FreedomGPT is one of the most advanced and accessible AI chatbots in the world of artificial intelligence. It was developed by Age of AI, LLC, FreedomGPT, and offers users unrestricted access to a generative AI chatbot experience. It is designed to bring the power of artificial intelligence directly to your personal computer.

FreedomGPT offers a wide range of applications across various fields. Unlike other AI chatbots, it operates on two distinct AI models—edge AI and Cloud AI—providing users with a unique blend of performance, versatility, and accessibility. 

Our FreedomGPT Review revealed that it may operate at a slightly slower pace than other AI chatbots. However, its unique features and functionalities make it a compelling option for those seeking to harness the potential of generative AI technology. 

In this review, we will explore FreedomGPT’s attributes, functionality, and pricing to learn everything about it and provide you with valuable insights into its capabilities.

FreedomGPT Review

Here is an overview of what we will talk about in this comprehensive FreedomGPT inspection.

About FreedomGPT

FreedomGPT is an advanced language translation model that allows users to engage with it. Although it provides an online web interface, FreedomGPT encourages its users to download it on their desktops for a more personalized experience. It allows you to experience a censor-free AI chatbot with which you can unlock your creativity.

Due to its uncensored responses, FreedomGPT’s answers may be offensive or inaccurate. Keep this in mind while using this language translation model. However, this AI chatbot can be used for a variety of applications, such as content creation, creative writing, and free speech writing.  

The use of its desktop variant makes it more accessible for content creation and provides you with an exceptional experience of AI conversations. However there are potential ethical risks, such as its lacks in content moderation but, with a bit care, users can optimize their experience with it.

Let us have a look at its quick summary for better clarification.

Performance ScoreB
Average load time1.3 S
Average response time9.86 words/s
Quality of Generated ContentUnbiased Content with Potential Ethical Risks
AI-based technology
  • Edge AI
  • Large Language Models
  • Cloud AI
InterfaceWeb Based User-Friendly Interface
Desktop app for offline use
  • Free and Open-Source
  • Uncensored and Unbiased
  • Use of Alpaca and LLaMA Models
  • Straightforward Interface
  • Multiple AI Models
  • Voice-to-Text AI
  • Clear Conversations Option
  • User-Friendly Desktop Client
PricingOffers you free access to explore with paid credit options.
It takes 1 credit/query depending on which AI model you are using.
CompatibilityWeb-based along with Windows and Mac applications
  • GitHub
  • Discord
  • Twitter

FreedomGPT Language Translation AI Overview

The Freedom generative pre-training transformer is an AI chatbot that isn’t just another digital entity. But a companion that respects your privacy empowers your creativity and remains accessible even when you are offline. Well, if you are thinking that it is just a dream, then wake up! 

FreedomGPT is here to redefine the way we interact with artificial intelligence, prioritizing your needs and preferences. This cutting-edge smart technology has many friendly users that not only segregate it from the other AI models but also make it more convenient to use. 

Are you wondering what the Freedom artificial intelligence model is? How does it work, and what are its features and benefits? This guide is especially for you! 

In this discussion, we will unveil every corner and learn exponentially about this OpenAI-powered artificially intelligent model to increase our productivity and efficiency in writing content, translation, and content generation. So, let us start exploring this highly-trained AI transformer.

What Is FreedomGPT?

When it comes to discussing the FreedomGPT, things get versatile and advanced. At its fundamental state, it is not just a chatbot; it’s a personalized AI friend that is designed to serve you better. This innovative creation by OpenAI comes with a promise of privacy, versatility, and offline functionality. 

Unlike a typical AI language model, Freedom generative pre-trained model empowers you to engage in meaningful conversations to get complex questions answers, unleash your creativity, and seek assistance without compromising your personal space.

What is FreedomGPT

Not much satisfied?

One of the things that set FreedomGPT apart from other machine-learning tools is its ability to understand and respond to natural language. Due to these attributes, it allows users to use it for creative writing, customer satisfaction, and inspiration ideas for businesses. 

FreedomGPT also enables you to generate text without any limitations. The generation of multiple other uncensored chatbot tools is another quality of this platform. 


Let us have a quick view of its characteristics and specifications.

App Store for AI Models VarietyFreedomGPT offers you an App Store to explore and utilize a variety of pre-trained AI models. It offers a broader range of functionalities compared to platforms with limited built-in features.
No Technical Expertise Needed
No Technical Expertise Needed: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, even for those without prior technical knowledge. That is why you don’t need extensive coding skills to utilize the available AI tools.
Offline Functionality A core feature is the availability of an edge version that allows you to run AI models directly on your computer without an internet connection. This can be beneficial for privacy-conscious users or those with limited internet access.
Multiple Model OptionsFreedomGPT offers various AI models beyond just text generation. You can generate images, write an article, make An AI Chatbot, Perform AI calls.
Different Versions To Download
  • FreedomGPT 2.0 on Web Browser
  • Download for Windows at a file size of 250MB, required 16GB RAM
  • Download for Mac with 255MB file size, required 16GB RAM
Customizable AI Tools/ModelsThe platform allows developers to potentially fine-tune or customize AI models according to their specific needs and requirements.
Security and Privacy FocusWhen using the edge version, your data stays entirely on your device, potentially appealing to users concerned about data privacy.

