Top 5 ReImagine Home Alternatives

Are you going to buy a home and need assistance redesigning it without paying extra money to interior designers? Here are the AI-powered interior and exterior design tools that will help you achieve your decor goals instantly and affordably. 

You must have heard of ReimagineHome AI, which allows you to redesign any kind of place that you have in your home. Whether you want to upscale your garage, kitchen, living room, or dining room, this AI-powered home design platform covers you. 

In this discussion, we will explore this artificial intelligence interior designer and the Reimagine home alternatives in detail. We will learn different traits of real estate interior designer software to find the best from them. 

So, let us start to explore the Reimagine Home platform first, and then we will discuss its alternatives.

reimagine home alternatives

Following are the areas we will cover in this article:

A Quick Overview of Reimagine Home AI

ReimagineHome AI

Reimagine Home AI is one of the most versatile platforms that allows you to transform your visions into reality. It enables you to turn your places into captivating sight with the aid of artificial intelligence. The platform offers you a variety of features that enables you to achieve your real estate goals.

From interior designs to exterior, virtual staging to AI enhancement, it provides you with a variety of AI tools. In addition, for those who want to get innovative ideas for their rooms, kitchens, or any other spaces, ReimagineHome AI is a reliable source.

The following are its features that will help you understand its capabilities.


  • Wall Transformations

This feature helps you visualize how a new coat of paint or a different wallpaper would look on your walls. It allows you AI-powered interior design to experiment with various colors, patterns, and textures to find the perfect match for your style.

  • Ceiling Revamp

Reimagine Home AI also enables you to examine how a different ceiling design could transform your space. You can explore different options, such as coffered ceilings, exposed beams, or even a fresh coat of paint.

  • Flooring Makeover

The platform allows you to instantly see how new flooring materials, colors, and patterns would impact the overall feel of your room. You can also choose from a variety of options, such as hardwood, tile, carpet, or even vinyl flooring, from its gallery.

  • AI-Powered Staging

Another remarkable feature is that it allows you to breathe life into empty rooms or enhance the visual appeal of furnished spaces with AI-powered virtual staging. This approach helps real estate agents sell a property or showcase a rental space to customers.

  • Exterior Enhancements

Along with the interior AI tools, the platform also offers a range of options for exterior design. You can experiment with virtual lawn improvements, pool additions, or pathway modifications to make your space more captivating.

5 Best Reimagine Home Alternatives

In this discussion section, we will explore Reimagine Home alternatives to discover various possibilities. So, let us start to explore them and increase the potential of redesigning processes.

HomeDesignsAI – An AI-Powered Interior Design Solution


In the list of  Reimagine Home alternatives, HomeDesigns AI comes at the top of our discussion of its remarkable abilities. This web-based AI interior design platform offers you the most intuitive and user-friendly interface to generate your dream space designs. 

The HomeDesigns AI claims to turn any of your desired places into a captivating sight with just a few clicks. From professional designers to real estate marketing agents, this platform provides an exceptional way to craft your personal ideas into reality.
But how can you transform your empty spaces into lively ones?

Well, it will take a few clicks from you! First, select the model, such as Interior, exterior, or gardens. Then, upload a photo of your place. Finally, select the different architectural elements, such as room type, mode, design style, number of designs, and AI intervention. 

Once you have completed the above two steps, you will need to hit the button Generate New Design after selecting the public or private gallery option. The platform will then convert your desired image into your preferred interior or exterior design. 

The HomeDesigns AI offers you an exclusively fast and reliable way to turn any dull space into a lively one. It also offers you a variety of pre-made interior, exterior, and garden designs for new design ideas. 

Now, let us start to explore its features for comprehensive understanding.


  • Beautiful Redesign and Stunning Transformations

With the Beautiful Redesign feature, HomeDesigns AI enables you to effortlessly refresh the look of your home, both interior and exterior. Whether you are aiming for a modern, minimalist style or a cozy or traditional vibe, this tool provides various design options to suit your preferences.

  • Creative Redesign for Interiors and Exteriors

Creative Redesign gives AI the freedom to explore more artistic and royalty-free design ideas for your space. This feature allows you to generate unique and eye-catching transformations that set your home apart.

  • Fill The Room with Furniture and Decorations

The HomeDesigns AI also enables you to visualize how your space will look with different furniture arrangements, which is made easy with Fill The Room. So, experiment with various layouts and furnishings until you find the perfect combination to complement your home’s aesthetic.

  • Virtual Staging and Furniture Showcase

Decor Virtual Staging feature allows you to create and showcase your furniture and decor in different design settings, providing a professional decorator’s touch. This feature helps interior designers to envision how their existing items will fit into various design schemes.

