Best Tools To Create YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

The advancement of artificial intelligence has made lives easier, more efficient, and more productive. For example, watching videos for educational or research purposes could be a time-consuming process, and extracting the key points from a video could be a challenging task for you. Here comes the ChatGPT. It provides you with a YouTube summary and makes it quicker to learn the critical elements of a YouTube video. 

If you are wondering what YouTube video summaries are, What are the best tools for YouTube summaries with ChatGPT? How do they benefit you? What are their limitations? This guide is for you. In this discussion, you will get a detailed overview of the best AI extensions or tools that you can use to summarize any YouTube video and make the most out of it.

create youtube summary with chatgpt

Let’s discuss the following topics in detail.

All About YouTube Summary & GPT Tools

A YouTube summary is a text description of a video that previews video content. In addition, it is a viable way for those who do not want to watch the whole video and need a quick overview for personal reasons. All the information that a YouTube summary consists of describes a video’s main idea. This helps you understand what the creator of this video is trying to convey in its content. 

The importance of YouTube video summary lies in the fact that it attracts the attention of other users, helps you optimize your video, and helps you with a greater reach. Your text in them must summarize YouTube videos in every aspect of your videos.

Isn’t it a time-consuming and hectic process?

Here comes the AI technology, such as YouTube summary with ChatGPT, which provides a remarkable assistant that enables you to generate your video descriptions in seconds.

In the following section, we have presented you with the best AI extensions that help you generate summaries.

5 AI-Powered Chrome Extensions for YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

Let’s discuss some worthy extensions that can help you summarize videos in seconds. With this knowledge, you can reduce your efforts and make your video summarizing process more efficient. 


The YouTube Digest tool is one of the remarkable tools as YouTube video summarizer. It provides you with the ability to adopt the default format of your desired YouTube video. The tool also enables you to customize its default format for summarizing YouTube videos. By default, it presents you with a five-bullet points summary of a video that can be changed from settings.

Youtube Digest AI Summarizer

In addition, the flexibility of changing the summary formats to align with your preferences and needs is extraordinary. Moreover, AI summarize youtube videos have language option that adds an extra layer of personalization to the summarization process. 

Guess what?

One of the best features of this YouTube video summarizer is that it provides you with time stamps for your videos. Thus providing a more granular and efficient approach to comprehending YouTube content for each item of media.

Fireflies – AskFred for Web

AskFred For Web stands out as an innovative Chrome extension that is crafted by the developers at Firefiles. This extension caters to your evolving needs by providing a hassle-free solution for creating comprehensive summaries for long youtube videos.

Whether you want to generate a summary of a short YouTube video or long videos that surpass the 20-minute time duration, there is nothing to worry about.

Fireflies - AskFred for Web

Exciting Features

A standout feature of this AI summary generator is its customization liberties. You are not restricted to predetermined summary lengths or formats, as it allows you to adjust the length of the generated summaries according to your preferences.

In addition, an intriguing feature of AskFred For Web is its ability to highlight keywords within the content that are highly relevant to the video’s topic. The feature aids you in quickly getting the main theme covered in that video.

Lastly, AskFred For Web provides you with a seamless integration of its extension with YouTube that ensures a smooth user experience and eliminates any potential complications.


Another magnificent tool that empowers your summarization process and makes the whole process automated is Eightify. This platform emerges as a cutting-edge free Chrome extension and is powered by the latest GPT technology.

With the help of this AI extension, you will get a dedicated and distinctive Summarize button next to the YouTube Like button. A simple click leads to concise summaries thoughtfully presented on the right side of your screen.

Eightify Youtube Video Summarizer

Unique Features

The tool uses the latest GPT algorithms to generate any video transcript for you instantly. It provides you with the central theme and ideas of a YouTube video in a summary. Furthermore, you will get eight basic points in its default summaries explaining the different attributes of your desired YouTube chapters.

If you want to make your desired settings on this AI extension, the Eightify platform offers you full control over its settings. Moreover, one of the remarkable features of this platform is that it allows you to generate five free summaries of any video and the opportunity to generate three additional summaries each week.

Access to Eightify

You can access the Eightify platform for a lifetime if your videos have less than 30000 views and are 60 minutes longer. This makes it one of the most affordable YouTube summarizers. On the other hand, there are paid models to make your journey more productive and efficient.

ChatGPT – Summarize Everything

In the YouTube summary list with ChatGPT, this AI extension has the most potential. This AI extension effortlessly transforms the summarization process. Once you install this AI extension from Chrome, you will encounter a greeting page of default settings that provides a concise, bullet-pointed summary, perfect for those who prefer briefness.

Moreover, it also gives you the liberty to choose your desired summary format. There are so many other options that you can also customize through settings adjustment to make this AI extension align with your visions. Furthermore, you can also set your language preferences, desired titles, and other relevant details of your article, which makes this AI extension one of the most amazing ones. 

