Bard vs Bing Chat: The Best Conversational AI Tool

Many companies are into developing artificial intelligence-driven chatbots. And why would one not after seeing the global reach and witnessing the success of ChatGPT? Two such conversational AI tools are Bard and Bing. Bard is the product of Google and is trained on the language model LaMDA. Meanwhile, Bing Chat is developed by Microsoft and is backed by GPT4 – the product of Open AI. The chatbots basically interact and communicate with humans by generating responses to their queries. You can literally ask these chatbots anything; the answer will always be beneficial for you in some way or the other. 

Bard vs Bing chat is a comparison based on a comprehensive study of these tools by Chief AI. The tools merge at some points in features while standing poles apart when it comes to certain functionalities. Yet both of these tools are considered better than ChatGPT for some of their advanced features. Using an AI chatbot for writing purposes is a sensitive decision when you want to have the best quality output. This comparison will surely help you make an informed decision regarding Bard vs Bing Chat. Let’s see which AI tool you should pick.

What is an AI Chatbot?

AI chatbots are bots trained to talk or communicate with humans in a human-like style. This is done by using language models such as natural language processing (NLP). This model enables chatbots to understand the language of humans in text and respond accordingly. You can say that these are some of the only software that understands external and new commands. The good thing about AI chatbots is that they are continuously learning from their responses. Over time, they come up with better answers. This has made the tools widely usable and has been in the limelight since they were developed.

An Overview of Bard

Launched by Google in March 2023, Bard is a conversational AI chatbot and a large language model (LLM). You can take any information using Bard by giving a specific prompt. It is based on the Pathway Language Model (PaLM2) and produces text using NLP and machine learning. Bard basically uses all the data present on the web and fetches relevant information to help you. What makes Bard stand out is the database it relies on. Being backed by a huge dataset, the responses generated by Bard are informative and relevant. Bard is exceptional in pattern learning and recognizing text in your input.

An Overview of Bing Chat

Now, to the second strand of our discussion, Bard vs Bing Chat. Bing Chat is also a language model developed by Microsoft in February 2023. Bing Chat or Bing AI is connected to Open AI’s ChatGPT-4, and this makes it a very impressive chatbot. It basically accompanies the parent company’s search engines by helping users in a conversational manner. Like ChatGPT, Bing Chat witnessed a boom and attracted millions of users taking help from this tool every day. You can input anything you may want information on. Bing Chat will work like GPT to respond to you in a human style. The tone of Bing Chat is professional as well as engaging at the same time.

Bard vs Bing Chat: AI Technology

As mentioned above, both these platforms use different AI platforms. Bing Chat is powered by GPT-4, which is a product of Open AI. Bard relies on the language model PaLM 2, which is Google’s product.

Bard vs Bing Chat: Which Tool Assures Accuracy?

By accuracy, we mean whether the information that is generated by these AI tools is authentic/valid or not. If it is valid, then up to what extent? The good news is that both (Bard vs Bing Chat) tools have access to real-time information. Did you ever get a response from ChatGPT that meant it has no knowledge about your query from post-2021 or so? This is not the case when you are using either Bard or Bing Chat, as they are both coupled with their respective search engines. These chatbots always have up-to-date information for you.

So, in our opinion, both tools are similar with regard to updates. But guess what? There is a slight difference in the way technical information is shared. And this is where Bing Chat takes the front seat.


User Experience: Bard vs Bing Chat

How can we not expect a conversational AI/chatbot to be user-friendly? Both Bard and Bing Chat are easy to navigate with features that are easily accessible. When it comes to style, Bard is more mass-appealing than Bing Chat. Someone who is into simple and conventional things would prefer Bing, while those who prefer modern, trendy design may like Bard. In terms of ease, both AI tools are good to go with.

Plagiarism vs Originality

The quality of both outputs is good in the sense they produce relevant information. Yet, in terms of the originality of the text, Bing Chat is better than Bard. People have compared responses generated by these tools to analyze Bard vs Bing Chat for plagiarism detection. Bard tends to sometimes copy some of the text from published articles and blogs. A few users have faced this issue. While Bing Chat also takes data from the web, it creates new text that seems original.

Creative Writing: Bard vs Bing Chat

We all know that Microsoft claimed Bing is the best tool for creative writing. It can write songs or poems for you if you give a theme in a precise manner. Bard also boasts of its creativity. Regarding Bard vs Bing Chat, experiments are carried out by many people to compare the skills of both tools. One such example involves the tools asked to create a song. Bing Chat tries to copy one of the popular songs of the infamous singer. Meanwhile, Bard tends to generate songs on its own. What’s so good about Bing’s response is that the melody and the rhyming words are so perfectly employed by it. Bard does a good job, too, but stands behind Bing Chat in terms of creativity. Exciting, right? Try the same prompt on these tools and get surprised by Bing Chat’s song/poem composition.

Sources And Fact-checking

When one is taking help from an AI chatbot, that means the person is looking for timely as well as quality help. For quality, we need to make sure that the text generated has support. The facts stated in it must be true in their essence if that content is to be published somewhere. After getting the content generated from the AI chatbot, no one can and should be making that sure manually. If that is so, then what’s the point of taking help from these tools? Bing Chat is so handy in this regard. It provides the user with the linked sources from where it gets the data or inspiration. This way, one can always confirm that things are going in the right direction. With regard to Bard vs Bing Chat, Bard does not give links to the sources. Users have to trust it or check the facts themselves. Hence, Bing Chat wins for saving users’ time in fact-checking by giving links to sources.

Which Tool Lets You Choose The Best Draft?

