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What is Cutout Pro?

Cutout Pro is one of the most advanced AI image and video editing platforms that turn your visual content more appealing. The Cutout Pro AI is based on the Stable Diffusion, a popular text-to-image platform, and artificial intelligence model like the DALL-E 2. The platform also provides exclusive features, instant customer support, and a user-friendly interface with free and paid credit-based pricing models.

From AI background remover to art generator, AI video editing to animation, the Cutout Pro has got you covered. These capabilities make it an ideal AI tool for content creators to harmonize their visual content editing workflows.

The AIChief has engaged with Cutout Pro AI editing tool and recommends it for a flawless background-removing experience. You can check out our expert’s Cutout Pro Review for more details.

cutout pro review

Check out our list of discussions you will find in this article:

About Cutout Pro

Cutout Pro is one of the most advanced AI tools that allows you to edit and enhance your visuals. Whether it is an image that you need to remove from the background or a video, this platform has got you covered. The intuitive interface makes it more convenient to engage with.

The machine learning abilities enable it to upscale your images and videos up to 2x. From social media content to creating memes and face cutouts to animation, versatility is the core of this platform.

Furthermore, the Cutout Pro platform comes with great accessibility through its iOS and Android applications. This ability allows you to access this AI editing platform from anywhere and at any time. 

Now, here is a quick review of its technical information. Let’s check it out.

Performance ScoreB
Average load time1.2 s
Average response timeDepending on the File Size
Quality of OutputUpscale visuals up to 2x
AI-based technology
  • Computer Visions
  • Stable Diffusion
  • AI Removal
  • AI Editing
  • AI Restore
  • AI Generation
PricingFree & Credit-Based starting at $0.099
CompatibilityWeb-based along with Mobile APP for iOS and Android
AccuracyHigh-quality visuals

Overview of Cutout Pro AI Content Editing Tool

It is a web-based AI platform that allows you to remove the backgrounds of your pictures or videos, even if they are complex, and make them according to your desire. The Cutout Pro AI is based on the Stable Diffusion (a source AI to generate pictures ) artificial intelligence model like the DALL-E 2 system launched in 2022.

This advanced artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to transform rough images into magnificent ones. In addition, it allows you to use its many editing and other traits, such as passport photo and photo colorization abilities, that help you to scale up your images beyond your imagination.

How Does Cutout Pro Work?

working model of Cutout Pro

The working model of the Cutout AI Pro is based on artificial intelligence and computer vision versions of AI. With this capability, it can generate head cutout portraits and photos of passport size, along with scaling up your rough photos.

Moreover, it doesn’t stop here, as it can also remove backgrounds from your photographs, edit your videos with high precision, and many other things related to editing visual content. 

Peek Into Cutout Pro Capabilities

The AI platform provides you with a user-friendly interface, making it the most resilient platform for editing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this platform is worth exploring to boost your creativity and productivity.

In addition, the Cut Out Photo Editor provides you with many magnificent editing tools and customization options that you can use to make your images more attractive and catchy.

Next, it enables you to refine and fine-tune your images and videos with its AI algorithms. This algorithm makes it intelligent to choose the right colors for your background or an appropriate image to replace it.

So, it is a powerful AI graphic designer tool that enables every type of user to turn their photos or videos into high-quality visuals. Following is a table of its features and specifications for your quick understanding.

Let us have a look at it.

AI Background RemoverRemoves unwanted objects, people, and backgrounds from images automatically
Face and Hair SegmentationAccurately segments face and hair with fine details, even with clumsy background images
Photo EnhancerEnhances photo resolution, quality, and detail. Upscales images up to 4K without losing quality
Video EnhancerMeticulously enhances video quality up to 4K
AI Art GeneratorsGenerate creative images based on different styles and prompts
Support Multiple Input FormatsJPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF
Multiple Downloadable FormatsJPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, mp4, .webm, .mov, .gif
CompatibleiOS, Android, and web-based versions work with internet connection

Pros & Cons of Cutout Pro

What We Find GoodWhat We May Not Find Good
Easier Background RemoverSometimes, it gets slow
Efficient Image/video Processing for e-commerce visualsSome AI tools may not exceed expectations, such as Cartoonizer
Fewer Efforts High-quality OutcomesHugh automation, less manual control
Accessible from anywhere through Cutout Pro Mobile ApplicationSome AI tools may struggle when you upload large files
Use of API Increases Your Background Removal Workflows Automated
A One-Stop Shop for Content Editors
Use Cutout Pro

Now, let us have a deeper look at its remarkable AI features to understand it better. 

