Explore The Best AI Voice Generators To Use In 2024

We all know that artificial intelligence has revolutionized every aspect of our lives in terms of technology. Artificial intelligence has now introduced AI voice generation technology after helping us write content of different types, creating images for us, and helping us design our rooms.

Today, we have numerous tools that can create AI voices tailored to our needs. It can be a realistic AI voiceover software for a video or podcast or a robotic voice explaining the functioning or features of any product. 

In the following discussion, you will explore the best AI voice generators in 2024. Additionally, we will evaluate these AI voice cloning tools in different aspects, such as features, pricing, and other aspects, for better understanding.

Following are the points you will find in this discussion.

A Quick Summary of AI Voice Generators

Here is a quick summary of  AI voice generators you will explore in this guide.

AI Voice GeneratorPricingEase of Use (Speed: Text-to-Speech)G2 Ratings
Murf AIFrom free trial to $99 a month. Pricing starts at $29.00, allowing 1 user per month.9.34.7
SynthesysA free trial is great for personal use.
Pricing starts at $41, allowing 1 creator per month.
ElevenLabsA free trial is offered.
Pricing starts at $5 per month.
LovoAIA free trial is offered for one user.
Pricing starts at $29 per month.
AlteredFrom free trial to pricing plans that expand from $1 to $99 a month.8.24.3
WellSaid LabsFree trial.
Pricing starts at $49 per month.
Play.HTPlay.ht has 4 pricing editions.
Pricing starts at $39 per month.

What Are AI Voice Generators?

Who could imagine that after having a writing assistant, we would have voice assistants, too? Imagine an assistant always ready to speak for you with your text, scripts, descriptions, news, or emails, and that too in the voice of your choice. 

This is not a movie or a dream; yes, this is a reality today. AI voice generators make use of deep learning algorithms to mimic human speech styles. The advanced technology of these AI voice generators enables them to understand moods, emotions, and other speech elements. 

It’s not over yet! 

With a range of voices, accents, and languages stored in every AI voice generator, anybody can make their business workflow seamless. You can adjust tone, ups and downs in the speaking pattern, and pauses.

This means that these AI voice generators allow you to customize every aspect of your voice, allowing you to meet your goals exponentially. 

Working of an AI Voice Generator

An AI voice generator is a tool that allows you to transform your text or speech into captivating voices using the power of artificial intelligence. The power behind an AI voice generator is advanced algorithms and extensively large databases. These elements enable them to generate your desired voices. 

In addition, the AI technology of these voice generators is capable of understanding your voice frequency, pitch, tone, accent, and emotion. This yields fine-tune, high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices that you can use for a variety of purposes. 

You might be thinking this is over. But, no!

An AI voice generator can create audio in any voice you choose from its gallery. In addition, you can also ask it to mimic the voice of one specific person.

List Of The Best AI Voice Generators

Looking for a voice generator that sounds like a natural human voice? Or a generator that produces unique synthetic voices?

Let us explain a few of the best AI voice generators for you.

MurfAI – Your Ultimate Solution for Voice Generation

MurfAI is one of the best AI voice generators, as the output audio is of studio quality. Guess what? You can try 100+ free voices as a beginner with its free plan. The tool demands no credit card details or hectic sign-up steps to begin using the magical tool.

Guess What?

The tool supports over 20 languages, and you can target a wide range of audiences with voice generated by MurfAI.The free plan offers you 100+ voice options and over 20 languages in support. You need not give credit card details, which makes it the best free AI voice generator for beginners.

The paid versions offer countless perks, and tracks can be downloaded. The computer-generated voices are of remarkable quality and nearly like natural sounding voices. The customization options for pitch, speed, accent, etc., give you full control over the end results.

One thing that needs to be considered before picking MurfAI is translation. The translation feature is available only on paid plans. Another drawback with the free plan is that instead of offering you the download option, the tool lets you share the audio via a link. 

No worries!

If you switch to paid plans (Basic $19/month, Pro $26/month, or Enterprise $59/month), you’ll receive numerous perks, like access to 10,000 soundtracks.

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Simple Interface Less responsive on advanced features
Customization Options Expensive if access to all features is required
Natural Touch

Synthesys – One of the Remarkable Voice Generators

Synthesys is highly popular and known for generating high-quality AI voices. It generates audio and videos with just a few clicks. Synthesys is an AI tool that converts text-to-speech using a range of voices.

