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Everybody always wants to create something exciting and creative in their communication so that they can make an impact on others. For example, the spokesperson is always trying to figure out how to use those words or accents that create a bigger impact on the audience so that they can pitch their product or services to them and generate lots of revenue. However, doing so manually is possible, but it takes time and effort. Here comes AI voice changer platforms or tools that allow you to transform your ordinary voice into anyone that you want. The artificial intelligence tools are making it easier for you to change the accent of your voice and let you convert it into any of your desired. These AI voice-changing platforms enable you to transform your way of interacting with others and make it easier for you to be involved in interactive conversations. 

Moreover, the phenomenon of changing voices is not so new as at the age of radio transmission. The radio person used different elements to make their vices more elegant for their listeners. The advancement of artificial intelligence has made this more astonishing as it provides you with multiple voice tones and accents that enable you to make your voice more attractive and engaging. If you are wondering how these AI vocal changer assistants work, their applications, and the types of these AI-powered voice changers, then you are on the right track, as we will discuss every aspect of this topic in this discussion. Let’s explore different corners and unleash the real gems of AI voice-ganging platforms.

How Does AI Voice Changers Work?

When we come to discuss the matter of working with these AI voice-changing platforms, things are so exciting. These voice-changing tools are based on artificial intelligence that is trained over millions of billions of sets of data and deep fake technology that interprets your voice and transforms it into your desired accent and tonality. Due to its advanced technology, using these AI tools is just like like making a twin of your voice.

Furthermore, to convert your voice into another personality that you admire or need to use for your project, you just have to provide a sample of that voice to an AI voice changer. The platform will start to process your voice input, and using its intelligent technology, it start to create a clone of your voice into your desired one. That whole process takes seconds due to the deep fake technology of these AI voice-changing platforms. 

Moreover, these platforms also allow you to fine-tune your generated voice samples. For example, if you want to adjust the tone of your generated voice or need to put some warmer and deeper effect in your desired generative voice, the AI platforms of voice changing offer you multiple fine-tuning AI tools that increase the impact of your voice. So, you can say that these AI tools are not just the transformers or cloners of your voices, they are the platforms where you can push the limits of your creativity and craft stunning impactful voices with the help of artificial intelligence.

Now, that you might be wondering what are the best AI voice changer platforms that allow you to achieve your creativity goals and let you generate captivating and engaging voices for multiple purposes, then head on reading this discussion because you will find your answers in the next section. So, let us start to explore the best artificial intelligence platforms to change or create voices.

8 Best AI Voice Changer Tools To Make Impact

Artificial technology has taken the world by storm, and there are so many handy tools that are now available for humans to make things easier, smarter, and innovative. AI-powered voice changers are now changing the ways of using voices in different sectors. In this section of our discussion, we will learn about the best AI voice changer tools that are evolving the ways of podcasting or voiceover. So, let us start to explore them.

Voice.AI – Your Smart Way Transform Your Voice

Our first AI platform that allows you to transform your voice into various characters’ voices is Voice.AI, a web-based AI platform that enables you to convert your voice and use it in various applications, such as games and apps, in real time. In addition, the advanced technology used in that platform allows you to convert your voice into your desired character’s, celebrity’s, or personality’s voice, which enables you to imagine yourself like them. Voice.AI offers various AI tools that you can use to change the attributes and adjust the tone of your generative voice to enhance its quality and impact for your desired project. 

With the intuitive platform that offers you an easy-to-navigate approach to changing your voice, you can make your gaming or online store experience more elegant and captivating. Furthermore, this artificial intelligence voice changer tool offers a synthesis of your voice that allows you to transform your voice in real time. The following are the features, pricing, pros, and cons details of this powerful AI vocal-changing tool. Let us understand it deeply.


Voice.AI offers you a variety of features that you can use to transform your voice into your desired one. Here are its magnificent features that make it the best voice-changing platform with the power of artificial intelligence.

  • Voice Changer
  • Voice Universe
  • Voice Cloning
  • Soundboards
  • Easy Setup
  • High Performance

Pricing offers you various features that you can use to transform your voices according to your desire, but you must be wondering what the cost of this AI tool is. Well, there are multiple tiers of subscriptions on the official site of that you can purchase ranging from $20 to $60 per month. In addition, those who have its subscription can also buy the credit for changing or using features of this artificial intelligence platform. 


