Simplified AI vs Shortly AI – A Comprehensive Comparison For You

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but technology has advanced to the point where we can have compelling copies of text written by AI tools. No matter what kind of content you create or what topics you cover at your workplace, for your business, or for studies, it’s worth considering integrating AI writing tools into your work process.

In this opinion, we have provided you with a comprehensive comparison between two AI writing tools (Simplified AI vs Shortly AI) so that you can pick one based on your preferences.

Let’s get started.

Brief Introduction to Each Writing Tool

Let’s briefly catch up with each tool to better understand the comparison based on features and pricing.

Simplified AI

Simplified AI is a valuable AI writing tool for creating content that helps bloggers, writers, businesses, and, of course, freelancers. As the name indicates, the tool simplifies the process of different types of writing. Simplified AI has some exciting features for you and a user-friendly interface. Not only does it generate text, but it also offers a lot to graphic designers, video editors, and social media management, thus creating a comprehensive set of creative resources.

Simplified AI writer basically aims to integrate AI tech advancement into various workflows to help people from across the board.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI is also an easy-to-use written tool backed by artificial intelligence. It is designed to generate content in various formats, thus helping users write for social media, blogs, and other marketing descriptions. The good thing about the tool is that it understands what the user is looking for in the content and thus generates engaging content using GPT-3 and NLP technologies.

To summarize Shortly AI, we would say that it provides a seamless experience to content creators and has transformed the ways of writing for a wide range of users.

Features And Capabilities – Simplified AI vs. Shortly AI

Let’s take a look at the differences in features and functionality of these two writing tools.

What does Simplified AI Offer?

Simplified AI writer has many fantastic features that make it a preferred choice for creating content.

AI Templates

Simplified AI offers a range of over 90 AI templates, allowing users to easily create copies that meet a variety of content needs that you may have in seconds.


Whether a concise online media post like a New Year post, an employee of the month, a sale announcement post, or a comprehensive blog post, you just name it, and the Simplified writing tool will adapt to any content length. 

Easy-to-Use Interface

Navigating through Simplified AI is a breeze, making it super friendly for creating content with ease.

Multilingual support

Supporting over 30 languages ​​and over ten voices, Simplified AI enables accessibility to a variety of audiences worldwide and provides excellent writing for consumers from different language groups.

AI Rewriter

The Rewriter tool is so exciting in a way that it allows you to optimize your text for uniqueness and readability while preserving the original meaning. This definitely shows AI’s ability to improve the quality of content.


You can edit your content on the go now with real-time editing features that simplify your writing journey.


Generated content can easily be downloaded in PDF or DOCX format, allowing you to save and share your work easily or publish directly to social channels.

Grammar Access

Simplified writer has built-in grammar support, which means while writing on it, you need no independent grammar application. The built-in grammar efficiently generates user content, maintains grammatical accuracy, and improves the overall quality of your writing.

Built-in Plagiarism Checker

Moreover, to make sure that the uniqueness of automatically generated content, Simplified’s AI Writer includes a built-in plagiarism checker, giving users a valuable tool to maintain the integrity of the work they create side by side.

Personalized AI Tool

Simplified AI offers customization to match your unique style and preferences. It surely makes your content creation journey one-of-a-kind.

Shortly AI – What’s exciting?

Read the features below that Shortly AI offers writers to ensure you get the most out of your membership.

Fiction and non-fiction

The primary feature of the ShortlyAI writing tool is its ability to help you with any type of content. It Offers AI writing aids for both fiction and non-fiction work. Thus, Shortly AI can be a pick for a lengthy blog post or a captivating dialogue section for your fiction novel.

Article Brief Understanding

The “Article Brief” option in the Shortly AI tool allows you to provide a brief synopsis of the article you want to write. This enhances the AI’s understanding of your topic and improves the quality of its content.

Output Length Control

Using a slider to change the word count is a helpful tool in the Shortly AI editor. Have you tried it? This function provides you control over the length of the content produced.

‘Write for Me’ 

ShortlyAI’s ‘Write for Me’ feature helps overcome writer’s block. Did you know ShortlyAI offers flexibility by picking up where you left off when you press the button? Yes, it does. Additionally, you can regenerate or undo information to improve final content, and the text editor is very easy to use.

Text Commands for Precision

Shortly AI’s text commands feature allows users to give specific commands or instructions to this writing tool. For example, commands like/expand, /rewrite, or /shorten allow the AI to understand the writer’s need and focus on specific content, thus providing a more customized writing experience.

Unique Text Output

No matter how many words you ask the tool to write, it makes the utmost effort to generate unique and value-driven content. The AI verifies the generated text to be genuine and free of plagiarism.

Option to Save and Share

Lastly, the sharing feature on the Shortly AI platform is a handy tool. This relieves you of the effort of copying your information into a Word or Google Doc. A quick go on the save and share buttons, which let you get the feedback of others instantly.

Comparison based on User Interface

Simplified AI provides a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation, while Shortly AI offers quick controls to ensure a seamless experience. Both interfaces with regard to simplified AI vs. shortly AI are simple and accessible with very few diversions in terms of usability.

A feature that makes Simplified’s design preferable is that it is so organized as a tool with distinct sections for different AI templates. You can literally save the document you created with Simplified and mark it as a “favorite” if you want. The ‘Documents’ and ‘Favorites’ tabs are positioned at the top of the page for easy access and visibility.

Who can get the most out of these?

Both simplified AI and shortly AI can help following people in one way or another.

  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Technical Writers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Business Strategists

Pricing – Which one is more Affordable?

Simplified AI

All of the app’s functions are available if you are a new user during a seven-day free trial period. Following the trial period, you can continue using the app for free or sign up for one of the packages shown in the picture below.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI costs $79 per month or $65 per month if paid yearly.

Here’s why simplified is more affordable with regards to simplified AI vs. shortly AI:

  • You can save money with a Simplified forever-free plan, which may be enough for you. 
  • Simplified includes plans for everyone and every level of the business and caters to each individual.
  • Simplified offers a customized plan made to meet the demands of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which writing tool from simplified AI vs. shortly AI offers a free forever plan?

Simplified AI is widely preferred because of the fact that it offers a free plan.

What are the two pros of shortly AI?

Shortly AI free trial and story or novel writing are the two pros of this writing tool.

Is there a shortly ai alternative?

Simplified AI, out of many others, is considered as the best shortly AI alternative.

Are there any limitations of Simplified AI?

Language restrictions and irrelevant suggestions in the content generated are two limitations of simplified AI.

Which one can be used for product description?

Simplified AI is best for writing the appropriate product description for platforms like Amazon.

Name simplified AI alternatives in terms of content quality and ability to meet requirements.

Writesonic is one of the simplified AI alternatives when it comes to quality and efficiency.

Last Word

In a nutshell, we would say that both Shortly AI and Simplified AI have, of course, user-friendly interfaces and exciting features. What makes Shortly AI stand out are its wide range of text instructions, length control, and quick prompt features. In contrast, Simplified AI is remarkable when it comes to simplicity, organization, and collaboration. Choosing one from these tools would ultimately be a decision based on your personal preference, your budget, and writing task requirements.

In our opinion, distinct tools for graphic design, social media, video editing, and AI writing, along with the organized structure offered, make simplified AI our preferred writing tool.

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