Synthesys supports multiple languages, tones, voice styles, and accents. You can literally generate audio for any type of content. Whether you want an informative tone, educational style, or conservative pattern, Syntheses is suitable for all of these. A free plan, starter plan, creator plan, and an Enterprise plan are available for users.

What’s next?

Empowered with text-to-audio and text-to-video technologies, Synthesys is the choice for commercial users. For audio and videos on product marketing, new services, or any feature, the tool can create magic for the user.

The tool generates audio using a range of male and female voices. Moreover, it is one of the few tools that detects and expresses emotions. Real-time editing before rendering makes Synthesys one of the best AI voice generators. 

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Variety of male and female voices Interface glitches
Natural Voice overs Not affordable for everyone
Emotions covered
Preview mode and real-time editing

ElevenLabs – A User-friendly AI Voice Generator

ElevenLabs is another AI tool used for voice generation. It is a user-friendly tool to help you generate audio in various voices. Its library is filled with multiple voice options. A range of voice styles, and each sounds as natural as a human.

An exciting feature of this tool is VoiceLab, which generates a new voice or mimics your voice in just a matter of minutes. Customization options are also available in the tool. You can modify the AI generated voice according to your needs.

The best thing about ElevenLab is that it is affordable and considers ethical implications. Dedicated support with multiple sources for feedback is remarkable. This makes the tool stand out among other voice generators.

Dubbing & Translation:

Let’s dig a little deeper.
The latest feature in ElevenLabs for dubbing allows you to translate your content. The feature offers translation into as many as 29 languages within seconds. Suppose the product description is written in a language that a person doesn’t speak or know. He can simply ask the tool to translate that description.


Regarding pricing, the free plan offers free access to different voices in the library. You can also generate speech for your own voice using a Voice Designer Tool. The number of voices you can custom-create depends upon the plan you pick.
The pricing plans include the starter plan, $5/month; the creator plan, $22/month; the Publisher, $99/month; and the Enterprise on custom pricing. The only drawback is that ElevenLabs is not very functional when it comes to long-form content.

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Voice cloning capability Not suitable for long-form content
Custom Voices
Language detection

LovoAI – An AI Tool For Voice and Image Generation

LovoAI is an impressive AI voice generator, among other tools. It has up to 500 advanced AI voices and languages over 100. Its library is full of realistic and natural AI voices that sound like of human voice.
And that’s not it!

LovoAI is not merely a voice generator; it also generates text and art. Who would not love an AI tool that offers 3 1 solutions—art, text, and voice generation? Using the tool for compelling images, lifelike voices, and a suitable caption, all is set for marketing purposes.

There’s more to come yet!
One of the most interesting features of this tool is Voice Cloning. You can convert an already recorded audio into any voice you want, maybe your own. Isn’t that interesting?

Pricing Overview:

Regarding pricing, there is a free version available for users with limited needs. The starting price of the paid plans is 19 US dollars a month. 

The only thing to be considered is that the images or videos on a free version are created with the watermark. If you have a paid plan, then this is not an issue.

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Custom Pronunciation Limited Free Plan
100+ languages and hundreds of voices Watermark issue
Voice Cloning

Altered – An Advanced AI Voice Generator

Altered is a user-friendly and advanced AI voice generator. The tool is based on artificial intelligence and trained on large datasets. The tool is accessible on both Windows and Mac to help multiple people generate AI voices.

Have you heard about the Altered Studio?

The Altered Studio allows one to enhance the workflow. It offers voiceovers, translations, and reading in multiple languages. Interestingly, it has a speech-to-speech feature, too. This allows you to convert an already available audio into a voice of your choice.

That’s not the end.
You can also speak yourself and turn that audio into a custom profile voice. Moreover, the Altered Library has over 800 of the most advanced AI voices available for its users. 

Altered is multilingual tool with over 50+ language support. Direct recording from the browser, editing, and Google Drive integration make the workflow seamless. In a nutshell, a little training will help you access all the features.

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Hundreds of Voices Skill required
Custom Voice Free trial is limited
Editing Features

WellSaid Labs – The Best Studio To Customize Generated Audio

WellSaid Labs is an extraordinary AI text-to-speech converter.  It has voices that are as natural as those of real humans. WellSaid Labs allows you to generate audio from the text in various voices

It also offers options to customize the audio in terms of pitch, speed, and other modulations. The tool offers a free trial and then three paid versions for users depending upon their needs. You can pick any maker, creative, or team plan to suit your content requirements.