Features of Cutout Pro

The Cutout Pro is an AI-powered creative and automatic visual designing platform with lots of capabilities. They allow you to transform your images, remove objects, create ones and scale them up with artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.

With the help of diffusion algorithms, you can explore new hurts of creativity and productivity. A long list comes across when we discuss its magnificent qualities that empower your image or video editing.

Whether you want to use its traits for your personal use or want it used for your business applications, the Cutout is an open-source image enhancement that allows you to use its APIs to make your own version of the AI image transformer.

The following Cutout Pro review of its features will let you understand its capabilities and functionalities. Let’s dive into it.

AI Removal Feature With Smart Computer Vision

AI Removal Feature

One of the most famous features of this AI tool is AI Remover for image background removal along with videos. This feature is powered by computer vision, which allows you to remove backgrounds from your photos and videos and adjust desired backgrounds in your content.

Despite the difference in the image, whether it’s animated or simple, you can add or remove the background or change it. You can do this task effortlessly with this AI image background remover and AI video background remover features. 

With the use of video background removal, you can upscale your content to a high quality and enhance its appeal. 

Next, let’s review what else this feature offers you in the following section.

Image Background Remover Traits

image background remover

It also allows you to remove backgrounds of images in bulk due to its powerful computer vision technology. It is quite a handy approach when you are in a hurry and need a quick solution to remove backgrounds from your pictures with fine details.

Moreover, with the help of this image background removal tool, you can also create stunning photos for your e-commerce site for the continuous growth of your social presence.

Whether you have an image of yourself, animated animals, sky, products, or icons, this tool has got you covered. With its simple drag-and-drop approach, you can remove backgrounds of any kind of your pictures.

AI Face Cutout

AI Face Cutout

Another remarkable feature of the Cutout AI Removal platform is the face cutout tool. It is an AI-powered tool that controls the facial features of your photos, which is highly useful for passport photo editing. Moreover, It doesn’t stop here!

They allow you to cut your face from your images without compromising their qualities and use them for various applications. You can use this feature to design your T-shirt or create a cartoon of your image face. It is a handy feature for e-commerce store owners to create inspiring designs for their customers.

One-Click AI Video Background Removal

AI video background removal

In addition to the AI Removal feature, they offer you another AI-powered feature called the video background removal AI tool. It is a one-click approach to making your videos fully customized. 

With this feature, there is no need for a green screen. This AI tool helps you to achieve your video editing goals with a few clicks. The outcomes are so captivating that it produces high-quality results due to its computer vision AI technology.

After learning about the above feature, you might wonder how to use this feature. Well, to use this AI image background removal feature, you just need to follow the steps below.

How To Remove Image Backgrounds With It?

To use this feature, you need to take three simple steps. Here are those steps:

  • Take an image or download it from any of the portrait photo galleries that are available online. 
  • Now, you must go to Cutout Pro’s website and ensure you are logged in. Here, you just need to select the portrait photos background removal feature and then upload or drag and drop the image in the box.
upload image
  • At last, hit the Remove Background button, and that is all. You are done with removing your photos; now, you can edit them with multiple tools and download them on your computer or mobile devices.
Remove image and video background

That is how you can use the AI Removal feature to remove image backgrounds. The process of removing video backgrounds is the same, but you just need to select the Video Background Removal option.

AI Photo Enhancer & Upscaler

The AI Photo Enhancer and Upscaler feature in Cutout Pro is a powerful tool designed to improve the quality and resolution of your content.

From sharpness to adding details and increasing overall visual appeal, this feature lets you achieve all your goals using smart computer vision abilities. At its core, photo enhancement and upscale are two different intertwined models.

AI Image Enhancer and Upscaler

In addition, it is a tool that automatically enhances the quality of your photos and videos. It applies enhancements like sharpening, noise reduction, and contrast adjustments to make your images or videos more professional and visually appealing.

