Midjourney Free Trial – How To Get It?

The world is now facing a boom in artificial intelligence and this advancement is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Whether we talk about creating a song of love or discuss the matter of creating eye-catching images, the advancement of artificial intelligence gets over with remarkable speed. In addition, when we come to talking about creating AI images, the Midjourney AI tool comes at the top of the list. It is a dynamic AI platform that allows you to create images of your dreams without any involvement of pencil or paper, with the help of its complex AI machine learning and the data that it is trained on.

The Midjourney AI is not only used for your personal use, but also for marketing, branding, and many more along with stunning graphic designs. Do you want to know about the Midjourney free trial? What are the limitations of this free subscription? How to jailbreak it to get a free subscription forever? Well, if you are eager to know about all these scenarios to be answered, then you are in the right place.

In this blog. You will learn about the Midjourney free-of-cost trial subscription model, different subscription models, limitations of the trial period, and all the other related aspects to this matter. So, let us roll on and make everything easy to understand.

An Overview of Midjourney Free Trial

While talking about the Midjourney AI free trial, there are so many assumptions about it but, here is the accurate information for you. The Midjourney AI offers a free trial period to its users to enjoy this magnificent platform to generate images for their personal use. In this free trial model, you will get 25 jobs on the go from which you can create images for that many times.

In addition, you can also upscale your AI images, create their grids, and generate your AI-powered image variations. We can say that the Midjourney platform allows its users to explore the possibilities that this platform offers you. It will be a great opportunity for those who want to test it and decide to get its paid subscription. 

Furthermore, there are some limitations that you have to face. In the next section, you will get an overview of Midjourney’s free trial limitations. Let us explore them.

Midjourney Free Trial Limitations

As Midjourney have the interest of millions of users, to make their services better and limited for users, they offer twenty-five consecutive jobs that you can use to create images with the help of artificial intelligence. When you give a text command to the Midjourney bot, it coins it as a single job. Once you use all your jobs, you have to buy their paid subscription model that allows you to create AI images on the go. 

In addition, you can also not get access to some advanced features such as stealth mode and relax mode that are only for paid subscribers. Moreover, you can not use free-trail version images for commercial purposes or marketing as it is against the policy of their free version subscription.

There are three subscription tires that Midjoourney allows you to choose from. Basic, Standard, and Pro are the subscription models that you can get at $10, $30, and $60 per month respectively. Well, to have your back, we have mentioned a way to jailbreak a free version of the Midjourney AI image generator. In the next section, you will find out the way to bypass the Midjourney AI tool to use it forever. Here is the way forward.

Certain advanced features, such as stealth mode and relax mode, are only available to paid subscribers.

How To Jailbreak Midjourney Free Trail?

When it comes to bypassing the Midjourney AI image generator free trial version, there is a way that you can take to get it. To join Midjourney, everyone needs to associate it with their Discord account. Here is the tip! If you want to use the Midjourney AI free trial version again, you just need to change your Discord account association. 

It is normal for a user to have multiple Discord accounts and that is your key to getting the free trial version of Midjourney again to create stunning images. there is only one thing you must keep in mind and that is, that having multiple Midjourney AI platform accounts is against its terms of service. So, if you have a Discord account and that is in your spare, then you can reset bypass or jailbreak your Midjouirney free trial version and can create AI images conveniently.

How To Get Free Midjourney AI Access?

After getting the information about the jailbreaking free version of the Midjourney AI subscription, it is time to discuss how to subscribe to it. In this section, you will find out these steps with full guidance so that you can access this magnificent AI image generator. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the free trial version subscription of Midjourney AI. 

Create a Discord Account

The first step is to create an account on the Discord platform. If you don’t have a Discord account yet, don’t worry! Simply visit the Discord website and follow their easy instructions to create one.

Join the Midjourney Discord Server

Now, you need to go to your Discord account, use the search bar, find “Midjourney,” and select its official server. Joining is as simple as that!

Dive into the Action

That is all you need to do! Once you’ve done the above steps, you are now a part of the Midjourney server, it’s time to get creative. Try out the /imagine command to craft new images, upscale your visuals, or craft variations of the masterpieces that you have created.

That is how you can start your Midjourney free trial and start your journey to become a creative AI image generator exponentially.

What Happens When Your Free Trial Ends?

As we have mentioned, there are some limitations that you can face while using the Midjourney cost-free version. It only allows you to use 20 jobs, which could be less for you to show your creativity with this AI image generator. That is why once your credit goes down, you can do two things. The first is to get its paid version to continue exploring its limits to create stunning AI images and the second thing you can do is to buy fast hours credit from their official website to continue your journey. With these two approaches, you can enhance your productivity and restart creating AI images without any interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Midjourney Be Used For Free?

The Midjourney AI image generator can be used for free as you can use 25 consecutive jobs in this free version to create stunning images.

Can You Use Midjourney For Free After A Trial?

There are two ways to use it after its free version: buying extra fast hours from their official site or creating a new Discord account to restart or bypass the Midjourney free trial. 

What Is The Best Free Ai Like Midjourney?

The best alternative to Midjourney AI is Jasper Art AI which allows you to create your digital art pieces for free from scratch.


From the above discussion on the Midjourney free trial, we can conclude that the platform allows its users the convenience of performing 25 jobs on the go. With the above talk, you can also learn how you can get the free version of Midjourney and how you can bypass its free trial to use it again and again. So, whether you want to create magnificent and attractive digital images powered by AI or need to learn about the limitations of using this artificial intelligence image generator, this discussion covers every aspect related to its pricing too. So, read that blog and inspire your creativity with essential and accurate information about Midjourney subscription models.

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