Caktus AI Not Working – How to Fix It in 4 Steps

The advancement of artificial intelligence makes people more efficient and productive as they are embracing it with open hands. This massive embracement and usage of multiple AI software, such as Caktus AI, at a time, is putting a lot of pressure on their servers. 

That potential reason, one of many, can be a cause of the Caktus AI not working. At this time, you might have to wait for its proper re-functioning or contact their support team. 
In addition, this AI writing assistant is one of the most famous alternatives of ChatGPT that is facing a lot of interaction by users. It offers you many advanced features as the ChatGPT AI machine learning model does.

Caktus AI allows you to make your text-generating functions not only automated but also helps you improve your personal skills. Millions of people are interacting with this masterpiece artificial intelligence model due to its versatile content generation capabilities. 

Sometimes, you might see that your Caktus AI not working properly, as there could be many potential reasons for that. As the platform allows you to master your content-generating projects, there is a versatile range of people who are getting aid from this web-based innovative platform. Due to the large number of usage, many people are facing the same issue. 

What to do then?
At this time, you must know how you can fix the software to keep your productivity boosted. Well, if you are also facing such problems and wonder about possible ways, then do not look further because we got you.

Caktus Ai Not Working

In this guide, you will find out the following things for a better experience on Caktus AI

Caktus AI Working Model

When spotlighting how this smart application works, things get so interesting and exciting. It is a web-based smart model that consists of machine learning. It allows you to get aid in crafting their assignments, emails, and personal statements. In addition, they can also craft job proposals, essay writing, and all other written content formats.

But how?

All because of the generative approach that allows you to make your content-generating workflows faster with a user-friendly interface. With the great potential of academic aids, many students and scholars are using this machine learning model.

Overview of Caktus AI Capabilities

Although several smart apps make multiple content-generating tasks easy and efficient, Caktus AI has caught every student’s and others’ interest. After providing your desired instructions, you have to choose your writing style.

It doesn’t stop here!

It will write content for you that will be high-quality and unique. Many features make it so popular, but the top-of-the-line feature is that it adopts your article writing style. This approach provides you with outputs that resonate with your requirements. 

All these attributes empower millions of learners to interact with it. With different scripting styles, you can achieve your diverse content-generating goals.

Here is a list of its key attributes:

  • Enable you to prepare your papers
  • Generate articles in seconds
  • Change the style of your content
  • Generate essays
  • Solve math word problems while preparing for papers.

For detailed overview of of its capabilities, check out this article: Features of Caktus AI – Boost Your Writing Projects!

Why Do Caktus AI Tools Get Stuck Sometimes? Potential Reasons

While this platform provides you with many content-related smart tools that allow you to get your assignment or research work done, it attracts many other writers and students to engage with that forum.
Like any other platform, you can also find some hiccups while using that platform for various reasons. In this section, you will find these reasons why you can face the scenario in which you face malfunctions. 

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Poor Connection

poor internet connection

For all your online needs, whether you want to browse for news or use the Caktus AI platform, you need only one thing. And that is a stable internet connection that ensures your connectivity to the outside of the world. Make sure you have a secure and stable internet connection. 

Your Outdated Browser

Outdated search engine

To keep your browsing smooth and harmonized, it is essential to have an updated web browser. An outdated browser can cause compatibility issues while using this writing app. 

Server Breakdown Due To High Demand

Server breakdown

Sometimes, bulk users get engaged with this smart generative tool, which increases the pressure on its server. This scenario can also be the reason for malfunctioning while using this platform.

Subscription Expiry

expired subscription

The Caktus is a paid tool that allows you to make your writing easier and more effective. Initially, the platform provided a free trial.

If you are still using that free version, it will surely be stuck, as there is no free subscription available now. Due to that reason, you might see that your application is not working correctly.

Read Also: How To Cancel Caktus AI Subscription?

Web Surfer’s Cache or Cookies

Clear Cache and cookies

While using a web surfer, it continuously collects cached files and cookies, gets corrupted over time, and can affect access to some websites. This could be why your application started working inappropriately on your Web Explorer. Use this hack, as it will increase your application life.

Plugins That Added To Your Web Navigator

expired plugins

We use many add-ons or plugins in our browsers to make our experience more effective. But, sometimes, they might be the reason for interrupting some websites, such as in your case.

The above are the potential reasons that you are facing malfunctioning of your article generator tool.

Now, let us discuss how you can fix them with a straightforward approach.

What Should You Do When Caktus AI Not Working?

When it comes to discussing how you can fix your Caktus AI application, things get so versatile as there are so many solutions for this matter.

In this section of our discussion, we will explore them in detail. So, let us explore them for your better future interactions.

Clear the Caches and Cookies Of Your Browser

The first way to fix your Caktus AI is by clearing your browser’s caches. With so many saved cookies and caches, your browser can face inappropriate working. That is why you should clear them all by following these simple steps:

  • Open your browser; we are discussing Chrome. Click on the three horizontal lines that you can find at the top-right corner of your browser. 
  • Click on that icon and then go to your browser settings. 
browser settings
  • Once you are in Settings, click on the Privacy and Security option and then click on the Clear browsing data option. 
clear browning data
  • When you click on the above option, a pop-up window will appear where you need to Check all the boxes and then click the button to Clear data.
Clear data

That is how you can clear the caches and cookies of your Chrome browser for a better experience on Caktus AI.

Disable Extensions

So many extensions available nowadays offer you more functionalities in your workings. But over time, they can be harmful to you as they start to store scraped data. 

At this time, you must remove them from your Chrome browser. Following is the second method that will make your article-generating experience more productive.

  • Open your web browser (Chrome) and then go to the Google Extension store, or you can search this: chrome://extensions/
Chrome Extensions
  • There, you will find all the extensions you downloaded on your browser. Detect the malfunctioning extension and disable it by just toggling it off. 
  • Keep doing so until your Caktus starts working properly.

That is how you can detect and remove non-productive or malfunctioning extensions.   

Reset Your Browser

If you are facing a problem while using Caktus AI, resetting your web browser could be helpful for making it functional. You just need to click on the three horizontal lines on your browser and go to your browser settings.

Restore settings to their default

You will see multiple options on your left side. Scroll down and find the Reset and Clean Up option and click on it. A confirmation notification will appear on your screen. Confirm it and hit the Reset Settings button. That’s how you can make your Caktus AI more functional. 

Contact Caktus AI Support

If none of the above suggestions resolve the issue, it could be a problem with the Caktus AI app. In this case, report the issue through their social media account addresses, such as their Twitter account, or email them at their official mail address. 

In addition, while you are connecting with them, write your proper details, such as when you first noticed the issue, how long it has been going on, and any other relevant information to ensure a quick response. 
That is how you can fix your Caktus AI and make it more functional. Perform the above solutions and turn your overwhelming experience into a harmonized one.


From the above discussion on Caktus AI not working, many potential reasons can cause malfunctioning of your AI model. Luckily, we have discussed every aspect of this topic and solutions to this problem. So, read this guide, make understanding the dysfunctions easier, and learn how to fix them quickly.

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