WordHero vs Jasper: Who wins the AI writing tool competition?

Artificial Intelligence has done wonders for us in recent years. One remarkable development in the AI industry is the creation of AI writing tools. These writing tools assist one in generating content. Some tools only work for text, while others have shocked us by creating images from text, too. You might be looking for a writing assistant and are confused about WordHero vs. Jasper. You have come to the right place. A detailed yet easy-to-pick-from comparison given below will help you choose the best option for you according to your certain writing needs. Continue reading to make an informed decision.

All About Jasper

Jasper is one of the most popular, widely used AI writing tools because of its exciting features. The tool basically writes for you and generates content as per your demand. It can work on both short and long-form content. What makes Jasper different from other AI writing tools is that its long-form content editor allows you to instruct during writing. You can enter your command for content that is coming up next in the blog post. This particular feature has made Jasper the most preferred choice. Any Jasper review never misses out on highlighting the lon-form editor feature, as it has been helping over 50,000 users since its launch. Other than this, Jasper has over 50 templates, a little less than WordHero regarding WordHero vs Jasper; each works well for a particular writing style.

All About WordHero

WordHero is an AI writing tool that helps generate content. It is a comparatively new writing assistant in the market. WordHero has a friendly interface and allows users to navigate smoothly. Even a beginner does not have to worry as accessing all its features is extremely easy. When it comes to WordHero vs Jasper in terms of long-form content, then unlike Jasper, WordHero does not let you instruct during the writing process. Its built-in tools are used to write and expand without any option for manual editing. You can, though, generate FAQs, job descriptions, and personal bios for digital platforms using various templates from its library. It can even help you write poems, quotes, and food recipes if your input is optimized.

WordHero vs Jasper: AI Technology

WordHero uses Open AI’s GPT-3 language model for content generation. Meanwhile, Jasper not only leverages Open AI’s latest version (GPT 3.5, GPT 4) but is also backed by other models such as PaIM (Google), Cohere, and Anthropic. Jasper decides itself which model would produce better results for a certain prompt.

Content Templates Comparison

WordHero has nearly 60 templates, some of which are very general, but a few are very exciting. For example, the Startup Elevator Pitch template is popular among the users of WorHero.

Jasper has over 50 templates that cover almost every type of document you may want to generate. From long blog posts to Facebook ads, everything can find a suitable template on Jasper. Regarding WordHero vs Jasper, what’s different is that it has a tool to generate Pinterest SEO descriptions and captions for images, too. Moreover, you can generate interesting questions and answers using Jasper AI. A long text can also be summarized to get key points. Jasper never fails to generate engaging content that makes its output human-like.

Templates that you can find in both these writing tools are e-commerce templates for Amazon product descriptions, blog templates, SEO templates for meta titles and descriptions, copywriting frameworks, and ad templates.

WordHero vs Jasper: Content Quality

Starting with short-form copy, WordHero does a great job on input using the AIDA framework. It might surprise you with results when using the PAS (Problem – Agitation – Solution) framework because its analytical abilities are somewhat questionable here. This framework needs to be optimized for WordHero. When it comes to long-form content, manual inputs are essential for WordHero to work efficiently and produce better results. Otherwise, if you go by using blog outline and blog paragraph tools, then you may not be impressed with the quality as much. It works better under manual commands.

Jasper is no doubt one of the best AI writers that we have. Be it long or short-form content, the output of Jasper is always exceptional in terms of quality. Especially in Boss Mode, each of the frameworks works perfectly for your input. The blog post by Jasper is not perfect, but better than the ones generated by other AI writing tools. By giving your own title initially, you can even let Jasper suggest more titles, followed by paragraph writing. During writing, you can shorten or extend the length of the text at any point. It mostly generates relevant information, but you may need to work on it a bit to remove extra information.

WordHero vs Jasper: Ease of Use

WordHero is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool. The minimalistic interface allows you to play around with features. A beginner can get along with WordHero within a few minutes of interaction because of the seamless navigation.

