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ElevenLabs is a modern generative AI voice-cloning tool that enables users to transform their speeches. It uses artificial intelligence to convert your words into multiple voices in seconds. The intuitive interface provides an exclusive way to achieve voice editing goals. 

The Large Language processing ability and deep algorithms of ElevenLabs enable it to understand not only your words but also audio samples. With remarkable AI features and capabilities, Elevenlabs comes with great potential for various applications. 

AIChief has conducted deep research on this generative AI voice cloning tool and crafted this ElevenLabs AI review. Read our detailed review in the following section to unleash every aspect of this AI tool.

ElevenLabs AI Review

Here are the elements of our discussion. We will discuss them in the following section. 

An Overview of AI-Powered Platform ElevenLabs

Here are the elements of our discussion. We will discuss them in the following section. 

Eleven Labs AI allows you to convert your speeches into text and vice versa. In addition, it enables you to record different voices for your text speech to make it more appealing and attractive for the listeners.

This generative voice clone platform enables you to use its advanced text-to-speech voice cloning capabilities to cut down on efforts and make your work more effective.
Are you curious about how this voice cloning tool works? What are the capabilities of it? Keep reading this ElevenLabs AI review to explore everything.

Here is a quick overview of this magnificent generative AI voice cloning tool.

Performance ScoreA
Average load time1.2 s
Average response timeBased on your audio file or text
Quality of OutputBased on your audio file or text
High-quality multilingual voices
AI-based technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning Models
  • English v1
  • Multilingual v1
  • Turbo v2
  • Multilingual v2
  • Text-to-Speech AI
  • Speech-to-speech AI
InterfaceHighly User-Friendly
  • SPEECH SYNTHESIS, which includes:
    • Text to Speech
    • Speech to Speech
    • New
    • Projects
    • Dubbing
    • API
    • Languages
  • VOICELAB, which includes:
    • Voice Cloning
    • Voice Library
PricingFree forever, along with multiple Character-based packages starting from $5.22/30,000 characters
  • Web-based
  • Mobile Application
Accuracy98.8% Natural Human Speech
SupportDiscord, Email, & website

What Is ElevenLabs AI & How It Work?

ElevenLabs Generative Voice Cloning and Speech Synthesis Tool

The ElevenLabs speech-to-speech is one of the most advanced AI tools that is based on artificial intelligence technology. It generates text-to-speech AI audios in the most human-sounding voices and offers you instant cloning aids.

This powerful voice cloning model was made by two passionate individuals, Piotr Dabkowski and Mati Staniszewski, and was recently launched.

The platform uses its natural language processing model and smart algorithms to transform your text-form content into generative clone voices. In addition, it also provides you the ability to convert your text into multiple languages with multiple voices, which opens new horizons for opportunities.

Brief Insight Into Eleven Labs AI Features & Capabilities

Eleven Labs platform is a versatile AI voice generator that enables users to use the power of AI to generate audio in multiple languages. From AI voice cloning to speech-to-speech generation, text-to-speech creation to creating audiobooks. Eleven Labs has everything you need.

With its variety of features and capabilities, it allows various users to use it in their applications. From podcasters to content creators, this platform is the perfect platform for all. In addition, Elevenlabs also offers you dedicated and responsive support with many other helpful resources.

Let us have a brief insight into its features and capabilities in the following section.

Text-To-SpeechGenerate speech in over 29 languages, 120+ voices, different genders, accents, and styles
Speech-to-SpeechTurns your MP3 audio into other characters or genres based on just a minute of audio
Voice CloningCreate your AI Voice Clone with just a minute-long audio in 29+ languages and 50+ accents.
Voice LibraryExplore and find the perfect voice that suits your case from the vast library of AI voices.
Audio ProjectsGenerate long-form spoken audio files, audiobooks, and commercials with high quality and precision.
DubbingFrom your personal audio to any video link, whether it is from YouTube, TikTok, or any other platform, dubb with AI in various languages
APIA top-tire solution for high-quality, multilingual, and fast latency for optimal use of your application
Global LanguagesConvert your audio into 50+ global languages with all the natural speech elements
What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Easy to use for everyone. Only one user account is allowed.
Saves money compared to expensive subscriptions. Works with limited languages and accents.
Works well on devices with basic features. Not great for long texts.
It uses smart technology to generate human-like voices. Changes voices for the same accent each time.
Multilingual support for global audience reach.
Various voice settings to customize generated audio.