Remarkable Features

Another worthy feature of ChatGPT- Summarize Everything is its integration of a chat tab right next to the summary tab on your Chrome interface. Here, you can seamlessly access ChatGPT directly and ask whatever you have in your mind related to your desired video or article summary.

Moreover, you can also choose the desired language in which you want the ChatGPT- Summarize Everything extension to generate results for you. This liberty breaks the limitations and opens up new horizons of learning opportunities.

Turbo Summarizer

One of the most amazing YouTube summarizer AI extensions is Turbo Summarizer, providing you with summaries instantly without changing the windows. It is an AI-powered Chrome extension that generates quick summaries of YouTube videos.

In addition, the Turbo Summarizer utilizes a cutting-edge natural language processing algorithm to extract the key points from a video and present them in a concise and informative manner. Unlike other summary tools that rely on templates or predefined formats, Turbo Summarizer generates summaries that are tailored to the specific content of each video.

Length of the Generated Summary

Moreover, if you are looking for a summarizer that provides you with a short summary, then this extension will work for you. The Turbo Summarizer’s summaries are typically one to two paragraphs in length, providing you with a quick overview of the video’s content without overwhelming them with unnecessary information. In addition, it also gives you time-stamped summaries with which you can easily locate and receive specific details without rewatching the entire video.

Floating Bar Display

Another remarkable feature of this AI extension is its floating bar display, which can be positioned anywhere on the screen according to your preferences. This allows you to keep the summary in view while watching the video or performing other tasks. Once you are done generating summaries of your desired YouTube video, you can export it in different formats, such as PDF and DOCX, and save them for future purposes.

Now, let us start with how CHatGPT summarizes your videos so that we can cover the main course of this discussion. 

How To Summarize YouTube Video with ChatGPT?

If you are watching a long YouTube video and want to find its key points, then the ChatGPT video summary extension is one of the best tools. Here are the simple steps you need to follow that will lead you to make ChatGPT summaries for your desired YouTube video. 

Step 1:

In the first step, you will need to go to the Chrome Web Store, and on the left side, you will see a search bar. You will need to search for the YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, and after that, click on the Add to Chrome option.

Once you click on the add option, a pop-up option will appear to add an extension to Chrome. Click ‘Add to Chrome,’ and a pop-up will appear tat will confirm your extension addition. 

Search YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude and select Add to Chrome

Step 2: 

After the completion of the YouTube Summary with ChatGPT extension, you will need to go to the desired video that you want to watch and create a summary of that video. After selecting your desired video, click on the Transcript & Summarize option as you can see in the following image.

Select the Transcript & Summary option next to the video

Step 3:

The first icon indicates the View AI Summary icon that will open the  ChatGPT platform in the new tab if you click. The second icon allows you to jump to the desired video section by tracking its time stamp, and the first one allows you to conveniently copy the generated summary of your desired YouTube video. You just need to click on the View AI Summary icon and follow the next step.

Click View AI Summary to open ChatGPT window

Step 4:

Once you click on the View AI Summary option, it will redirect you to the main interface of ChatGPT, where, in a matter of seconds, the AI will generate a captivating summary for you.

ChatGPT will start summarizing the transcript

It also turns your long-form summaries into bullets and makes their sections so that you can navigate to their different sections easily.

ChatGPT summarizes the YouTube video

That is how you can conveniently generate a YouTube summary with ChatGPT.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, YouTube summaries ChatGPT extensions provide you with so many benefits that save you time and effort and let you focus on other important things. The team of AIChief has made it easier for you to learn all about the YouTube summaries extensions. So, read this comprehensive guide and find the best YouTube summary extensions to magnify your productivity exponentially.


How YouTube Summaries can help students?

YouTube summarizers can help students save time by quickly reviewing lecture videos or educational tutorials. In addition, with the help of YouTube summary with ChatGPT, teachers can also help students improve their comprehension by providing a written summary of the material.

Write an application of YouTube summaries for professionals?

One application of this AI extension is that it can help professionals stay up-to-date on industry trends by quickly reviewing product demonstrations, webinars, or conference presentations on YouTube. Additionally, YouTube summaries with ChatGPT extensions can also help professionals prepare for job interviews or presentations by summarizing relevant videos.

How do YouTube summaries help break language barriers?

Learning a new language for various purposes could be a challenging thing for everyone. Here are the YouTube summarizers that help language learners improve their comprehension by providing translations of video summaries. With the ability to generate summaries in different languages, you can learn a new language or topic in a different language easily with the help of your ChatGPT YouTube summarizers.

Is there anything for content creators in YouTube summaries?

YouTube Summarizers serve as a booster for content creators and offer them incredible insights and tools that help them to create content exponentially with all the essential insight of a specific topic through a video summary.

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