  • Offers you a versatile range of 1,000+ AI voices, that are constantly adding more voices, which provides you with an enriched collection of different voices.
  • It offers you a user-friendly interface that makes the experience of adding and selecting your desired voice format elegant and accessible.
  • Provides you with multiple capabilities and plenty of voices that you can use in your games and apps or online streaming platforms, such as Minecraft, League of Legends, Discord, and Zoom.


  • Despite its prowess, is currently in the beta stage, which can cause some potential bugs or limitations.
  • You can only use that platform on your computer device. The mobile variant has not been developed yet.
  • There might be legal or ethical concerns associated with using unauthorized or misleading voice skins of celebrities or other individuals.

Murf – Real-People Artificial Intelligence Voice Changer

When it comes to discussing our second AI voice ganger tool, Murf comes with a handy approach that offers a variety of options related to your voice alteration. It is a web-based AI platform that allows you to transform your voices into captivating ones, lets you convert your text into magnificent voices, and enables you to create accurate voiceovers. In addition to the versatility of its applications, there are various fields in which it can be the best option for your voice-changing needs. 

Whether you are a product developer, podcaster, educator, or running a business of voice cloning services, this powerful AI voice converter can be used for a variety of operations to make it easy for you. In addition, the Murf AI tool creates natural voices in a very short amount of time and with minimal effort needed. You can use its generated voices in a variety of applications in every sector. 

One of the best parts of this AI platform is that it offers you a library consisting of over 110 voices in 15 different languages, which makes it one of the most useful artificial intelligence voice-changing platforms. Here are the features, pricing, pros, and cons details of this magnificent AI platform. Let us learn more about it.

Features of Murf

  • Offers you a large library that allows you a versatile range of voices and languages that you can use conveniently.
  • The Murf AI offers you exceptional emotional speaking styles that add a human touch to your voiceovers.
  • Let you refine your generative voices, such as pitch and voice tone, to give a personalized touch to your generating voices.
  • The platform also offers you dedicated support for both audio and text inputs.

Pricing of Murf

There are multiple pricing models that Murf AI offers you to buy based on your needs and requirements. Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise are the main tires of subscriptions that you can get for your voice generation. All these types of subscriptions differ in price and features. You have to pay $19 per month for the Basic plan, $26 for Pro, and $75 for an Enterprise level. In addition, you can also get these subscriptions based on annual billing, which could save you some extra money.

Pros of Using Murf AI

  • User-friendly interface, which ensures a seamless experience.
  • It also offers you a free plan for voice generation and transcription with no credit card requirement.
  • You can use more than 120 voices in more than 20 languages, which opens new horizons of engagement and interactions with your content.
  • Murf AI also offers you an API that allows for scalability and automation of your voice-generating process. You can seamlessly integrate its API into your applications, products, and workflows to increase your productivity and efficiency.
  • You can also do unlimited downloads of your generated voices that you can use for various purposes whether personal or commercial, and can get responsive customer support with all paid plans.

Cons of Using Murf AI

  • The Google Slides API offers only basic voiceover editing. That is why if you want to do more detailed edits, you have to visit the Murf Studio.
  • Some voices may not sound as natural as others, which is why they require additional editing efforts.

MagicVox – An Ultimate Voice Cloning AI Platform

When it comes to talking about an AI voice changer tool that allows you various go-to uses, MagicVox comes with a handy approach that allows you to use multiple voices for your various applications. This web-based AI mode allows you to use its AI voices in your streaming, podcasts, and many other gaming platforms to make your experience more elegant and amazing. 

In addition, it also offers you a real-time voice-changing facility that makes it one of the best artificial intelligence voice-changing tools across the internet. The MagicVox AI platform is especially used for gaming voiceovers and provides you plenty of voices in different characters and tones along with multiple accents that you can use while playing your favorite game to make an impact in it. Following are the details of its features, pricing, pros, and cons so that you can get an insight into this magnificent AI voice cloning platform.

Features that Set MagicVox Apart

  • You can entertain yourself with over 120+ real-time voice filters, which enhance the diversity of your voice transformation options.
  • With a rich collection of 500+ sound effects, MagicVox allows you to surprise and entertain your gaming competition and allows you to make your every game move more exhilarating.
  • It allows you to use it in various other fields along with the gaming. Whether you are engaging in Zoom calls, participating in Discord conversations, or streaming live content on any social media platform, this versatile app ensures your voice stands out in any digital space.