Bing chat is better in many features, but Bard also has something to amaze us. Bard has a feature called ‘Drafts’. When you ask or send a query, Bard generates 3 responses. All these three are answers to your question. They have similar information but are somewhat different in their style, tone, and words. The user reads these different versions of the text and picks the one that suits him the best.

Bard is a winner (Bard vs Bing Chat) for its Drafts feature. Bing Chat has no such thing and only gives one text/answer. Sounds auhtoritative? Well, maybe, but you can ask Bing to rewrite the text in case you don’t like the first response it generated. Bard has a clear advantage over Bing Chat, as people always like variations in the text generated by bots.

Bard vs Bing Chat: Which Tool Is Faster?

We have been getting all kinds of help from Google searches for decades. It never stopped amazing us with its quick responses. Any time, any query, any search – Google has something for you in seconds. Bard, being Google’s product, has the same lightning speed. It hardly takes 4-5 seconds to come up with a response for you. Try generating an essay, a poem, or an informative blog; Bard will serve you the content like a ready-made recipe. Who would not be impressed with an AI chatbot that does the talking in seconds?

Bing Chat is a bit slower chatbot with regards to Bard vs Bing Chat. The text it generates is of prime quality and free from plagiarism, no doubt. However, the time it takes to create content is a concern for some of us. Like ChatGPT, the responses are literally typed out for you, which obviously takes time. So, speed-wise, Bard is a better AI chatbot.

AI Image Generation

No one could imagine that after text, the AI tools would start generating images, too. Regarding Bard vs Bing Chat, the latter one is capable of generating images. This feature of Bing Chat is powered by Dalle-3 (OpenAI’s product). You just have to enter your ideas as a good description, and Bing will generate an image accordingly. Though the quality needs to be enhanced, the output is good enough to be published. Bard has no such feature for image generation. Hence, if you are looking for a tool to generate text as well as images, then Bing Chat is best for you.

Bard vs Bing Chat: Who Has The Better Memory?

If you have used ChatGPT, you must have tried giving it a role and then asking for prompts. ChatGPT remembers what role it is playing and works accordingly for the next queries. You can even feed certain information about your brand once and then keep asking it for different product descriptions. You need not add brand information every time. This makes working a lot easier for users. You can ask GPT to rewrite, check spellings, write codes, or become an SEO-optimized blog writer. Bing Chat also has a strong memory. Assign Bing Chat a role, and it will remember tasks to work on for multiple runs onward. 

Bard, however, is not so good with memory. It is hard for this chatbot to keep playing its roles for multiple prompts. The user has to inform it repeatedly, which is not so good for a seamless workflow.

Efficiency and Versatility: Bard vs Bing Chat

Being products of infamous companies, both Bard and Bing Chat are efficient as well as versatile in their own ways. Bard can perform multiple tasks; you can ask Bard for translation, text generation, creative writing, and informative responses on anything.

Bing Chat also performs multiple tasks, but its main focus is generating informative content. Its research is web data-based and hence never misses out on giving accurate results. Bard is more versatile, and Bing Chat is more efficient.

Language Support

Both AI tools, Bard and Bing Chat, are multilingual. They work with multiple languages, English and non-English. This makes them usable in almost all continents and in multiple countries. So, on language support, Bard vs Bing Chat has no winner so far.

Bard vs Bing Chat: Use Cases

The use cases of Bing Chat are as follows:

  • Search information
  • Look for images
  • Plan events
  • Play games
  • Learning
  • Shopping

Bard’s use cases are:

  • Answer the prompt
  • Text generation
  • Translation
  • Personal assistant
  • Creative writing

Bard vs Bing Chat: Pricing

Surprisingly, bot AI chatbots are free for everyone. Bard only requires a Gmail account from you, while Bing works on any email you may provide.

What Future Holds?

As Google and Microsoft are big names, we can expect only improvements and advancements in Bard and Bing Chat. Bard is already been training to improve accuracy and expand its functions. Bing Chat’s future prospects include enhanced research abilities, better responses, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why chatbots are called Conversational AI tools?

Chatbots are called conversational AI tools because these tools communicate or talk to humans like humans.

Is Bard multilingual?

Yes, Bard is multilingual and supports various languages.

What does Bing Chat review say about its speed?

Bing Chat review suggests that it is a fast, accurate, and research-based AI tool.

Which tool is affordable, Bard vs Bing Chat?

Both Bard and Bing Chat are free. There is no cost involved.

A word on Bard review?

Bard is versatile in generating its responses in three different versions.

If I need to get creative content from an AI tool, which one is better, Bard vs Bing Chat?

Both can be used for creative writing. Obviously, you would need to edit the response manually to make it sound better.

Bard or Bing Chat for my research project?

Bing Chat is way better than Bard when it comes to generating research-based and informative content.

Which tool is the Bard alternative?

Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and YouChat are some of the alternatives to Bard.

Is there any Bing Chat alternative?

Chatsonic, Jasper Chat, and Bard are alternatives to Bing Chat.

AI Chief’s Opinion

In some features, Bard is way better than Bing Chat. While in some cases, Bing Chat has no match in the AI chatbot industry. The choice between Bard vs Bing Chat depends on the user’s needs. The type of content you need the tool to generate for you can decide which tool is better for you.

If you are looking for an AI chatbot that gives you informative, research-based, and accurate answers, then AI Chief will suggest Bing Chat. You can literally take any information from Bing, and this can help you in academics, research, or writing articles.

For someone who is looking for creative writing, then Bard is the answer. Bard is versatile in the sense that it can help you with various text formats, as mentioned above.

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