Use ElevenLabs Ai

What Can You Do With ElevenLab AI?

The ElevenLabs generative AI tool offers a wide range of advanced features that instantly help you create natural-sounding voice files. The following are the features of this high-quality generator.

Text-to-Speech Tool – Generate Speech In Multiple Languages

Text to speech tool

While discussing the features of this platform, you can use it to generate human-like speech with your words. All you need to do is provide your text to AI. The platform offers you multiple AI synthetic voices that you can use according to your preferences.

In addition, when you sign up on this platform, you can access more than 1000 free voices from its voice library. Also, it allows you to transform your AI-generated voices into multiple languages. This voice clone also enables you to adjust the tone of your generated audio file.

The AI of this audio-generating platform is super intelligent, as it understands every aspect of your content. Whether it is contextual awareness or generating high-quality audio files, Eleven Labs has you covered with its audio synthesis.

Voice Modification AI controls

This magnificent feature can be used to create voiceovers for your various projects. Users can also adjust the settings of their generated audio files with this feature. The platform enables you to refine the stability, tone, and pitch of the generated audio. 

In addition, the platform also offers you text speech API to add AI voices to your personal applications or programs.

Speech-To-Speech AI Voice Changer

For those who are looking for an exclusive way to transform their own voices into another character, the speech-to-speech feature is for them. Unlike other voice-changing tools, this platform offers you granular control over emotions, nuance preservation, and maintaining quality.

Speech to speech voice generator

It means the AI gives you high-quality speeches in which every tone inflection, pause, and emotional quality is preserved. All you need to do is to upload voice samples to this platform. The AI then processes your spoken audio and generates instant, natural-sounding speech accordingly.

Whether you are a podcaster, a video translator, a sound robotic engineer, or a Game Developer, this feature helps you to achieve high voice quality for various applications. 

Note: Make sure to upload one minute of audio file without any background noise for idea results.

VoiceLab – Voice Cloning

AI Voice Lab to clone your voice

Another feature of ElevenLabs is VoiceLab. It allows you to create new AI voices using your recordings. In addition, you can also record a clone of your voice and train the AI to transform it into other characters. This AI’s powerful learning capabilities and natural language processing abilities enable it to make this happen.

The Voice cloning feature of this platform uses English v1, multilingual v1, and multilingual v2 which enables it to understand every aspect of your sample voice and provides you instant voice cloning. Users can also remove any kind of background noise from their voice clone files.

AI Voice Library

AI voice library

Another feature that you can use to make your words more attractive is the ElevenLabs Voice Library. It is a valuable resource that contains pre-built voice models. You can choose randomly generated voices and use them in your projects without recording your audio.

In addition, using the voice library feature, you can save the time and effort of recording a new voice. You can also recreate or fine-tune new randomly generated voices in this library with high-quality voice output. The voice library feature is a repository of recorded voices that you can use resiliently.


AI Voice Lab to clone your voice

Another feature of ElevenLabs is VoiceLab. It allows you to create custom voice models using your recordings. In addition, you can also record a clone or copy of your voice and train the AI to transform your text into your voice. This approach lets you get your text ready in your voice without actually reading it. This AI’s powerful machine learning capabilities and natural language processing abilities enable it to make this happen.

In addition, whether you are running businesses seeking to establish unique brand voices or individuals who wish to personalize their virtual assistant experiences, this feature enables you to achieve your goals in a matter of seconds by allowing you the opportunity to tailor the voice to align perfectly with your brand identity.

In addition, the VoiceLab feature also enables you to generate your desired tone’s voice from scratch. Due to the training of ElevenLab’s algorithm over an enormous number of data, there are so many types of voices, accents, and tonalities that you can fluctuate with different provided tools and create your voice without recording it.

Projects – Create E-Books in Natural sounding voices

Projects for E-book creation

Another remarkable feature of this platform is Projects which is a simplified tool for creating audiobooks. It uses the deep algorithms to achieve high-quality voice goals for your e-book. In this feature, you will get lots of controls that will help you to get the desired results.