You can get both variants, free and paid, on MagicVox. Its paid version starts from $8.95, and if you need to buy its other tires of subscriptions, you need to pay $12.95 and $19.95, which then allows you to use its magnificent multiple features. Moreover, if you want to use this AI voice changer for a lifetime, you can buy it for $39.95 with lifetime support and other features.


  • With a collection of over 120 real-time voice filters, MagicVox offers exceptional variety to match your gaming mood.
  • It also captures your finest gaming moments with the ability to record and upload audio effortlessly.


  • MagicVox requires downloading for both Windows and Mac systems, which could be daunting as you have to make sure about the compatibility of this AI platform with your gaming setup.
  • The free trial version may be an overwhelming experience for you as it offers a few features to explore.

Synthesys – A Best AI Voice Changing Partner

In the list of the best AI voice changer tools, the Synthesys platform has a significant place in the field of artificial intelligence voice cloning tools. It is a web-based AI platform that offers you plenty of features for cloning and changing your voice into different accents and tones. In addition, the platform offers you many professional, cutting-edge tools that help you create stunning and impactful voiceovers for various applications. Its elegant website design and user-friendly interface offer you a dynamic and quick-to-respond platform for AI voice changers and generators. Whether you want to create voiceovers with it or need to transform your video audio into more captivating voices, the Syntesys artificial intelligence platform allows you to do so with a quick approach.

Moreover, when we talk about the backend technology, things get so advanced. The Synthesys AI platform uses cutting-edge technologies and advanced algorithms dedicated to transforming text into captivating voiceovers and dynamic videos that are created for commercial use. For example, if you want to add a video description of your product or service on your website, the use of Synthesys voiceovers will elevate your website’s tutorials in a matter of seconds and also it will ensure the human touch in your video voiceovers. The ability of Syntheses AI platform to use Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Text-to-Video (TTV) technologies allows you to bring your scripts to life in captivating and engaging presentations. Following is a list of its features, pricing, pros, and cons so you can understand it better.


Synthesis has plenty of features designed to cater to diverse creative needs:

  • You can choose from an extensive range of 34 female and 35 male professional voices, which ensures that your content resonates with the desired tone and style.
  • It empowers you to create and sell unlimited voiceovers for multiple purposes that open the door of limitless possibilities.
  • The Synthesys AI platform also allows you to tailor your voiceovers to express plenty of emotions. Whether you want to cover happiness in your audio, excitement, sadness, or any other emotion, this AI platform allows you to do lots of things with your voice.
  • It ensures the human touch in your voiceovers by adding appropriate pauses, which create a more natural and relatable listening experience for your audience.
  • You can also see changes in its Preview mode, which allows you to have a glance and adjust the unwanted things in your voiceovers.
  • Whether you want to use Syntehsys AI for your sales videos, animated letters, podcasts, social media content, TV commercials, or any other purpose, the applications of this AI tool are vast.


The Synthesys AI voice changer tool offers you various subscription plans, along with a free trial, depending on your needs and requirements for generating voiceovers for your videos. There are three paid subscriptions, such as AI Voices, AI Humans, and Synthesys AI Studio Bundle that you can buy for $23, $35, and $239 respectively according to your need and requirement for video voiceovers. All these subscription models offer different features and the number of video minutes for which you can generate voiceovers. So, choose one of these plans according to the length of the video that you want to make more engaging with Synthesys’s AI voiceovers.


  • The platform uses advanced AI technology, which is why Synthesis allows you to craft your voiceovers in natural sounds that closely resemble human speech.
  • It also offers you a diverse range of voices, languages, and accents that you can use to empower your voiceovers and provides you with the ability to easily tailor voiceovers according to your project requirements. 
  • Synthesys AI provides you with an intuitive platform where you can generate your desired voiceovers by inputting text and selecting a voice of your desired tone.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for high-quality voiceovers.


  • Limited Emotional Range
  • Pronunciation Issues
  • Quality Limitations
  • Lack of Originality

Speechify – Your Real-alike Voiceover Partner

In the evolving world of content creation, Speechify comes with many advantages and features when it comes to generating AI voiceovers. It is also a web-based AI platform that offers you an AI-based voiceover interface that is designed to craft real-alike voice recordings in real time. This innovative tool exceeds the traditional boundaries and allows you to create a lot of creative content, which includes video audio, podcasts, and audiobooks. 

