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Midjourney is one of the latest and most productive artificial intelligence platforms that allows you to create images that are not only stunning but also inspiring. There are many features that are also available while using this magnificent AI image generator. Whether we talk about adjusting the images or upscaling them, all these tasks can also be done on Midjourney. We can say that it is the most compatible AI image-generating platform that enables you to turn your imagination into art pieces.

In addition, the images that you create on that platform are saved in its gallery, a place to get inspired for creating AI images. You can use these images for your personal purposes, and if you have a paid subscription model, you can also use them for branding or commercial purposes. Although Midjoureny is an incredible platform for artificial image creation, there is a limitation, and that is your creativity! And if you are looking for the inspiration to create a masterpiece, Midjourney Gallery is an amazing way to feed your mind about different topics. With the use of this AI image gallery, you can unlock the potential to create images that can inspire others and help you to build your artistic authority.

While using the Midjourney AI platform, there are sometimes you might feel less creative with your artwork. At this time, getting inspiration for images to create could be an effective way to keep creating stunning AI images with the help of Midjourney. To make it convenient for you, we have done research and created a list of multiple resources where you can get inspired and create images on Midjourney AI easily. In this blog, you will find our five most amazing resources to feed your mind that will enable you to generate AI images exponentially. So, let us start to explore things and make them handy for us to use. 

Inspirational Resources for Midjourney Art Creation

Midjurney allows its users to generate images, and these images are saved in its gallery. The Midjourney gallery, referred to as the Community Showcase, allows users to explore different AI images that are created by the other users on the mIdjourney platform. This would be a great way to get inspired by the art pieces that are on the community showcase of Midjourney. In this section, we will explore the Midjourney gallery along with other resources to get inspired for AI image creation. So, let us start to explore.

Midjourney Gallery – An Official Community Showcase

The Midjourney Gallery, known as Community Showcase, is a great resource for users to browse the most popular and trending images generated by other users. Here, you can go through various AI images that are created by the other users on the Midjourney platform. In addition, you can see the model used to generate the image, as well as the text prompt that was used to create that masterpiece. However, it’s important to note that even if you use the same prompt as an image in the gallery, your generated image may look very different due to the vast range of potential outcomes for Midjourney prompts.

To minimize the difference between your image and the inspiration image, Midjourney AI offers a seed parameter, which is a defined starting point used by the specific model to generate images. Using the same seed and prompt, you can produce nearly identical images with minor variations. But, to find the seed number of your selected inspirational image, you will need to use social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. It is so because the Midjpourney Showcase did not provide this information.

When it comes to discussing the limitations of this gallery, there is only one, and that is that you can not directly copy the text prompt that is caused to generate your desired inspiration image. The reason for that is that this feature is only available for paid users in the Midjourney community feed. Despite this matter, the Community Showcase is still a valuable resource for inspiration and to see what others are creating with Midjourney.

Community Feed Of Midjourney

If you want to get access to the Midjourney community feed, it is compulsory to become a paid subscriber of it. This magnificent gallery comes equipped with a variety of filters and search options that are not available to non-subscribers. The filters include options such as ‘rising’ and ‘hot’ images, which allow you to discover the most popular and trending content on the platform.

In addition, the most convenient feature of the community feed is the ability to copy the entire text prompt for any image that catches your eye. Moreover, you will also find more information about the generated images by clicking on any of the feed’s images, which includes parent generation, which refers to the four-image grid generated initially by the Midjourney AI platform.

Furthermore, this view also displays additional Midjourney commands used in the prompt of user projects, such as aspect ratio and model version. This information can be incredibly useful for those who are interested in learning more about the platform and its capabilities. By clicking on any of the comma-separated phrases, you can view other Midjourney generations that used the same terms. This feature is particularly handy for those who are searching for specific types of content or looking to explore a particular theme.

Deviant Art Gallery: An Amazing Mind Booster

Are you aware that Deviant Art serves as a social network that caters specifically to artists? It is a fantastic platform for art enthusiasts to explore and discover new artists and their works, boasting over 60 million registered users. However, some users, such as Midjourney, have recently voiced their concerns about the increasing number of AI-generated art that is being posted on the site. 

The Midjourney community, in particular, has expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of original prompts in most of these posts. Despite this matter, Deviant Art is still one of the best platforms that allows you to explore various AI image ideas and enables you to become more enthusiastic about making AI art pieces. 

It is important to note that while AI-generated art has its own merits and can certainly be appreciated, it still lacks the human touch that is unique to traditional art forms. That is why be optimistic while feeding your mind with exceptional AI-generated pictures to get more ideas and be inspired by what others are creating with the help of these magnificent AI image-generating tools.

Art Station: Where Creativity Begins

Art Station is a wonderful platform for artists to showcase their portfolios and even sell their digital things, such as images, to others for commercial or personal use. It’s a great place to discover new talent, which will be blown away by the level of creativity and skill that you will see on this site. One thing that’s really interesting about the Art Station platform is that you may have seen the term “trending on Art Station” appear in some Midjourney prompts. This is because the platform is so popular among artists who use AI-powered tools like Midjourney to create their work.

If you’re looking for images that were created using Midjourney specifically, you can easily filter your search by clicking on add a filter, selecting software, and then clicking on Include Midjourney. This feature is especially helpful if you’re interested in seeing how different artists have used this tool to create unique and stunning pieces of art. It’s worth noting that, like Deviant Art, many of the posts on Art Station don’t include the original Midjourney prompt or seed. Even so, the display of talent and creativity here does not detract from its incredible value.

In addition, another interesting thing about Art Station is that many of the AI-generated images have been enhanced using other tools like Photoshop or Blender. This just goes to show how AI-powered tools can work hand-in-hand with other software to create truly amazing pieces of art. Overall, ArtStation is a fantastic resource for you who loves art, whether you’re an artist or simply someone who enjoys admiring beautiful and creative works of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Midjourney Images Protected by Copyright?

No, all the images that are created by the Midjourney AI paid subscription pose General Commercial Terms, which state that AI-generated images cannot be copyrighted by anyone.

Is Midjourney Gallery Public?

The Midjourney Gallary is publically available, and if someone knows your Midjourney username, they can access your images and can access your generated images; until you have Stealth Mode, nobody can access your Gallary.

How Can I See My Midjourney Gallery?

To see your Midjourne Gallary, you just need to log in to your account. You will see your AI-generated images by default on your home screen.


At the end of our discussion on Midjourney Gallery exploration, we can conclude that there are so many resources other than Midjourney Community Feed that allow you to get inspiration to generate stunning AI images. Whether we talk about the Art Station or Deviant Art galleries, all these are the best resources for you to find images that can feed your mind with new ideas, and you can create more optimistic and trending AI images according to your perception. So, read this blog to get a deep dive into the AI image world and get resources for mindblowing AI image ideas.

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