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Crafted by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot relying on extensive data and pattern recognition programming to respond to your input adeptly. The ChatGPT gained rapid popularity upon its November 2022 launch. This AI chat bot assistant is based on the GPT-3.5 model.

At the beginning of its launch, it was thought that it would replace humans as writers. Rather than replacing humans, ChatGPT currently functions as a valuable tool helping all of us. It simplifies various intellectual tasks. The versatility of this platform makes it one of the best AI models in the world.


We’ll be covering the following topics in detail.

About the App – The AI Chatbot

You might be wondering about the best ChatGPT apps for iPhone so that you can get the most out of it. You can take advantage of ChatGPT on web to issue commands, ask questions instead of google search, and get responses.

The technology has already proven useful in generating cover letters, brainstorming ideas, blog post, writing for social media platforms, coding, explaining concepts, summarizing texts like news articles, etc. Now what about the app? Do we have its official app? Do various users have access to its ios app that works as remarkable as the official chatgpt app? What about android users?

Here you go.

ChatGPT is accessible directly from OpenAI’s web app. Whereas, many users seamlessly integrate the tool into their workflows using browser extensions or third-party apps built on ChatGPT. Are you wondering about these apps so that you can also seamlessly make your work efficient? This guide will explore some best mobile apps that you can count on.

Let us start to discuss some applications that can be integrated as the iPhone app (from ios app store) and are based on ChatGPT.

Best Chat GPT Applications For iPhone

In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, there are so many advancements going on. AI technology is revolutionizing and changing the traditional ways of performing tasks. Whether it is about generating images, captivating stories, creative inspiration, chatbots, or making customer care services automated, we have an AI tool.

There are so many AI applications that are making these tasks easier, efficient, and more productive. In this section of our discussion, we will discuss some of the best AI apps that you can use on an iPhone and make the most out of them. So, let us start to discuss them. 

Genie – Chat With AI

Genie AI Chatbot

While discussing the best ChatGPT apps for iPhone, Genie comes at the top of our list with advanced features. The app, developed by AppNation, has rapidly gathered over 10 million users in its short span. In addition, the application also got a 4.7 rating from 28,000 users on the Apple App Store, securing the top spot on the store’s list of productive apps as of now.

Moreover, along with the intuitive interface of this platform, it offers you plenty of writing styles. Each writing style suits one or the other user. Thus, making it easier for you to increase your productivity exponentially. It employs image recognition for photos you input, maintains a chat history for easy reference, and have a history icon.

Sharing with this AI chat bot assistant

It also facilitates the sharing of chats with contacts, eliminating the need for numerous screenshots. In addition, with the help of enhancing the conversational experience, Genie can express its responses audibly alongside the text.

Getting Subscription

All advanced features are due to its powerful AI mode, GPT-4, which makes it capable of doing so.  Some people may show a delay in getting their subscription and early access. But overall, this application stands as the best Chat GPT app among other apps. App for your go-to tool so you can transform your ways of performing tasks.

Pricing Model

The platform offered a free version at the start, but not anymore. Now, to use the Genie, you need to pay $14.99 monthly or $69.99 annually with three days of free trial. So, get this application and make your experience of using ChatGPT on iPhone today. 

AI Smith – Your AI Chat Partner

AI Smith Iphone app for chatgpt

AI Smith, an amazing chat companion and a chatgpt app, currently ranks fourth among the most useful ChatGPT apps on the App Store. The app has already gained a substantial user base of 8 million and an outstanding rating of 4.5 from 10,000 iOS users. In addition, the application is created by Vulcan Labs and powered by the advanced GPT-4. 

Exciting Features

The AI Smith application offers a variety of standard ChatGPT features that allow you to make your work super fast and efficient. What sets AI Smith apart is its wide range of chat AI options, in which each AI chat is specialized in unique roles like dream interpreter, plagiarism checker, academic writer, and even comedian. This enables you to make it worthwhile for various applications. Each option has its distinct personality, featuring characters and factual conversation AI characters with a sense of sarcasm.


AI Smith provides only a limited trial, allowing you to exchange just three messages with the AI before deciding on a subscription. If you are looking to use it at its peak productivity, then you will need to buy its monthly subscription, which is priced at $14.99. While an annual commitment will cost you $69.99. For those looking for a long-term solution, there is an opportunity to save with a single lifetime subscription at $79.99.


Genius comes with great productivity and effectiveness. It is a highly-rated app for your iPhone and stands out with an impressive 4.8 rating from over 5,000 users on the App Store. In addition, the Genius app is designed by Alloy Studios, providing you with assistance in your writing tasks and enhancing the overall writing experience.

As the application is based on ChatGPT and GPT-4 AI models, it offers you advanced AI support for various writing tasks. From writing simple work emails to essential speeches, Genius is here for you.