Jasper also offers an easy-to-use interface. Regarding WordHero vs Jasper, as Jasper has various features and integrations, one might take time to get used to Jasper. Once a user learns to access all of its features, the process becomes extremely smooth. With its Google Docs integration, you can enjoy writing and editing as you might have on Google Docs. To get along fast with Jasper, resources are available to help you navigate. There are, for example, video tutorials, blogs, and video calls to help you get going.

Integrated Tools: Which tool has what?

WorHero is not integrated with any tool for now, and you would have to use the tools for SEO, grammar, and plagiarism separately.

When it comes to Jasper, it does have SurferSEO integrated with it for content optimization. Grammarly integration allows you to check spelling, grammar, and sentence structure errors within Jasper. Copyspace is integrated for plagiarism detection and to maintain the originality of the generated content. Moreover, its Chrome extension allows users to get help from the writing assistant wherever they want, from Google Docs to digital platforms.

WordHero vs Jasper: SEO Support

WorHero assists you with keywords in editor mode and lets you enter those primary keywords for your content. It repeats them, too, to maintain keyword density. It is to be noted that WordHero has no integration for SEO optimization. You would have to use a separate tool for SEO suggestions and copy-paste your content there occasionally.

Jasper is integrated with SurferSEO for optimization. You can specify keywords in certain templates, and the generated content tends to be SEO-optimized accordingly. Surfer suggests keywords and displays a score to let you edit in real-time to enhance your content for web search.

Free Trial

WordHero has no free trial for its users at the moment. One has to get a paid plan to start generating content with it.   
Jasper has a 5-day free trial for up to 10k words. Users have to provide their credit card details, though, to enjoy this free trial.

Community: WordHero vs Jasper

WordHero and Jasper both have active Facebook communities. You can put your query or ask for suggestions on any feature or plan; there will always be someone to respond from among the users.

In terms of size, Jasper’s community is way bigger than WordHero’s, which is obviously because the latter is relatively newer.

Pricing and Affordability

WordHero has straightforward pricing, having only one pricing plan. The plan costs you $49/month if paid monthly and $29/month if paid manually for unlimited words and all the features. There is a lifetime deal, too, for short-form content, which can give forever access for paying one time only.

Jasper has pricing for different plans that it offers. Creator begins at $49/month, if you pay monthly, for 20,000 words per month with over 20 supported languages. There is a discount if it is paid for annually; this way, it costs you $39/month with the same word limit. Pro plan offers you 50,000 words per month for nearly $69/per month. This plan includes one set for up to five users, three brand voices, etc. There is no free forever plan offered by Jasper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding WordHero vs Jasper, which tool is more affordable?

WordHero is more affordable as it has a single pricing plan with unlimited words and all features. The cost of this plan is quite reasonable compared to Jasper’s pricing plan.

Which AI writing tool (WordHero vs. Jasper) allows you to edit in long-form format?

Jasper AI is an exceptional AI tool when it comes to long-form copy editors. It allows you to give commands during the content generation process to get desired results.

Which AI tool from WordHero and Jasper has more templates?

Wordhero has nearly 10 more templates than Jasper.

What do we get from WordHero review?

According to WordHero reviews, the tool is good to go with short-copy formats. It helps you with synonyms and vocabulary, too. Above all, it is an affordable option compared to Jasper. Yet it has no free trial to offer.

Name a few of Jasper’s alternatives.

Rytr, Writesonic, Simplified, and Copysmith are a few of Jasper’s alternatives.

Is there any WordHero alternative?

Writesonic, AI Writer, Rytr, and Jasper are some of the alternatives to WordHero.

Our Opinion

All the writing tools launched so far are of great help for their respective users overall. No tool comes with all-in-one features, nor does any tool lacks anything exciting. Which tool (WordHero vs Jasper) would work best for them depends primarily on the user’s requirements.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly writing assistant, then we would suggest you pick WordHero. On the other hand, if budget is not an issue for you, Jasper is the best option, especially the boss mode, which has remarkable features, integrations, and editing options.

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