Jasper vs.Copy.ai: Read Before You Choose One

AI writing tools have become extremely popular for optimizing content. People, especially bloggers and copywriters, find these tools handy for their productivity and content quality. From creating content to suggesting changes to the existing text, everything has become a lot easier since the spread of AI technology. Features like templates, tones, languages, collaboration, and editing, along with integrations for grammar and plagiarism, make these writing tools way more interesting. If you are looking to get one and are confused about Jasper vs.Copy.ai, this read will be very helpful for you. Let’s get started with the comparison based on thorough research.

What is Jasper?

From Jarvis to Jasper, this AI writing tool utilizes generative artificial intelligence to create content in different formats for users all across the board. The fact that it has exciting features and integrated tools makes Jasper stand out as the best writer for both long and short-form content. Above all, it generates not only text but also AI images for its users. Images and content, both created by Jasper, are widely known due to their quality results.

What is Copy.ai?

Another widely used and talked about writing tool based on artificial intelligence is Copyai. With nearly 90 options available, Copy.ai has surely the largest collection of templates. It includes email marketing, website copy, landing pages, social media posts, and whatnot. Copy.ai is so efficient in analyzing the ask of a user and creates engaging content as per demand. Backed by 20 languages in support, Copy.ai has become a globally used writing tool.

Exciting Features Of AI Writing Tools

Before diving deep into Jasper vs. Copy.ai, let’s look at their standard features.

Features of Jasper

Content Templates

Jasper has over 50 content templates for different writing formats. Be it a product description, landing page, blog post, or email, a certain template is just there waiting for you to explore a seamless writing experience. 


Jasper has three distinct modes. Focus mode saves you from distractions and lets you play with your skills to edit the document. Chat mode allows you to use the chatbot side by side so that you can get your content through prompts and use it on the editor’s side. Power mode displays all the Jasper workflows that help you write quality content of any short-form type.

In-built Tools

Can you imagine a writing tool that not only generates text for you but also offers direct help for SEO support, grammar, and plagiarism checker? Jasper is the answer. It has SurferSEO, Grammarly, and a plagiarism detector integrated with it. Moreover, you can take Jasper to any app you write on as its browser extension allows.

AI Art

No need for graphic designers or photographers if you need a basic image of an object, animal, or scene. Jasper takes your prompt order and generates images exactly as you describe them in a description box. Backed by OpenAI’s Dalle-2, Jasper is doing magic in the art generation. 

Other features include a voice search option, support in 25 languages, brand voice, and a dedicated team to help its customers as customer support.

Copy.ai Features

Brand Voice

Just like Jasper, Copy.ai also has a brand voice feature. This feature saves a lot of time and allows you to have a brand’s distinct style, tone, and personality for content to make it more engaging.


You can communicate with Copy.ai’s chatbot like a human. Feel free to add anything to your prompt; you will surely get good results. You can also generate any format in a trained brand voice using existing AI prompts.


Have you ever felt annoyed describing your brand’s details in every prompt in CHAT-GPT? We are sure you felt. But guess what? Copy.ai has this Infobase section in the sidebar where you can put all your basic information, including guidelines, policies, targeted audience, etc, at once and keep on generating content for this brand with specific prompts only.

Other Features of Copy.ai include free tools like bio, blog title generator, and SEO title generators. It allows you to test all templates in a free plan without even taking your credit card details.

AI Technology

Both Jasper and Copy.ai are backed by OpenAI’s models like GPT-3, GPT-4, and Anthropic. The difference comes in Jasper, which also leverages Google’s PaLM and Cohere’s models.

Jasper vs. Copy.ai in terms of Content Quality

As we have established above, both tools use OpenAI, yet Jasper also utilizes other models. This claim is being used in the favour of Jasper in terms of content quality. Honestly, the content generated by both is somewhat of the same level, and you should proofread it before publishing it. On the workflow and template side, both are great. It is to be noted that instead of using a template, you can also use chatbots. Especially if you are good at describing what you want, both writing tools will generate a good copy for you. Jasper may leave behind Copy.ai in the sense that it is also integrated with Google Search, which makes the generated content more trustable as source links are provided.

Jasper vs. Copy.ai – Team Collaboration

Jasper AI is famous because of the team collaboration that it allows. You can literally make project folders, share documents with others, and keep up with updates all in one place. This remarkable feature allows you to collaborate with at least 5 users on the same account. You all can view, edit the text, share with each other, and give feedback on the same document, which is pretty amazing. On the other hand, Copy.ai does allow teamwork to the extent of sharing and organization but lacks updates, status, and calendar campaigns.

