How to use Freedom GPT – A Beginner’s Guide

The development of artificial intelligence has opened new orders of handiness and flexibility that allow humans to do their tasks efficiently and effectively. This development has changed the ways humans interact with machines.

Freedom GPT is one of the most advanced AI chat platforms that allows you to interact with it for intuitive and exciting conversations to learn and explore. This AI tool enables you to wipe out your boredom conveniently.

You might have used many other AI language models, but the speed, privacy, and the liberty of using it offline are the core attributes of this AI bot. You may be wondering how to use Freedom GPT.

In this guide, you will learn how you can potentially use it, what its capabilities are, and all the other related aspects so that you can use this magnificent AI model to boost your productivity. So, let us start our discussion and make everything easier to understand.

How to Use Freedom GPT

Here’s is the list of topics that we are gonna discuss in this tutorial.

What Is Freedom GPT?

Freedom generative AI

When it comes to discussing the Freedom GPT text generation AI tool, things get vast and productive. This platform offers various key features that no other AI language platform offers.

In addition, the Freedom GPT enables you to download its desktop version on the local machine to experience privacy and fast and provides you with a personalized experience so that you can operate it exclusively with privacy. 

It is one of the best alternatives to the Chat GPT language translation AI platform. One thing that sets FreedomGPT apart from ChatGPT is that you can enjoy it without internet availability. Moreover, the Freedom GPT offers you different AI models that you can use on either the Windows or web version.

You might be wondering about the benefits of using AI chatbots. Keep reading this guide as you will learn about its advantages in the next section. So, let us explore the benefits of using the Freedom GPT AI chatbots.

Benefits of using Freedom GPT

While discussing the benefits of using this AI language model, many come to our attention. The FreedomGPT web version offers the same conversation level as the Chat GPT. However, the difference is that FreedomGPT offers a fully offline mode, while Chat GPT does not.

Benefits of using Freedom GPT

Following is an overview of the benefits of using this magnificent AI language model.

  • You can talk with multiple AI bots without internet access on your personal devices without ethical considerations.  
  • This platform is based on Cloud AI, which enables it to understand human language and generate responses accordingly.  
  • The ability to use it offline makes it one of the most powerful and accessible AI language models you can use without a stable internet connection. 
  • Its desktop version supports Windows and Mac, which makes it more accessible for all users or tech enthusiasts.
  • From creative writing to crafting emails, article writing to generating images, this AI has different models you can engage with to achieve your artistic goals.

Now, let us learn how you can download the desktop app of Freedom GPT with a step-by-step guide. 

How To Download & Use FreedomGPT

While discussing how to use Freedom GPT, the first step towards this matter is to learn how you can download it on your Windows device or Mac. Let us start to learn it.

  • The first step to downloading the Freedom GPT AI platform is to go to their official website and then access the download page from there.
Freedom GPT Download
  • Now, you will find three different options to download its AI bots according to your device’s preferences. Whether you want to use it on its web-based interface or need to use it locally on your computer, whether Windows or Mac, you can choose whatever suits you.
three different options to download this AI model
  • Once you are done with the above step, a pop-up window will appear, ask you for your email address, and notify you that the suitable system specifications for the smooth running of FreedomGPT in your device are 16GB of RAM. Enter your email and proceed to the next step.
Enter Email address
  • In the fourth step, after providing your email address, click on the download button. The downloading process will then start automatically according to your selected program. 
  • If you are a Windows user, an executable file will be downloaded on your device, and for Mac users, a disc image file will be downloaded.
  • Once the FreedomGPT is downloaded, you need to navigate to the downloaded file, follow the installation process, and provide the program’s essential permissions.

The above steps enable you to download the Freedom GPT model on your computer device and allow you to use it conveniently without even having an internet connection.

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How To Use FreedomGPT AI Models?

The above procedure enables you to download the AI model on your devices, and now you might be wondering what the steps are to use this AI platform.

The following is a proper guide for you so that you can use this AI platform easily and conveniently. 

Launch The Downloaded AI Model

Once you are done with downloading the Freedom AI platform, the next step is to launch the application on your computer.

launch the application on your computer

Choose From Different AI Models

After launching the Freedom GPT application, you can choose from many models offered by this AI platform, such as ALPACA 7B FAST, ALPACA 7B FULL, and LLAMA 7B FAST. Select the one that suits your preferences and click on the Download button

models that this AI platform offers

When you click on the download button, it will take a few minutes to complete the process. Wait until it’s done.

Explore The AI Language Model

Once you click on the Select Button for your selected AI model. After that, you will see the main interface of your FreedomGPT AI platform, where you can start your journey to explore this generative platform without access to the internet.

Explore freedom gpt

Freedom GPT makes it easy for you to try out different versions of this magnificent AI model. You can find this option at the top of your interface.

That is how you can use the Freedom GPT platform with a mastery and easy approach to fulfill all your needs, such as generating text for your blogs or asking for any information to boost your knowledge and functions.


At the end of our discussion on how to use Freedom GPT, which AIChief researchers have crafted for you, we can say that it is a straightforward process. For your understanding, we have mentioned each related aspect in the above discussion.

Now, whether you are a tech enthusiast, writer, programmer, or artist, this discussion is for all. Read this guide to start your journey with this remarkable AI platform to boost your productivity and functionalities.


Is FreedomGPT free to use?

The platform offers free access to explore it, but using its AI tools is not completely free. To engage with this conversational AI, you need to buy credits, starting at $10/10000 credits.

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