  • Worldwide AI Furniture Finder

Another remarkable feature of HomeDesigns AI is that it allows you to simplify the process of finding the perfect furniture pieces. For this purpose, it uses AI technology to identify objects in images and provide you with instant purchase links.

This feature makes it convenient to shop for items that match your design vision, whether you’re using generated images or uploading your own.


HomeDesigns AI Pricing

The HomeDesigns AI is not a free tool; you must purchase a paid subscription. The platform offers three different plans: Individual, Pro, and Pro Yearly, which cost $27/month, $29/ month, and $197 yearly, respectively. Choose the subscription plan that suits your artistic needs.

Note: You can cancel your subscription at any time with HomeDesigns AI.

Design Sense AI – Elevate Your Interior Design Concepts With AI

AI Interior Design

If you are looking for an AI-powered platform that offers you multiple AI tools to create stunning design styles, then DesignSense AI is the right choice for you. This interior design software utilizes generative AI to convert your photo of room types into your design inspiration.

The platform offers an intuitive interior design interface that enables you to conveniently achieve your design projects. It also has an exclusive range of features that enable users to generate personalized design concepts with just a few clicks. All you need to do is perform three simple steps.

Upload photos of your room type, select your desired style from the extensive library, and hit the generate button to get a photo of your room with architectural elements. This AI-powered interior design app enables you to achieve your interior design goals with just a few clicks. 
It doesn’t stop here!

This Reimagine home alternative enables you to utilize artificial intelligence to construct your interior or exterior design from scratch. All you need to do is to provide a description of your design. Its image generator will generate stunning designs and outdoor patios according to your design preferences.

Now, let us check out its features for better understanding.


  • Image Uploading Ability

The platform allows you to experience the power of its artificial intelligence by generating your dream design. To do so, start by uploading a photo of your room. Make sure it’s clear and bright, taken from a good angle facing a wall or window.

  • Variety of Design Styles

The Design Sense AI allows you to be more creative while using this platform by offering an exclusive library of stunning designs. You can choose from various design styles, such as minimalist, modern, classic, or bohemian, that suit your room or other space. The Design Sense AI uses your selected style to inspire the virtual makeover of your room in a photo.

  • Ability to Preview Your Generated Images

After the selection of your desired design style, the AI will transform your photo according to your design preferences. In addition, before generating a final image, the Design Sense AI platform also enables you to see how your room will look after the makeover with a preview feature.

  • Multiple AI-Powered Design Options

For those users who are not satisfied with their generated image, Design Sense AI lets them explore more by providing additional design options based on their chosen style. This opens endless possibilities and helps you find the perfect fit for you.

  • Video Creation

In its paid subscription model, the Design Sense tool offers you to generate your design with video creations for better understanding. This feature offers a dynamic view of your redesigned space, allowing you to experience the special layout and overall ambiance more effectively.

  • Collaboration Tools

Another amazing feature of this REimagine Home alternative is that it offers you collaboration tools to create stunning design ideas with your team. This collaboration enables users to speed up the interior design process and eliminate any learning curve for the rest of the team members.

Note: Design Sense AI also offers an accessibility application. This mobile application enables you to generate captivating homes for free anywhere.


Design Sense AI Pricing

The Design Sense offers you free account access to its user-friendly interface to generate personalized designs. In addition, it also offers you Pro and Premium paid plans at a price of $9.99/month/user and $39.99/month/user, respectively. 

These paid plans include different themes and features that help you to streamline your design processes.

DecorAI – Unlock The Get Personalized Design Concepts

DecorAI Create Stunning Interior Design In Seconds

Decore AI is one of the most advanced AI generative modern platforms that allows you to generate high-quality design ideas in seconds. This AI-powered tool offers you a user-friendly interface that simplifies your design process.

In addition, it provides a dedicated library where you can explore various interior design templates for brainstorming ideas. This interior design platform is super fast to use. All you need to do is add your desired photo or sketch to DecoreAI. The AI will analyze all the architectural elements.
After that, the DecorAI will generate high-quality interior design ideas for your space in a matter of seconds. This user-friendliness makes it a versatile AI image generator for various home design applications. The following is a list of users who can get most of its benefits.

  • Interior Design Agencies
  • Interior Designers
  • Homeowners
  • Furniture retailers


  • The platform allows you to create and upload AI-powered sketches for interior design conversion.
  • It also offers you many customization tools with which you can customize furniture, decor, and design styles of your dream room.
  • For those who want to get an exclusive way to get their design concepts ready, DecoAI offers photorealistic 3D rendering of interior design.
  • DecorAI also offers you a variety of room-style templates that make your design process easy.
  • To achieve personalized design ideas, you can also add custom furniture pieces to your empty room.
  • After adding desired architectural elements, you can download high-resolution images.
  • One of the most important features that this Reimagine Home alternative offers you is access via its interior design app and API.