With the use of this magnificent AI platform, there are so many podcasters and others who are related to this field who are making an impact in their voices and grabbing the attention of a massive audience in their shows. In addition, the Speechify AI platform uses machine learning and language processing models of AI that help it generate or translate your voice into your desired personality. 

Moreover, it offers you plenty of features that make it one of the most handy AI voiceover platforms to use in various applications. Let us have a look at its features, pros, cons, and pricing so that things get easier for us to understand.


  • Speechify provides you with a character voice generator that ensures the highly realistic quality of generative voice that you can use on various platforms in real time.
  • It also offers you over 30 voices in 20+ languages, which provides you with a versatile experience of generating voiceovers for your video content. The availability of that many languages enables you to break the language barriers and allows you to reach a global audience for your podcasts or audio storybooks.
  • Speechify uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that is trained over millions of human voice samples and has the ability to generate human-like voices whenever you give it your desired prompt.


From the above list of features, you can estimate how handy is the use of the Speechify Ai voice cloning platform. You can get all these features for $139 per year.


  • Speechify allows you to multitask because it enables you to listen to reading materials while engaging in other tasks.
  • It allows you to create voice content with more accessibility and a handy approach, which makes it one of the best voiceover AI platforms.
  • You can generate a voice for various applications, such as PDFs, articles, and even physical books, through its scanning feature.


  • You must maintain the quality of your internet as it relies on a stable Internet connection for optimal functionality. This may be a challenge for you with limited or unreliable web access.
  • Despite offering a variety of voices, you may find generated voices less engaging than humans.
  • Although it offers you a free trial, you need to buy a subscription model so that you can unlock all other features and continue to use it for your voice generation.

Altered – An Easy-to-Use AI Audio Editor

In the list of our best AI voice changer tools, Altered AI comes with a great potential that allows you to generate your desired voice and enables you to edit your draft audio files in a matter of seconds. It is a modern audio editor that combines together various voice AI technologies in one user-friendly interface. In addition, one of the best things about this AI tool is that you can use it online or install it on your Windows or Mac computer to use exponentially for your voice editing projects.

Moreover, there are various AI Voice tools in Altered AI that offer you an exceptional experience of debugging your voice. Whether you want this tool to transcribe, create voiceovers, convert your text to speech, or even provide you with multilingual translations, there are many applications of this AI tool that allow you to fulfill your voiceover needs. With its unique Speech Synthesis technology, you can modify your voices and podcasts in ways you never thought possible. Here is the list of features, pricing details, pros, and cons of using this AI voice-changing model.


  • It allows you to make your voice sound like a famous actor, an engaging voice talent, a friend, or even a grandparent.
  • The Altered AI adds real-alike voiceovers to your content in more than 70 languages using advanced Text-To-Speech technology.
  • It allows you to edit personal audio notes and generate audio for lengthy meeting conversations with accurate transcription within a few clicks.
  • You can access your files from anywhere because it allows you to use and share your generated files through Google Drive integration effortlessly.
  • It enables you to Import and export your files in various formats, which ensures the quality of your generated audio files.


When it comes to talking about the pricing model of Altered AI Voice changer, things get affordable and versatile. There are three subscription tires that you can purchase from their site. Creator, Professional, and Enterprise are three different models that offer various features and accessibilities for just $49, $150, and customized pricing, respectively. For purchasing the Enterprise subscription, they also offer you to discuss with them in person so that you can make a deal with them.


  • It allows you to generate a diverse range of voices and accents effortlessly.
  • You can also make clones of your voice or any other voice, such as a famous actor or any other personality, and it allows you to meet your project needs.
  • The Altered AI offers you a seamless experience with a user-friendly web-based interface where you can edit your audio and generate various other voiceovers with the help of its smart AI technology.
  • The AI platform offers you a variety of languages in which you can generate voiceovers and use them for productive purposes on multiple platforms.


  • It may raise ethical concerns related to voice cloning and manipulation, which can be a great concern for original voice owners.
  • It may not be compatible with certain devices or browsers, requiring local computing resources for offline use.
  • It may offer you fewer options for customizing or fine-tuning your voice parameters like pitch, speed, and tone.