Integration: Jasper vs. Copy.ai

The best thing about Jasper is that it comes with SurferSEO, which works well to optimize the generated content for search engines. Who would not want to get a text from a writing assistant that has already been optimized to some level? The writing tool keeps guiding the user with SEO-optimization suggestions. But you must pay for this advantage as the feature charges are separately added to the overall package.

Other integrations that Jasper has for users are Grammarly, the ultimate grammar checker for millions of users, and Plagiarism Checker. From spelling to basic sentence structure, clarity, engagement, and originality, everything is taken care of by these integrations. 

Moreover, if certain tools/apps you are using have no direct integration with Jasper, you can still be connected to Jasper through browser extensions. So the idea of bringing your AI writing assistant to places where you write (Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc) and might need some help is just amazing.

Copy.ai has no such direct integrations with any SEO optimization tool, Grammarly, or plagiarism checker. Users must use separate tools or get them integrated with Copy.ai via API, which is undoubtedly a technical task for many of us.

Jasper vs. Copy.ai – AI Image Generation

Who could have imagined a few years ago that AI tools would also generate images like text? Yes, you got it right. Jasper AI is not only your writing assistant or content writer but also a graphic designer for you. The more accurate and to the point your prompt is, the higher the expectations met by Jasper in the art. Now, you can generate an image of any object or living organism or even create a scene in the art by describing what you want. Copy.ai is not an image generator and only helps you with the text.

Pricing And Affordability

Jasper has the following pricing plans:

Boss Mode (Pro) offers 50k words per month and a range of features like SEO support, editors, Grammarly, templates, plagiarism detection, etc. If you are going to pay every month, then it costs you  $59 a month. If you pay annually, then you will be offered a discount.

Creator mode costs $39 a month, offering unlimited words, and the Team plan costs $125/month with unlimited words, SEO integration, 3 seats, and 3 brand voices.

The business plan has a custom pricing with access to all the exciting features.

Copy.ai has several pricing plans, two being the most affordable.

Free – 10 pieces of copy and all templates included.

Pro – unlimited copy credits, unlimited projects, 5 user seats, writing tools for $49/month.

Jasper is more expensive than Copy.ai, but pricing should not be an issue for those who can afford it as you get outstanding features.

Who Should Go For Jasper?

Jasper is definitely for those, first of all, who need long-form content and are good at prompts. It caters to those looking to generate content for marketing. Images can also be generated and used for different purposes. Lastly, one with the budget to afford it should try Jasper, as it is the best AI writer among the two.

Who Should Pick Copy.ai?

Those confused about Jasper vs.Copy.ai but looking for a Free pricing plan can find Copy.ai really affordable. This tool is also good to work with if one does not require much collaboration and works primarily independently. Moreover, one who brainstorms while writing short copies and comes up with different ideas can use Copy.ai as it lets you do all this due to its slow workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most exciting difference between Jasper vs. Copy.ai?

These AI writing tools have a few differences, but the most exciting one is the art generation. Jasper can generate text as well as images.

Name any Jasper AI Alternative

Rytr AI, Writesonic, and Simplified AI are all considered Jasper alternatives.

Can I use the images generated by Jasper AI?

Yes, you can use the images generated by Jasper AI. There are policy restrictions that must be followed, though.

If you are a copywriter, then which tool should you prefer?

Copy.ai should be your pick for any short-form content, like copywriting for product descriptions, marketing, emails, etc.

Which tool allows better collaboration among team members, Jasper or Copy.ai?

Jasper undoubtedly stands out when it comes to collaboration. It allows sharing, editing, review, and updates all in one place.

Is there any Copy.ai alternative?

Jasper, Rytr AI, and Copysmmith.ai are some of Copy.ai’s alternatives.

AI Chief’s Verdict

Both Jasper and Copy.ai have their own exciting features and advantages in terms of functionality and workflows. Based on Jasper vs. Copy.ai differences, each is preferred by a certain type of user with specific content needs.

If you are looking for an AI writing tool that works best with long-form content, team collaboration, SEO support, and Grammarly integration, go for Jasper.

If you are looking for an affordable writing tool that does a great job with short-form content, then Copy.ai will be suitable for you.

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