Traceable AI vs Salt Security: Best Tool For Your Data Protection

The safety and security of information that we use or share is highly important in today’s digital world. Every business, in fact, every person, should look for security measures for the key communications that they undergo every day. The API security system has become one crucial aspect in this regard. Application Programming Interfaces (PIs) basically protect the integrity and confidentiality of the data that we exchange through different apps. As we rely on API more, the need to have an effective security system for our systems becomes more important. And here come the API security tools that protect these interfaces from potential threats. The job is done by providing a defense mechanism to detect and fight these cyber-attacks.  AI Chief attempts to compare two such tools, Traceable AI and Salt Security, in this opinion. Continue reading to choose a better defense mechanism for your business.

What is API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is the mechanism by which two software sets communicate with each other under the defined protocols. In the term, the application refers to the app in use running on a specific software program. Interface means the defined agreement between two applications on how to communicate. This communication involves requests, responses, exchanges, and data sharing.

What are API Security Tools?

The tools used by businesses and organizations to prevent APIs from cyber-attacks and misuse are the API security tools. As APIs are used to get access to important and sensitive data, their protection from external attacks is a necessity. API security tools do a great job here as they detect unauthorized access and prevent the data from being misused.

All About Traceable AI

Traceable AI is an artificial intelligence-based API security tool that manages and secures APIs against malicious activities. Using AI models, traceable provides you with analytics helpful for threat detection. This enables you to make an informed decision regarding your API security design. Traceable AI first understands the business, affiliations, and context of each API to protect it from the inside.

What does Traceable AI do?

Traceable AI helps API-based businesses detect and fight risks. For this, it performs various functions, including:

  • Protection from external attacks
  • API fraud detection and elimination
  • Security support
  • Secure sensitive data
  • Measures to train teams about data protection

Focus of Traceable AI

The primary focus of Traceable AI is ensuring transparency and accountability using AI models. Traceable AI helps organizations make good use of AI models, understand their predictions, and evaluate their impacts.

The Working Principle

Traceable AI easily integrates into APIs with AI models and frameworks. Regarding Traceable AI vs Sal Security, Traceable AI works best with systems employing AI models. It embeds traceability features into the AI models employed by the business. This favors continuous monitoring and detection. Also, insights on various factors that influence AI decisions, workflow, and security are provided by Traceble AI. The integration helps businesses make informed decisions based on these insights. The interface or dashboard of Traceable AI is user-friendly, allowing users to access information easily.

Advantages of Traceable AI

  • APIs understanding
  • All attacks are detected timely
  • Harmful activities are blocked
  • No room for fraud, abuse, and misuse
  • Rich analytics are provided
  • Reporting on all functions
  • Security insights for comprehensive measures
  • Helps enhance hunting and elimination of threats

Traceable AI is for?

Businesses and large enterprises, especially those relying on AI models such as finance, healthcare, and decision-making.

Customer Support

Traceable AI provides comprehensive customer support. This includes documentation, training, insights, and timely response.

Pricing Model

Pricing of Traceable AI depends on the scale of the AI model employed by your business.

All About Salt Security

Salt Security is a platform for cybersecurity that, too, specifically works on API security. It protects APIs and, thus, the data exchange from cyber-attacks or anonymous access. These cyber-attacks include fraud, data breaches, and misuse or mishandling of sensitive data.

Functions of Salt Security

Salt security performs several functions for the comprehensive security of APIs, such as;

  • API Attack Detection – the security tool is specialized to identify and thwart potential attacks targeting API. Salt security, hence, safeguards the software and data from malicious activities.
  • Vulnerability Prevention – Sensitive data is always vulnerable and thus requires robust safety measures. Salt security keeps these vulnerabilities in check, thus reducing the risks of any breaches.
  • Regular Monitoring – When integrated into the system, Salt Security continuously monitors the traffic, keeping an eye on authorized access. Regular monitoring of Salt security employs a proactive approach to timely detection of threats.
  • The integrity of Data – the data exchanged or shared through APIs is protected from manipulation by Salt security. This way, the integrity and authenticity of data is maintained and assured by the tool.
  • Insights – Salt security provides businesses with rich insights after conducting the analysis. These insights are super valuable for taking strategic measures for future safety methods. 
  • User-friendly Interface – the dashboard or the interface of Salt Security is easy to work with, just like Traceable AI. The seamless navigation allows users to interpret the analytical reporting for improvements.

Working Principle of Salt Security

Salt security integrates with API workflows and security infrastructure. Thus, offers a double-layer protection for businesses that have high reliance on APIs. It works in a way to enhance existing security systems against cyber threats. Integrated with APIs, salt security analyses everything that goes in and out.

Focus Areas

Salt Security’s focus areas include preventing cyber attacks, checking vulnerabilities, and monitoring abnormal/unusual behavior across the API workflow.  It also focuses on ensuring the authenticity of data by protecting it from manipulation.

Advantages of Salt Security

When it comes to Traceable AI vs Salt Security, both have somewhat similar benefits as their goals are similar. Salt Security performs the following functions;

  • Threat protection
  • Anomaly detection
  • Regular monitoring
  • Malicious activities are checked
  • The integrity of data is assured
  • Prevents manipulation
  • Insights for effective measurements

Salt Security is for?

Salt Security can help all those businesses or enterprises that have an online presence and rely on APIs. It covers industrial domains of finance, healthcare, commerce, etc., and it serves all these sectors as a shield against cyber attacks. Almost all industries that are digital in nature and have electronic data require a security tool to protect attacks against APIs. Salt Security not only helps protect the data but also keeps things in check regularly. It is suitable for all those online businesses who want to keep us with security systems and ensure data safety.

Customer Support to Salt Security

Customer support of Salt Security is comprehensive in addressing the queries and issues. Prompt guidance and response are their hallmarks. Timely assistance and effective response fine-tune the process while satisfying customers.

Pricing Model of Salt Security

Pricing of Salt security depends on the API number that needs to be covered under the security structure. It also varies depending on the level of security required by the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which security tool (Traceable AI vs Salt Security) is better for enterprises employing AI models?

Traceable AI is suitable as it is an artificial intelligence-based security tool. It integrates well into the AI models to perform its functions.

Is there a Traceable AI alternative?

Yes, there are a few alternatives to Traceable AI, such as Wallarm, Synopsis, and Imperva.

Compare customer support regarding Traceable AI vs Salt Security.

Customer support by both security tools is comprehensive. Timely assistance and effective response are guaranteed in their portfolio.

Name any Salt security alternative.

Noname Security is considered as the alternative to Salt Security. others are Traceable AI, Orca Security, Apigee Sense, etc.

AI Chief’s Opinion

In this digital age, we all need robust security apparatus for our data that is present or exchanged on digital platforms. Organizations, especially, have sensitive data that needs protection against breaches. While malicious cyber attacks are on the rise, it’s high time companies make an informed decision for their security infrastructure.

In the AI Chief’s opinion, regarding Traceable AI vs Salt Security, both tools are extremely helpful. Which tool is better for a certain user depends on the systems involved in the processes of an organization. A Traceable AI review indicates that it is best for enterprises that have AI models integrated into their systems. Meanwhile, Salt Security’s review suggests that those looking for a robust security plan to meet API safety challenges should pick this security tool.

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