On the other hand, the Upscaler feature in Cutout Pro is designed to increase the resolution and overall quality of your multiple images. 

Note that it’s beneficial when you have low-resolution or pixelated photographs that you want to make larger or improve in quality. Let us find out how you can use this feature.

How To Use Video and Photo Upscaler & Enhancer Feature?

photo upscaler and enhancer

Using the Video and Photo Upscaler and Enhancer feature in Cutout Pro is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Start by uploading the photo or video you want to enhance with the help of this AI art generation tool.
Upload image or video
  • You will have multiple options within the Enhancer and Upscaler attributes for multiple images and videos, such as Enhance, Auto Enhance, Upscale resolutions, or specific enhancement presets.
  • Click the “Enhance” button or select the desired enhancement preset. Cutout Pro will automatically analyze your photo or video and upscale it accordingly.
  • Once you finish the above steps, you can preview the improved image/video and compare it to the original. If you are satisfied with the result, you can save images or videos to your device.
Enhance image or video

With the above steps, you can make your images or videos attractive and high-definition. After doing this with AI art generation tools, you can use them for multiple purposes. 

From branding to social media posts and e-commerce shops to increasing your social appearance and credibility, the Cutout Pro has got you covered.

Tips for Using This AI Art Generation Tool

After the Cutout Pro review of the feature, the following tips will help you get more productive and exceptional results. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Make sure to create a balance when enhancing and upscaling photos. Overprocessing can lead to unnatural results, so always examine the preview before saving.
  • In addition, explore the different enhancement and upscaling options to see which settings work best for your image. It will give you the best outcomes for your editing of photos. 
  • Another tip is to ensure the quality of the image you are using for upscaling and enhancement, as low-quality images may give you a lower level of satisfaction after editing. 
  • Be patient when processing larger or high-resolution photos, as the AI algorithms may take some time to generate the enhanced versions.

We can say that using the Photo Upscaler & Enhancer feature is a quick and effective way to enhance the quality of your images and videos. These attributes make them more visually appealing and suitable for various purposes, including printing, online use like e-commerce stores, or presentations. 

Now, let us explore the third feature of this magnificent editing and AI art generation tool for more familiarity.

AI Generation – Background Diffusion

The Background Diffusion feature in the Cutout art generation platform is a tool that allows you to create visually appealing backgrounds of photos using text. 

In addition, it’s a creative feature that can help you add text-based backgrounds to your images or videos. Also, enables you to enhance images or videos’ overall appeal and harmonize your editing workflows.

Background Diffusion

But how?

Well, it allows you to give your imagination a tangible form by giving it prompts about what you want to see on your video or image background. 

This feature can be handy for creating eye-catching graphics, promotional materials, and social media posts, such as Facebook photos, or adding captions and text-based designs to your visuals.

Additionally, you can customize the text, fonts, colors, and other attributes to make the image background according to your will.

How to Use Image Background Diffusion?

image background diffusion

When it comes to discussing how to use this AI tool, things get so simple and easy to understand. You just need to follow the below steps, and just so you are all done!

  • First, you need to go to the website of Cutout and then log in to your account. Once logged in, upload the desired content you want to edit.
  • Once you are done with the above step, you will get multiple tools to use for your video background. From adding multiple texts in different formats, adjusting the size of the text, or choosing the color of your background text, you can use multiple options for your desired video background diffusion.
  • Now, customize the background appearance in Cutout Pro with options like colors, gradients, and opacity settings.
  • Once you finish the above steps, make sure to preview and refine your visual content until it meets your expectations. After that, you can download your edited visuals on your device and use them in multiple ways, such as for e-commerce stores.

That is how you can use the Cutout Pro Background Diffusion feature to enhance images or videos’ impact in a matter of seconds.

It doesn’t stop here!

There are many other attributes of this AI web-based visual editor that you can use, such as an AI Image generator, cartoon selfie, passport photo maker, and photo anime. All of them allow you to explore it and, with some creativity, craft eye-catching images and videos for your personal or commercial use.