The conversational AI feature goes beyond helping with creative writing by assisting with brainstorming ideas. Moreover, the Genius application also provides you with assistance in checking your content’s grammar and spelling to eliminate errors. However, one drawback is the absence of a dark mode, a feature found in many apps nowadays.

Pricing Model

Like other iPhone apps, Genius requires a paid subscription to unlock its full features. The subscription plan is as simple as a single $14.99 per month, providing a 30-day trial to explore the premium version. This gives you enough time to decide if the app meets your writing needs before committing to a subscription renewal or cancellation.


ChatOn The AI Chatbot

ChatOn, presented by AIBY and powered by GPT-4, is another popular chatgpt application. It provides you with ways to make your experience with ChatGPT on iPhone more remarkable and amazing. With the massive user ratings on the Apple Store, it has secured a position in the top 10 list of productivity apps with an impressive average rating of 4.5 from nearly 5,000 users.

Excellent chat memory

ChatOn goes beyond just regular conversational AI features. It has an extensive chat memory that remembers previous conversation points to provide you with the most accurate answers. This feature helps the AI understand your inputs in context and reminds you of past information.

The speech-to-text function is an exciting addition, allowing you to interact with the AI directly using voice input. In addition, it also saves you time spent on typing your commands. 


ChatOn’s popularity can sometimes lead to server congestion, which results in delays in AI responses. This pause can be frustrating when you need immediate assistance. To navigate this, it is recommended to test the app for a week to evaluate its suitability for your workflow before committing to an annual subscription.


In addition, to get premium access, you will need to pay $8.99 weekly, and for an annual subscription, it will cost you $49.99. So, choose this application according to your workflow needs and preferences.

 Chat AI

Chat AI Chatbot Assistant

Chat AI has earned praise with its outstanding reviews, holding a remarkable 4.8 rating from a user base of 27,000. It is important to mention that the application currently relies on ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo, not the more advanced GPT-4. However, this platform’s work is quite impressive, making it a part of this discussion.

Although AI Chat uses an older AI model, it offers plenty of features that make it worthwhile. Its user-friendly interface creates a comfortable space for iPhone users to interact with the conversational AI. Moreover, if you prefer to use applications in dark mode, AI Chat allows you to explore them in dark mode, which adds an extra layer of exceptional experience to this platform.

A recent update in the application has increased server capacity, which ensures faster loading and responses. This ability allows you to engage extensively with conversational AI in a very simple manner to get your desired results instantly.


On the other hand, when it comes to pricing this AI application, the app provides you with a single subscription tire for $19.99, with which you can explore its premium features to boost your productivity exponentially.


Frank The AI Chat Assistant

In the list of best ChatGPT apps for iPhone, Frank comes with exceptional attributes. It is just like your AI Chat Assistant inspired by OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology, which offers you a variety of powerful and handy features.

Remarkable Features

Powered by ChatGPT search and Chat AI partners, the Frank application ensures you an ad-free search experience, seamless text creation, image generation, and many other things to do that will increase overall working productivity. All these attributes can be accessed with a user-friendly mobile interface that allows you to navigate to its different sections easily. 

In addition, the Frank application is based on Natural Language Processing models of AI that enable it to deliver precise information through your text or voice in over 100 languages worldwide. Whether you are searching for ad-free information, effortlessly generating text and images, or enjoying the convenience of the Frank AI keyboard extension, this advanced ChatGPT app is designed to cater to your needs.


If you are looking forward to using this platform, you will need to pay $9.99 for a basic plan, and for a premium one, it will cost you $19.99 which will allow you to explore this platform at its uttermost potential. 

The above are the best ChatGPT apps for iPhone that you can use to skyrocket your experience of engaging with an AI conversational partner. With the help of the above information, you can choose the best platform that suits your needs and preferences.

Final Thought

At the end of our discussion on the best ChatGPT apps for iPhone, we can say that there are numerous applications available that you can use on iOS. Whether you’re in search of tools to enhance productivity in your digital life, virtual companions, or aids for language learning, there’s an app tailored to your needs.

The team of AIChief has done their research to provide you with tailored advice and gathered the six best applications for you. You can use any of these on your iOS to boost your productivity and increase the efficiency of different tasks. So, read the above discussion and select one of the best AI applications on your iPhone. 


Which One Is the Best ChatGPT App For iPhone?

There is a variety of applications nowadays available for you to engage with AI machine learning models. The selection of an application depends on your needs and preferences. You can check the above ChatGPT apps to use on your iPhone and select the best for you.

Is It Safe To Use ChatGPT Apps on iOS?

Yes, it is safe to use ChatGPT apps on iOS unless they do not require personal information or access to your personal accounts.

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