Freedom AI Pros & Cons

What We Find Good 👍 What We May Not Find Good 👎
It is an uncensored AI model, which allows asking any question, no matter how sensitive or controversial. FreedomGPT sometimes generates offensive or inappropriate responses.
Your data never leaves your device as it is a private model. There are challenges related to privacy rights and freedom of speech.
You can run this AI model offline, even when you don’t have an internet connection. Ethical considerations.
It can generate text, translate languages, write different types of creative content, and answer your questions.
It is a valuable tool that can be customized to meet your specific needs.
Use FreedomGPT

That was all about the instant overview of FreedomGPT. Let us have a deep discussion about it.

FreedomGPT Working Model

Freedom generative AI

The Freedom generative AI model operates on a simple yet profound principle: to provide you with a seamless AI interaction experience. It processes your input, understands context, and generates responses that feel remarkably humanlike. 

This personalized approach allows you to express yourself naturally, knowing that your data remains within the boundaries of your device. With this AI application, you’re in control of the conversation. 

Let me inform you, 

Freedom AI is a ChatGPT alternative. But what sets apart this large language model is its ability to run on your computer’s RAM. Which makes it less effective than ChatGPT, which runs on enterprise systems.

FreedomGPT Key Features

The platform offers a variety of attributes that make it a stunning chatbot to engage with. We have done our research and found the following elements that are essential for you to learn. Let’s examine them.

1. Free and Open-Source

One of the most distinctive aspects of FreedomGPT is its accessibility. Unlike many other AI chatbots that come with a price tag, FreedomGPT is completely free to use. Moreover, it is an open-source software, allowing users to explore its inner workings and even contribute to its development.

2. Offline and Online Capabilities

FreedomGPT provides users with the flexibility to utilize its capabilities both online, via their website, and offline through its desktop client. This offline functionality is particularly notable, as it enables users to engage with the AI even without an internet connection.

3. Uncensored and Unbiased Responses

A core principle of FreedomGPT is its commitment to providing uncensored and unbiased responses. The platform employs robust safety measures to prevent the generation of offensive or harmful content, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all users.

4. Advanced AI Models

FreedomGPT utilizes cutting-edge AI prototypes, including Alpaca and LLaMA, to power its conversational capabilities. While it primarily relies on these models, users also have access to ChatGPT-3.5 through the Cloud AI feature on its desktop version, expanding the range of responses and interactions.

5. Straightforward Interface

The platform offers you an interactive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate on the platform. The process of accessing and utilizing its different models is streamlined, allowing you to focus on creating AI-powered content.

6. Multiple AI Models

The platform offers you a choice of AI models to interact with, each with its own unique characteristics and responses. Additionally, it also offers you to create ChatBots along with a diverse range of pre-trained models.

7. Voice-to-Text AI

To increase the power of its functionalities and accessibilities, FreedomGPT is actively developing a Voice-to-Text AI feature in its latest version with all ethical guardrails. This feature will enable users to interact with the platform using voice commands, opening up new avenues for engagement.

In our opinion, FreedomGPT is at the forefront of conversational AI innovation. It empowers users to create meaningful interactions with innovative chatbots. With its wide range of features, commitment to privacy, and user-centric design, FreedomGPT is revolutionizing the way we interact with AI technology.

FreedomGPT Benefits

  1. This AI model places a strong focus on keeping your privacy intact. You can use it on your own computer if it meets the basic requirements, which means that your information isn’t stored on other people’s servers. On the other hand, when you type something into ChatGPT, it goes through the servers owned by Stanford University.
  2. Moreover, it is not controlled by outside companies or governments. It’s designed to resist control, which is really good for those who dislike the restrictions on platforms like Character AI and ChatGPT.
  3. Finally, it can be modified and improved by people who contribute to its open-source machine-learning nature. Even though the platform might not seem that impressive right now, it has great potential to join forces with more advanced open-source AI language models in the future.

The above benefits make this AI model a magnificent machine learning model that can be used on your computer to increase your productivity and efficiency in your official or daily routine work.

How To Use Freedom AI Model?

The use of the GPT AI model Freedom is as intuitive as chatting with a friend. Whether you’re seeking answers, exploring creative ideas, or simply engaging in casual conversation, it is your go-to companion. 

Just type your thoughts, questions, or prompts, and experience the magic of AI responding in a way that makes you feel understood and connected.

Here are the simple steps you need to take to use this AI tool.