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Pricing Details of Cutout Pro Visual Editor Tool

The Cutout art generation tool allows its users to choose from multiple packages based on features and capabilities.        
Further, you can choose from four main subscription models to start your journey of creativity and exploration. 

The free plan, subscription plan, “pay as you go,” and video (pay as you go) are the pricing models that allow you to access its magnificent capabilities.

Image Pricing Models

Image Pricing Models

In this subscription model, you will get multiple features at different prices, such as:

  • You will get 40 credits for $5, and as the number of credits increases, the prices will too.
  • In the Pay As You Go model, you will get certain numbers of credits at a fixed price that you can use forever until you have them.

Video ( Pay As You Go)

Video pay as you go

When you have a Cutout Pro video subscription, you can get magnificent features that help you to make your visuals more engaging and appealing.

You can use these features for multiple purposes, such as marketing campaigns and branding. 

In addition, you can change your video background with the video background removal feature from the given AI tools according to your needs and requirements. For all this, you need to pay as per your credits, and the prices of credits start from $0.143.

Cutout Pro Promo Codes

There are many online resources available that claim this narrative, but unfortunately, there is no promo codes are available for Cutout Pro. 

The Cutout Pro platform does not support any kind of third-party promo codes.

On the other hand, its maximum credit packages offer a substantial discount, as low as $0.017/image credit and $0.066/second for the Video package. 

The platform facilitates its users who need it in high demand so that they can keep up their content generation momentum.

Use Cutout Pro

Ratings Of Cutout Pro On Different Platforms

We have done research on Cutout Pro Review and explored many trusted websites to get its ratings for you. The Trustpilot and Product Hunt are the two most authentic resources that we explored and found the following information:


Cutout Pro Alternatives

Following is a list of alternatives you can use alternatively to the Cutout Pro platform.

PicWish is a user-friendly visual editing AI tool that specializes in removing backgrounds. It is a web-based platform along with the liberty to download on your personal PC. This liberty makes it more accessible for content editors.For those looking for a remarkable AI image background remover, Removebg has got them covered. They offer you many options to fulfill your background removal needs. You can access it through their intuitive web-based interface.


  • Automatic background removal
  • Free plan with limited features (2 images/month) and multiple paid options
  • Versatile background templates and color facility


  • High-quality background removal
  • Free 10 images/month
  • Offers paid plans with affordability
  • Offers API for developers


  • Free


  • Starting from $0.23/image


  • Product Hunt: 4.9/5
  • Trustpilot: 4.7/5
  • SaaSworthy: 4.2


  • Product Hunt: 4.7/5
  • Trustpilot: 3.7/5
  • SaaSworthy: 4.1

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AIChief’s Expert Rating & Review

Generated Content Quality4.3

After examining this visual content editing tool from head to toe, AIChief auditorial staff has found that the quality of edited images was quite impressive. The results were pretty impressive, especially when we removed the image’s backgrounds and replaced them with the desired ones.

We also found that while the Cutout Pro offers video editing, some videos lose pixels possibly due to extensive editing. AIChief also found that the free trial is not enough to experience its full potential and its paid subscriptions are quite expensive.


What makes us more indulged with this platform is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. We did not struggle to navigate its different sections. Conclusively, AIChief recommends Cutout Pro to those who are seeking an interactive way to edit or upscale their digital content.

Final Thoughts

We have examined the Cutout Pro AI editing tool and find it pretty amazing. The high-quality content editing outcomes, versatile range of features, and affordable prices make it one of the best AI editing software. 

Due to all its capabilities and user-friendliness, we highly recommend you try it out for your content editing needs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, this platform caters to everybody’s needs. So, explore it to boost your writing skills and fulfill your content generation needs.


Is Cutout Pro Free?

Yes, the Cutout art generation platform is free, but you can purchase its subscription for an enhanced experience with this AI vision editing tool.

Is There Any Alternative to Cutout Pro?

Multiple other online AI tools are available online that allow you to create stunning images, such as Remove bg, PicWish, and Retoucher Online, some great online AI image editors.

Can I Change the Background of My Video With This AI Visual Editor?

Absolutely, yes, you can change or even remove backgrounds from your video by using this AI tool, which makes it worth trying out to make your editing workflows flawless.

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