in the audio world.

CrumplePop's Awesome Features

  • Enables you to remove background noises like echoes, fans, or hums in your podcast. The AI of CrumplePop works so magically that it resiliently removes any kind of wind noise from your audio files and makes them crystal clear.
  • Despite removing noise, your voice stays natural and pleasant. In addition, this AI platform also ensures no robotic sounds in your audio files so that you can increase its impact.
  • The CrumplePop AI platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that enables it to take your audio game to a whole new level. 
  • Enables you to make a lasting impression with clear, professional audio of your videos. Whether it's podcasts, videos, ads, or course materials, CrumplePop elevates your content with crystal-clear sound elements.

Let's Talk Pricing

The CrumplePop lets you start your audio journey with multiple plans that you can pick according to your needs. Try the free Starter plan to get basic features and a taste of the advanced ones without needing your credit card. If you want all the audio features, you can buy the Pro Monthly at $29/month for features like PopRemover and RustleRemover. Or, make a one-time payment of $599 for the Pro One-Time plan and enjoy all the pro features forever. 


Our last but not least AI audio enhancer is Resound AI, which is pretty handy and versatile with the ability to make your audio fantastic. It is a web-based AI tool which is powered by artificial intelligence that enables it to make your audio elegant and pleasing. Whether you are a podcaster or a streamer, Resound offers you real-time audio enhancement tools from which you can increase the potential of your videos and attract more audience across the board. Following are its AI features that make it one of the best AI audio-enhancing platforms to use.


  • It allows you to handle hectic procedures of editing your video sound quality and allows you to make it balanced without any voice interruption with the power of its AI algorithms.
  • Enables you to remove "umms" and "ahhs" in your podcast so that the listeners could have a better experience listening to your podcasts.
  • The Resound AI platform also finds and removes boring pauses automatically and makes your videos more engaging.
  • With the help of this AI platform, you can also extract the audio of your podcast resiliently and without any complex processes due to its artificial intelligence technology.
  • Provides you with multiple audio file formats, such as WAV, MP3, or AAF.

Let's Talk Plans

The platform offers you various options to buy according to your needs and requirements, along with a free trial. The Resound platform offers Creators, Professionals, and Studio packages for $12, $24, and $49, respectively, that provide you with multiple AI features from which you can upscale your audio files exponentially.

What are The Use Cases for AI Audio Enhancers?

When it comes to discussing the applications of the above AI audo enhancer tools, things get so versatile as there are so many industries that are evolving with their use of them. For example, In online meetings and video calls, AI audio enhancers can make the audio clearer and better. They're great for reducing background noise and improving how voices sound, making virtual meetings smoother and turbulence-free. This is super handy for remote working models or those who are in online businesses.

In addition, these AI sound-enhancing tools are also making progress in the healthcare field. The AI audio enhancers can make medical recordings, like patient interviews or tests, better. When the audio is clearer, doctors and healthcare workers can understand the recordings more accurately. This means they can diagnose and plan treatments more effectively.

Furthermore, with these artificial intelligence audio-enhancing tools, there are so many people who are getting their listening abilities back. They can make sounds louder and clearer, making audio content more accessible. 

In the video gaming industry, AI audio enhancers create awesome and lifelike sound environments. They can make sounds feel like they're coming from different directions, simulate 3D sound, and boost the overall audio quality of games. This makes gaming more exciting and enjoyable for players.

Last but not least, with the use of AI audio-enhancing platforms, the Video Production sector is getting advanced. From movies to TV shows and online videos, AI audio enhancers can do wonders. They help get rid of background noise, balance audio levels, and improve overall sound quality. This makes watching videos more enjoyable and gives them a professional touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do AI Audio Enhancers Work To Improve Sound Quality?

Using advanced machine learning, neural networks, and language processing algorithms of artificial intelligence, these audio-enhancing tools provide you with the best quality of your sound.

What Are The Key Features To Look For When Choosing An AI Audio Enhancer?

A simple user interface, AI technology used in that platform, noise removal accuracy, and features of an audio enhancer AI are the attributes you must check before you choose one.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that AI audio enhancer tools are evolving the ways we used to record or edit a sound. Whether you want to eliminate wind noise, increase the volume of your video, add more sound effects, or improve the overall audio quality of a video, these audio enhancer tools provide you with magical features that enable you to make all kinds of changes in your audio to make it more impactful. In addition, from the above discussion, you can also learn about the best AI sound-enhancing platforms along with their features and pricing details. Additionally, we have mentioned possible applications of these AI audio-enhancing tools. So, read the above discussion and use it for your betterment.


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