Lovo AI

Our next AI tool that enables you to change voices and help you to use various accents and languages to make your communications more elegant and impactful is Lovo AI. It is a web-based AI model that provides you with the opportunity to generate hyper-realistic voices to create a captivating impact on your audience. The Lovo AI platform trained over millions of billions of human languages and uses deep machine learning models of AI that enable it to transform your voice into different vocals in a matter of seconds. In addition, it allows you to interact with one of the smartest and easiest platforms that allows you to produce voices that resemble the real human voice.

Moreover, the Lovo AI platform offers you a wide range of voices that you can use for several industries. Whether you want to generate voices with Lovo AI for entertainment, banking automated messages, education, gaming, documentary, news, or any other, you can generate and edit your desired voice for any industry that you want by continuously refining its voice synthesis models. Due to that reason, Lovo AI is getting more popular among large-scale businesses that are related to the generation of different voices. Following are the features of this magnificent AI voice changer, pricing, pros, and cons so that you can understand this AI tool more precisely.


  • It offers you the largest library of voices that, consists of over 500 AI voices collection.
  • Provides you with a granular control for changing your voice tone and other related aspects.
  • Along with the voiceover-generating features, it also offers you video editing tools that enable you to edit your videos simultaneously.
  • Lovo AI also provides you with a variety of media elements, such as non-verbal expressions, multiple sound effects, royalty-free music, as well as stock photos and videos that allow you to brush your boundaries with this platform.


The Lovo AI platform offers you a free trial version along with three other paid subscriptions, named Basic, Pro, and Pro+ that you can get for $19, $24, and $75 respectively to access various features and credit for changing or generating AI voices on that platform.


  • The Lovo AI provides you with a 14-day free trial so you can explore its functionalities in deep
  • Offers you multiple cost-effective subscription models to choose from according to your needs and requirements.
  • It can be a cost-effective solution for you instead of hiring a voice actor for your projects.
  • You can access more than 20 premium AI voices that are high-quality and with an emotional human touch.
  • Ability to transform your voice into various languages simultaneously.


  • The prices might seem high as compared to others and features that Lovo AI voice changer offers to you.
  • You may find concerns about your account privacy and security.
  • Offers a few hours for the generation of voice annually.

Resemble AI

Last but not least, Resemble AI is also one of the best AI voice changer platforms that offers you a variety of features with the ability to change your audio into multiple other vocals in different accents and languages. In addition, you can use this AI model, especially if you are into creating cool stuff like games or digital characters. The Resemble AI provides you with a tool where you can make unique cartoon voices for your characters, which allows you to give them a voice that fits their personality. Following are the magnificence features of this powerful AI voice-changing platform along with its pricing and pros & cons details. Let us have a look at them.

Features of Resemble AI

  • The platform allows you to mix your real voice recordings with AI-generated ones, which makes your storytelling super creative.
  • If you are a developer, then the Resemble AI platform is a dream tool for you. It allows you to use its API or work within Unity to add these AI-generated voices to your projects exponentially.
  • The Resemble AI offers you a collection of more than 50 languages that allows you to increase your content reach globally.
  • Along with creating character voices, Resemble AI also allows you to change your voice with any character. You can also make changes in your voice in real time, such as adjusting its pitch, tone, and other voice effects.


The Resemble AI platform offers you a free trial with the basic paid plan, for which you have to pay $0.006 per second.


  • Resemble offers a variety of generated voices with good quality.
  • The app allows you to adjust the emotion of your voice, which enhances the quality of voiceover.
  • Offers you a user-friendly interface that is suitable for beginners without any complex knowledge.
  • You can easily download the created voiceover in various formats.
  • Allows you to integrate this AI platform with API.
  • The voice cloning option allows you to clone your own voice for the text-to-speech app.


  • Resemble AI does not offer a free version.
  • You may find the Basic version too limiting and can lack your expectations.
  • The AI-generated voices might sound too robotic compared to some other voice changer tools.

From the above discussion on the best eight AI voice changers, you can say that there are several tools that enable you to explore the potential of artificial intelligence and transform your voice into any language or accent resiliently.


The artificial intelligence voice-changing technology has taken the world by storm, and that advancement is changing the ways of communication with others worldwide. From the above discussion on AI voice changer tools, you can say that there are numerous benefits of using them for various purposes. Whether you want to change your voice to another language or want to change its tone or accent, the above eight voice-changing platforms allow you to do so with ease. Read this exceptional review discussion and start your journey to create an impact in your voice with the help of these AI voice-changing and cloning platforms.

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