Did you know about the Pronunciation Library?

One of the exciting things about WellSaid is its Pronunciation Library. It enables the tool to record audio as per content demand. The words, phrases, and terms are exactly pronounced the way they are supposed to. Hence, WellSaid is a handy storyteller for users.

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
User-friendly Studio Expensive Tool
Human-like Audio Less adaptive to Non-English languages

Play.HT – A Source of Professional Audio Generation

Play.ht is another AI voice generator that is usually included in the list of best AI tools. The tool is used to generate good-quality professional-level audio. Like other voice-generating tools, Play.ht also has multilingual support and a range of voices.

The generative AI voices can be customized by changing tone, speed, and pitch. Most common use cases of Play.ht include audio books, voice overs, podcasts, etc. The tool plays well with accents, pauses, and pronunciation, making itself stand out in the game.

Download – A Click Away

Guess what?
The generated voice/audio can easily be downloaded as an MP3 audio. The ease of downloading and sharing the audio generated by Play.ht is not found in all voice generators.

So what are you waiting for? Try Play.ht to convert your blog posts to audio, play with over 500+ voices and accents, and generate natural-sounding speech.

The only thing to notice is that though the voices sound natural, they are not enriched with emotional details. Hence, if you are looking for a tool that detects and expresses emotions, Play.ht is not for you.

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
100+ languages Less diverse for languages other than English
A diverse range of male and female voices Limitations in the free version
Voice cloning Audio lacks emotional depth

Quality Features You Must Look For in an AI Voice Generator

Just like a writer wants his content to be perfect, the audio content creator spends much time picking up the right voice. The voice, style, accent, and language need to fit the content as if it were read by a real human.

Voice Quality

The first quality feature that you should check for is the realistic voices and their quality. The more natural-sounding voice is, the more it will resonate with the target audience. Usually, all the best AI voice generators have this feature, especially in their paid plans.

Language Support

We live in a digitized and global world. Content creators on one continent might be working to impress or attract audiences on another continent. So, the AI voice generator must have multi-language support.


Another quality feature that one must look for is customization and control. All the best AI voice generators usually offer the option to customize the AI-generated voices. Who would want to sound generic or robotic? 
So, in order to style the voice according to one’s needs, the AI voice generator must offer customized editing. The option to customize speed, pitch, frequency, and tone to create favorable audio for the content is a must.


Last but not least, though we are all dependent on AI tools in some way, we keep looking for free or affordable options. 
The best AI voice generator is definitely the one that costs you the minimum and provides you with the maximum. Check if there are any hidden costs or upgrades that are expensive for your pockets. 

Picking the one with flexible pricing is as essential as picking the best AI voice generator in terms of quality.

Real-life Examples of AI Voice Generator Usage

AI tools save our time and money and speed up the work for better productivity. AI voice generators do the same for us. Today, there is no need to hire voice actors to create voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks, and narrations. No spending on the sound recorder system is required.

All you need is to get one of the best AI tools for voice generation. As no expense is involved in generating voiceover, everybody can make use of the audio content. Hence, increasing the chances of engagement through engaging voice overs. 
Just Imagine! We can take any kind of help from virtual chatbots and assistants.

These generators are best used by people with visual or speaking disabilities. Tools with a text-to-speech feature are very handy for these people.

The sections where we can make the most of these generators include audio content creation for various digital platforms, entertainment, marketing, customer service, and educational purposes.

What Is The Future Of AI Voice Generator?

The world of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving. We can expect it to bring more magic into our lives. When it comes to AI tools, there is immense potential needs to be explored. As soon as AI voice generators learn voice cloning, creating exact copies of the voices of people will gain popularity.

What can we expect more?

Imagine we can change the accent or language of the already recorded voice. That would be great, too. People in one country would be able to communicate with those sitting somewhere else. This communication would not require one to learn the respective language. These voice generators will eliminate the language barriers for all of us in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Businesses no longer have to hire people for voice recording. People with good voices and speaking abilities used to charge good money to record voices for content. Similarly, spending money on expensive instruments for better sound recording and noise reduction is not required anymore.

Artificial intelligence is here to help us with voice generators. Currently, many AI voice generators have done wonders for their users. Based on research by our team at AIChief, the above-mentioned generators are considered best.

In short, choosing one of the above-listed generators highly depends on your content requirements. The type of business/industry you work in and your budget also matter. We hope this article will help you make an informed decision.

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