When we talk about the pricing details of this interior design AI image generator, things get affordable. You can explore this platform after creating your account. To create design ideas according to your style preferences, you must get its paid subscription model.

DecorAI Pricing

Buying a paid subscription is as simple as with just a click. It offers you three paid plans at a price of $24/month, $120/Half-yearly, and $240 yearly. So, choose your desired package according to your interior design needs and enjoy this Reimagine Home alternative.

Interior AI – A Perfect Place For Interior Designers

Interior AI

While discussing Reimagine home alternatives, Interior AI offers many innovative tools that harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize interior design. The platform uses advanced AI technology, enabling designers and other users to explore and visualize interior spaces in new and exciting ways.

The Interior AI platform offers many features, but its ability to create virtual and augmented reality simulations of interior spaces is outstanding. This attribute allows you to craft immersive room designs with stunning detail before making any physical changes.

Whether you want to redesign your living room or renovate your kitchen, Interior AI has got you covered. Additionally, from transforming traditional floor plans into dynamic 3D design ideas to making your office space more captivating, Interior AI offers you everything.

It doesn’t stop here!
This AI-powered tool offers valuable insights into space planning. It helps designers optimize room layouts for functionality, flow, and aesthetics. It also allows them to arrange furniture, optimize traffic flow in outdoor spaces, and maximize indoor natural light impact. Interior AI provides invaluable assistance throughout the design process.


  • AI-generated Designs

Due to its smart technology, it automatically detects room structures and generates design ideas tailored to your space. This feature helps you kickstart your design process by providing inspiration and suggestions based on your preferences.

  • Virtual Staging
virtual staging

With InteriorAI, you can virtually stage interiors using a variety of styles, whether you prefer modern, minimalist, or something more indulgent. This feature allows you to visualize different design options and see how they would look in your space.

  • Image Upload

The platform also offers you the option to upload images of your current interiors. This approach allows Interior AI to provide you with customized design styles based on your existing space.

  • Resolution options

Interior AI also allows you to choose between high- and low-resolution interior or exterior design concepts, depending on your preferences and intended use. This approach allows you to visualize your design in quality and decide what best suits your needs.

  • User-friendly interface

One of InteriorAI’s standout features is its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing you to transform your space with simple steps and minimal effort.


Interior AI enables users to access its different features without paying a single cent. The platform also offers you two paid plans, Interior AI Pro and Interior AI Pro for Teams, which will cost you $29 and $299/month. Choose according to your needs and preferences to boost your interior design inspiration.

RoomAI – Redesign Your Living Room, Bedroom, & Kitchen


Last but not least, RoomAI comes with remarkable abilities to transform any empty space into your dream home interior design. It is one of the best alternatives of Reimagine Home that enables you to generate an inspiring interior design in different styles for your living rooms.

In addition, RoomAI offers tens of thousands of stock photos to inspire new designs. All you need to do is upload a photo of your room on this platform so that AI can redesign it. Then, you need to adjust your preferences. The AI will transform the photo of your room according to your desired style with its generative AI power.


  • Redesign Your Rooms By Uploading Photos or From Scratch

The RoomAI allows you to restyle your existing Rooms from scratch with AI or by uploading your room image. To do so, upload photos of your room in different styles and angles. Set your preferences, and let AI change them to your desired style. After that, you can choose from over 30 different design styles.

  • Generate New Room Designs

The platform also offers you to generate new room designs using the generative AI power. You can create a room from scratch and add every aspect in it, such as layouts, styles, colors, materials, and decorations.

  • Simple Customization Process

The RoomAI offers you an intuative way to customize your interior design and make them more appealing to your potential buyers. This feature provides an exceptional way for real estate professionals to showcase their projects with client customization.

  • Versatile Range Of Room Designs

Whether you want to design your living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, kids’ rooms, outdoor patios, or any other space, RoomAI has got you covered.


This Reimagine Home alternative offers you a 7-day free trial in which you can explore its different AI tools and themes. To get its free plan, you will need to add your credit card information. On the other hand, it offers paid plans, Personal, Pro, and Team, that will cost you $29, $99, and $299 per month, respectively.

AIChief’s Choice

Here comes the final verdict from AIChief’s researchers and AI tools experts! We have examined all these top alternatives of Reimagine Home AI and came up with Decore AI, which is the best alternative to Reimagine Home. We highly recommend this alternative to use and meet your home designing goals.

However, the rest of the alternatives also show extraordinary abilities to transform our imaginations into real interior design styles. So, explore all of them and decide which one is your favorite in terms of features, pricing, and user-friendliness.


Is there a free AI for interior design?

Reimagine Home AI and InteriorAI offer you free access to interior design and enable users to meet their design goals.

How much does reimagine home AI cost?

Reimagine Home grants you free access along with its different paid options, starting from $99/month.

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