The AI of this feature understands the importance of audio quality. To ensure that, it allows you a single click conversion, the ability to regenerate selected fragments, and save progress. You can use more than 29 different international languages to create audiobooks for global audience.

It also accept different text file formats, such as .epub, .txt, and .pdf, and others and convert them into long-form spoken audio.

Moreover, you can use multiple chatbot voice recordings, voices for your games in multiple languages, and many others. So, we can say that this smart AI text-to-speech platform enables you to have all your needs to be fulfilled in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of Using Eleven Labs AI

Here is the Elevenlabs review of its benefits for better understanding.

Efficient Voice Audio Content Generation

One of the most beneficial elements of using EleveLab’s artificial model is that you can effectively create fresh, one-of-a-kind audio content. With the help of its advanced AI technology, you can generate various audio in different types of accents, tones, and languages.

Time and Cost Savings

In every business model or personal purpose, saving time and cost are two main elements to get your desired results. Here, the ElevenLabs platform comes with a handy approach that allows you to save your efforts to record your voice and allows you to transform it into different accents.

Allows You To Enhance Your Customer Experience

The cloning and voice-generating features provided by ElevenLabs AI can significantly enhance your customer interactions. These functions enable you to deliver personalized and authentic communication, improving customer experiences.

How ElevenTabs Is Emerging In Different Companies?

With many handy features and aids for humans, the ElevenLabs proved its worth in many fields and companies. For example, you may have interacted with Google, and they have taken advantage of ElevenLabs AI, which enables text-to-speech tools to create strikingly human voices.  

Now, they can easily beat up audio content that mimics the natural rhythm of human speech. It is a considerable time-saving advancement in content production. In addition, this innovation has shown fresh business opportunities to connect with their audiences through personalized, lifelike audio content.

It doesn’t stop here!

Another fascinating use of ElevenLabs AI lies in its ability to replicate the unique voices of a company’s top executive, such as the CEO. Various organizations are using CEO voice cloning for personalized approaches to craft messages and announcements.

Pricing Details

Elevenlabs review of pricing

After discussing magnificent features that you can use to transform your words into impactful speeches, you might wonder how to get this magnificent AI tool. The ElevenLabs platform allows you to choose many tires based on different features, prices, and a free trial version. With the help of a free trial, you can explore this helpful and super-fast AI tool and try different features of it. In the following section of our discussion, you will get a detailed overview of the pricing models of the ElevenLabs artificial intelligence platform. So, let us explore it.

Free Plan

Free plan

The free subscription model is Ideal for hobbyists exploring speech synthesis. You do not have to pay any price as it is a free subscription model and allows you to use the following features.

  • Speech Synthesis (Non-commercial License)
  • Up to 10,000 characters per month
  • Creation of up to 3 custom voices
  • Random voice generation with Voice Design
  • Speech generation in 28 languages
  • API Access

Starter Plan

Starter plan

This subscription model is perfect for creators interested in VoiceLab and more content creation for their social media content or others. In addition, if you buy it for the first time, you can avail 80% discount in the first month, and then you have to pay $5 per month.

In addition, you will get all the same features as in the free trial and some additional features, such as:

  • 30,000 characters per month
  • You will get up to 10 custom voice creation
  • Commercial License 
  • Will get Instant access to the Voice Cloning feature

Creator Plan

most popular plan

The creator plan is designed for content creators looking for compelling narration and professional voice cloning. With this subscription model, they can skyrocket their productivity and efficiency. 

You just have to pay $11 per month on your first purchase, and then you will need to pay $22/month for the following features. 

  • You will get every feature that is in the Starter Plan
  • A 100,000 total characters will be provided to use, which turns into a 2-hour-long audio clip. 
  • You will get 30 custom voice creation 
  • You will also get professional voice cloning (PVC) of your voice
  • 96kbps high-quality audio outputs
  • In addition, you can also get an additional 1000 characters at $0.30

Pro Plan

pro plan

This subscription model is mainly for independent authors, editors, and publishers who aim to engage with their vast audience through audio clips. You can get this subscription model at $99 for a month.

Along with all the features of the previous plan, the following are the features you can enjoy after buying the independent publisher plan of ElevenLabs AI. 

