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In the world of artificial intelligence, creating stunning AI art is on fire. One of the best AI art-generating platforms is Midjourney, which enables you to create stunning AI art pieces. It is easy to use and the most user-friendly platform from which you can get AI images quickly.

If you are concerned about taking help from this tool for art styles, then this guide is especially for you! What Midjourney Prompt Generators are, how to choose the best one, different prompt generators – everything is covered in this article. So, let us start to explore things and make things easier to understand.

Mid Journey Prompt Generator

Let’s discuss the following topics in detail.

What is a Midjourney Prompt Generator?

Midjourney AI prompt-generating tools help you produce text prompts for the platform to get your desired images. The prompts are short description of your imagination that allows the AI tool to understand what you want. Although prompts are text-form instructions, they must be accurate and full of targeted information. 

After that, it generates a suitable picture according to the generative prompt. This aid is handy for you when you are out of creativity. In addition, the prompt generator is not like a regular text generator. It generates prompts with specific and tailored text that resonates with your inputs and intentions.

Moreover, it understands the syntax of the Midjourney platform, such as the keywords, modifiers, image hacks, and midjourney properties. This allows you to have your desired art styles accurately.

How to Choose a Midjourney Prompt Generator?

There are many online prompt-creation tools available nowadays. You can choose one on the basis of their features, ideas, performance, and quality. Following are the attributes that you should seek in a tool for the best results.

Type of Image You Want to Create

While choosing an AI image prompt generator, you must consider the type of image you want. For example, the type of artwork, photos, collages, sketches, and fictitious pictures. 

Level Of Control

The second attribute you should seek in a prompt generator is the level of control. Seek whether the tool provides you with customization ability, personalization, or experimentation ability. 

Performance & Quality

Before choosing a prompt generator, make sure that it provides accurate, quick, and reliable prompts to generate AI art on the Midjourney platform.

The above three must-have attributes are the key points for choosing an AI prompt writing tool. Now, let’s explore the best tools available.

9 Best Midjourney Prompt Generators

Below are the details on different prompt writing tools that help you speed up your work.

Midjourney Prompt Builder

Midjourney Prompt Builder

Midjourney Prompt Builder allows you to craft your image prompts easily. The key feature of this prompt writing tool is that it allows you to preview the version of the image. Moreover, the Midjourney Prompt builder provides a user-friendly interface. Whether you are a pro or beginner, you can use Midjourney Prompt builder to get accurate results.



Promptomania is an advanced tool that is designed to craft prompts with utmost accuracy and perfection. In addition, it works best for Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DreamStudio. Promptomania provides a user-friendly interface to generate desired AI art on these platforms. It also provides you with the ability to personalize and transform generated prompts easily. 

Midjourney Prompt Helper

Midjourney Prompt Helper

You just have to give the Midjourney Prompt Helper a brief description of the idea of your image that you have in your mind. The Midjourney Helper fine-tune your description and create your desired image prompt. So, we can say that it is the most handy prompt writing tool to use.

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Midjourney Prompt Generator by Viorel Spinu

Midjourney Prompt Generator by Viorel Spinu

Viorel Spinu is a web-based platform that allows you to create prompts on Midjourney. The use of this The Viorel Spinu tailor your input and crafts a targeted prompt. This prompt writing uses the ChatGPT and can be operated locally in your browser.

In addition, it adds a set of characteristics and modifier elements to enhance your image appearance. One of the most amazing features is that it does not save any prompt or description. This ensures the privacy element of your prompts.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face

Among the options, Hugging Face has a magnificent ability to generate quality prompts to create AI images on the Midhjourney platform. This platform is trained over large datasets of prompts. Hence, allowing it to generate more than 240000 text prompts, which is quite a cool element.

It is also a web-based model which is powered by the GPT-2 language model. The prompt generated on the Hugging platform can be used on other platforms too, such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.



Phraser is an affordable AI-powered tool among the rest, that allows you to process your imaginative image description. It crafts it into an impactful prompt, and allow you to generate magnificent AI artwork. It works for Midjourney, Craiyon AI, Disco Diffusion, and DALL-E. 



The Promptmakr is designed in the utmost friendly way that allows you to generate Midjourney prompts to create stunning AI images. In addition, the use of this platform is quite straightforward. Wasting no time, you just need to sign in to its website and start using the application.

Moreover, the Promptmake website also enables you to use multiple adjustment propertie. This includes the style of your image, realistic measurements, liberty to choose an artist, lighting adjustments, the position of the camera, the quality of your image, inspirational image URL, and many others.



One of the best prompt generators is ChatX. It is a powerful online tool that allows you to generate Midjourney prompts to create stunning art pieces. It also has an easy and user-friendly interface along with multiple customization options.

Midjourney Prompt Inspiration

Midjourney Prompt Inspiration

Last but not least, the Midjourney Prompt Inspiration is just like a creative assistant that helps you to find out the flaws in your prompts. Whether you want to generate an animated character, customize your artist, or change the camera settings, this tool provides you with the ability to do so with ease.

The above are the best prompt generator models that you can use to make your desired AI images. Following are some tips to boost your image-generating exposure on the Midjourney platform.

Tips and Tricks to Use Midjourney Prompts Generators:

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to enhance the experience of creating AI images conveniently.

  1. Make sure to adjust the parameters of your image, such as resolution of the image, quality & mode, type, and others.
  2. Ensure to modify the aspect ratio of your AI art with the AR parameter, such as –ar16:9.
  3. Also use /blend features to make your AI art more appealing, for example, blend parrot lizard for creative combinations.
  4. Try to use single words as your prompts for more surprising results, such as “dream.”
  5. Do not forget to use Midjourney’s magnificent resolution and quality enhancer features to make your images more appealing and creative.
  6. Customize your prompts with text such as the color of the image, style, artist, shapes, and many others.

Final Thoughts

AIChief’s experts conclude that generating prompts is one of the best ways to enhance the quality of your AI images on Midjourney. Whether you want to learn about the prompt generator or are eager to know its different types, we have covered them all in this guide for you.

In addition, we have also mentioned valuable tips for you to make the best use of these tools. So, read this blog to generate AI images high in quality and accurate transformation of your thoughts.


Why Should I Use A Midjourney Prompt Generator?

You should use the Midjourney prompt generator to increase your creativity, communication, quality, and AI art creation.

How Do I Choose A Midjourney Prompt Generator?

There are some attributes that you must check before choosing a Midjourney prompt generator, such as type of image creation, performance, quality, and level of control on the prompt generator tool.

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