  • Go to the official website of
  • Choose your preferred interface, desktop, or web. The platform will redirect you to the chosen decorum.
  • If you are using FreedomGPT on the web browser, then you need to create an account and buy its credits to chat with it.
  • Once you get your credit, start exploring this platform with your preferred model.
  • The platform provides users to choose different smart models according to their needs. Here are the models you can use:
  1. Text Generation
  2. Text to Image
  3. Image to Text
  4. Image to Image
  5. Text to Video
  6. Phone Call
  7. Music Models
  8. Image Upscaler

So, choose the above model that is suitable for you and fulfill your needs.

What Are FreedomGPT Requirements?

To deal with the power of the Freedom AI application, your device should meet a few basic requirements. An Intel Processor supporting AVX2, a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and Windows 10/8.11, Linux, or Macintosh operating systems are recommended. In addition, its potential increases when using an SSD for smoother operation.

Pricing Model of FreedomGPT

When we review the pricing model of the FreedomGPT platform, we found things very affordable. The platform offers you a free access to its intuitive underface to explore its different dimensions.

Pricing Details of FreedomGPT

On the other hand, FreedomGPT offers you a credit-based system in which you have to buy credits for your chatbot conversation. To get its 1000 credits, you will be charged $10 and if you want to buy more credits while using it, you can also do it.

Moreover, for those looking for a discount for their credit purchase on FreedomGPT, the platform offers them 2200 credits with a 10% discount. This means that 2200 credits will cost you $20 and 0.91 cents/credit.

FreedomGPT Promo Codes

Our team researched for that information and found that FreedomGPT does not offer any promo or discount codes right now. But do not get discouraged! The platform offers you another way to earn free credits. 

All you need to do is Tweet about the FreedomGPT on social media platforms.

free credits

The following are the details of free credit-earning situations.

  • When you refer a new user to FreedomGPT, you can get +500 credits
  • If you Tweet now, the platform offers yuo to claim your +50 credits
  • For just following FreedomGPT on the Twitter/X, you can get +50 credits
Use FreedomGPT

Ratings On Different Platforms

The team of AIChief has done thorough research on the credibility and authenticity of the FreedomGPT AI platform. We have found some amazing FreedomGPT reviews by real users on the most legitimate websites. The following is the site rating table for your better understanding.


FreedomGPT Alternatives

For those who are looking for FreedomGPT alternatives, we have mentioned the best ones in the following section.

chatgpthugging face
ChatGPT is the most advanced and revolutionary AI-powered assistant that make your AI conversational experience exceptional. This machine-learning model backed by OpenAI and offers you assistant in writing articles, programming codes, calculations, and even image generation.Hugging Face is a versatile platform that allows you to train and generate AI prototypes that you can test for various applications. The platform offers you an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to be creative with your words and commands.


  • Ad-free
  • Dark Mode
  • No Coding Required
  • Text to Image Generation
  • No registration required
  • Distraction-free


  • Versatile Range of AI Models
  • Vast library of pre-trained AI models
  • Exclusively large dataset library to train AI models
  • Various collaboration tools for team projects


  • Free and paid subscriptions start from $10.


  • Free forever along with a Pro subscription that costs $9/month.

Ratings on Different Platforms:

  • Capterra: 4.6/5
  • G2: 4.7/5

Ratings on Different Platforms:

  • G2: 4.8/5
  • Product Hunt: 4.6/5

AIChief Expert’s Review & Ratings

Here comes the final review from the AIChief team’s expert researchers! If we say it in one word, FreedomGPT is fantastic! We highly recommend this versatile platform to those who want to explore their creativity and want to boost their chatbot experience exponentially.

User Interface4.8
AI Models4.4

Its remarkable range of AI models, ability to customize AI prototypes, and user-friendliness make us indulge in it. We examined every aspect of this tool and found it pretty impressive. However, it generates answers without filters – you must opt for the optimization of your commands.

So, engage with this platform to get an immersive chatbot conversation experience.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the FreedomGPT model is an innovation that places humanity at its core. With privacy, versatility, and offline utility, it’s more than just a chatbot. It empowers your conversations, creativity, and knowledge-seeking needs. 

AIChief also finds that its advanced technology provides you with the most amazing wany to fulfill your content creation needs. So, be more creative with the FreedomGPT machine learning model.


What are AI Freedom Generative Pre-trained Transformer Uses?

Freedom AI serves as an AI chatbot that respects privacy, offers versatile interactions, and works offline, enhancing your conversations and creative endeavors.

What is the Future Of FreedomGPT?

FreedomGPT’s journey doesn’t stop here, as AI technology advances, so does its potential. We can expect that in future, this AI model will be more accurate, faster, and more user-friendly.

Can FreedomGPT generate code?

Yes, you can easily generate code, and you can also translate the code with this AI model.

Is it Safe to Use the Freedom OpenAI Model?

Absolutely yes. FreedomGPT respects your privacy by keeping your conversations within your device. It’s designed to enhance your experience while safeguarding your data.

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