  • 500,000 total characters per month, which turns into a 10-hour-long audio clip
  • Ability to create up to 160 custom voices
  • A dashboard for usage analytics
  • 44.1kHz PCM audio output via API
  • Liberty to get 1000 additional characters at $0.20

Scale Plan

Scale Plan

This subscription tire suits all the growing publishers and companies that require high discounts and quotations for their customized plans. The starting price of this model is $330 per month, including the Independent Publisher Plan and the following features:

  • You will get 2,000,000 total characters per month that can generate approximately 40 hours of generated audio.
  • Liberty to create 660 custom voices
  • Based on your usage, you can also get 1000 characters for $0.18

ElevenLabs AI Promo Codes

Our team has conducted honest research, and after Elevenlabs review, we are confirming that their are no ElevenLabs Ai Promo Codes for now. However, if yuo are purchasing its paid Creator subscription for the first time, you can get a 50% discount from the platform. 

Use ElevenLabs Ai

Ratings On Different Platforms

Our team have done deep evaluation on this text-to-speech platform and found different resources for credibility measurement. On these resources, real-users share their personal experiences with this platform and gave a rating. Let us have a look at its ratings on different platforms

Lovo AI is an advanced tool that allows you to generate hyper-realistic AI voices to captivate your targeted audience.
The platform uses smart technology, and various applications are offered by this AI voice-generating platform.
Speechify is a cutting-edge AI platform for converting your text into engaging audio. It offers you a wide range of voice characters and accents to meet your preferences.
You can download its application and use it on your mobile phone for better accessibility.


  • It offers you automatic transcription facility
  • Enables you to perform editing tasks with your team
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Wide range of playback controls
  • Speech-to-speech recognition
  • It generates subtitles
  • Text-to-speech editing
  • Ability to upload Audio/Video files
  • Additional Features
  • It offers workflow automation with virtual assistants.


  • Convert documents to audio files
  • Reads various formats (web pages, PDFs, docs, etc.)
  • Offline reading via photo feature
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile
  • Available as Chrome/Safari extensions, iOS app, Mac Desktop app, Android app
  • Supports 30+ languages with different voices
  • Includes premium voices like Gwyneth Paltrow, Snoop Dogg
  • API for text-to-speech integration in iOS apps, desktop websites


  • Free & paid subscriptions starting from $24/user/month


  • Free access along with various paid plans starting from $69/month/user


  • G2: 4.4/5
  • Product Hunt: 3.9/5


  • Product Hunt: 4.6/5
  • G2: 4.5/5

AIChief’s Expert Review & Ratings

User Interface4.9
Voice Quality4.8

AIChief Experts have done comprehensive research on this tool, and we found that ElevenLabs AI is a remarkable AI tool. We recommend this AI voice-generating platform to every potential user. Its remarkable features and affordable pricing made us say so. 

From producers to YouTube content creators, this platform can be useful for various users. We also found its interface very friendly and easy to navigate. So, read the above detailed ElevenLabs AI review to get every single detail about it.

Final Thoughts

At the end of our discussion on ElevenLabs AI, we can conclude that it is the most convenient, fast, and efficient platform that allows you to convert your text into appealing audio transform in different tonalities, paces, and languages. 

Whether you are a business owner or a publisher, a social media marketer or an influencer, this tool provides numerous features to make your words more appealing with voice transformation.
So, unleash the power of your words using this text-to-speech AI platform.


What Maximum Amount of Text I Can Generate With ElevenLabs AI?

The number of text that you can generate from your audio is based on your subscription model. For example, free users can generate 2500 characters, and with the paid subscription, you can generate 5000 characters.

What Are the Best Alternatives of AI-Powered ElevenLabs?

Although ElevenLabs is one of the most advanced solutions for text-to-speech transformation AI tools, you can use other reliable options, such as TopMediai, Murf AI, and Synthesia.

What Does ElevenLabs Artificial Intelligence Do?

In simple words, ElevenLabs is an intelligent technology platform that allows you to translate your text into audio and enables you to change its accent and language.

Which Voices ElevenLabs (11 labs) AI Offers?

You can choose multiple options to create an audio of your text with different voices, such as using Marcus, Alex, and Natasha’s voices to make your text more attractive.

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