Use Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Robotics

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are quickly getting intertwined with each other and becoming a driving force that is crafting new industries and advanced technologies and increasing the productivity and efficiency power of every existing field around the globe. The interactions of AI with the robotic industry are opening new doors for applications in the real world, and it is increasing with a striking speed. When you look around, whether we talk about self-driving cars, automatic customer support services with chatbots, the healthcare sector, or industrial use of AI-powered robots, AI is playing a master card and evolving industries to improve daily consumption around the globe. Well, the use of artificial intelligence in robotics has great potential. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), by 2025, 12 million more jobs will be created with this technological innovation.

In reality, the combination of artificial intelligence and robotics has great potential to make advances in various industries, such as automating factory tasks, creating flexibility and daunting work. In this blog, we will discover the use of artificial intelligence in robotics and learn how they are making advancements for various industries. So, let us start exploring and make everything handy to understand.

What Is Robotics?

When it comes to talking about robotics, things get exciting and versatile. It is a branch of engineering and computer science that contains designs, development, and operations of a machine that can perform tasks that it is trained on without the involvement of a human. At the core, it is about using advanced technology to automate tasks efficiently and securely.

In the past, robots have been used for those tasks that are too difficult or dangerous to perform by humans, such as lifting massive pieces of equipment with the help of a crane or performing repetitive tasks, such as assembling and producing automobiles. Automating these tasks with the help of robotics allows us to make these tasks not only easy but also enables us to minimize the risk to human safety. Furthermore, it also allows us to increase the efficiency and productivity of workers and allow them to focus on other creative and productive tasks rather than on tedious tasks.

Moreover, robotics also increases the limitations of working on a repetitive task. For example, in work that needs to be done repetitively, a human can lack after a time or disengage or get tired or bored of doing the same task. On the other hand, robots are designed for perfection and precision and have the power to do a task over and over without lacking in anything with the higher levels of efficiency. Robotic solutions are already evolving in many industries, whether harvesting crops, assembling cars, or in the medical field. So, a vast area is spanned by the advancement of robots and artificial intelligence. But, at this point, a question that might pinch in your mind is, are robotics and AI the same? In the next section, you will find the answer to this question briefly. So, let’s start to explore.

Are Robotics & AI Same?

When we use the terms robotics and artificial intelligence, sometimes they get interchanged. But in reality, these two terms are different phenomena of the same field. These two terms significantly impact various industries and serve in different ways. In-depth, artificial intelligence is a neural network model similar to human neural networks. On the other hand, robotics are similar to the human body. Artificial intelligence works as a human brain that provides intelligence, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities to the robots so they can perform tasks that they are designed for. When AI is integrated with robotics, the outcome comes with a great potential that can learn, think, and make decisions on behalf of learning capabilities. 

Moreover, Robotics refers to the advancement of robots that can perform physical tasks conveniently and efficiently. With the help of these robots, we can perform different tasks that require a high level of perfection, such as labeling items, manufacturing cars, or assembling mechanical parts. In addition, using AI in robots increases their capabilities and makes them more efficient in making decisions. So, we can say that Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are not the same but two different parts of a single model that complete each other and increase their capabilities.

How AI is Intertwined With Robotics?

AI has made a lot of noticeable advancements recently, and its mixture with robotics has born a seamless evolution. While the use of artificial intelligence within robotics hasn’t reached at its peak yet, its progress is getting large as AI systems continue to advance. This merging of AI and robotics holds immense potential in the form of productivity, efficiency, enhanced safety, and augmented flexibility for professionals worldwide. Following are examples of the use of AI in Robotics in the form of making an outstanding development. Let us have a look at it.

Machine Learning for Task Mastery

When discussing the role of AI in Robotics, machine learning comes at the top of the discussion. It plays a pivotal role in robotics by empowering the robots to get and execute specific tasks by observing and coping with human actions. This learning from human actions is powered by artificial intelligence, as it is the core element of robotics. Robots’ capabilities increase with the infused computer vision when we use AI in robotics. In addition, this collaboration makes the robots more efficient, enabling them to perform monotonous, repetitive tasks with actual precision and performance. 

Edge Computing Empowerment

Edge computing is another amplification of AI in Robotics. The applications of AI in robotics require the translation of passively collected data that robotic sensors gather in real time. Edge computing allows this data to be processed in real-time and make decisions about the next action by a robot. In addition, rather than the data first collected from cloud storage, edge computing provides the ability for the robot to process the gathered data at much quicker rates than ever before a human is capable of. Despite the above aid, there are many other helps that AI made for robotics to learn and make decisions with the help of edge computing. Following is their list. 

  • Time-of-flight optical sensors
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Millimeter-wave sensors

The above sensors aid the artificial intelligence to make more precise decisions, act, and react in various scenarios. The conjunction of AI and robotics is huge, as the above uses are just the basics. The actual game is more significant than that. To understand this matter, let us discuss the use of artificial intelligence in robotics more profoundly. 

Application of AI in Robotics In Various Sectors

We have learned that artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world with the help of its machine learning and robotic intertwingled. This advancement has no sector left around the globe that has no impact on it, and now, we are in the age of AI advancement, spanning deep-down in every aspect of human life. In this section of our discussion, we will discuss the applications of artificial intelligence in robotics in various sectors. So, let us start to explore it.


One of the most significant applications of AI and robotics is in the industries of food chain and transportation. Whether it is about scheduling the transporters, packaging the items, labeling them, and keeping their records to track and learn about the behavior of users, there is a vast area that the industries have spanned with the advancement of this smart technology. You may have seen, in many smart shopping malls, Robots interact with the users and deal with them. The AI’s machine learning capability allows them to engage with them and understand their languages. Furthermore, the use of AI and robotics allows us to make things more smart and risk-free.


Using artificial intelligence and robotics in the military is also a matter of achievement. We have entered in the digital world zone where the wars are now on technology. Developed countries use robotics and artificial intelligence to defend themselves from any potential threat. These robots that AI powers are now used to dispose of dangerous objects from the war zone. In addition, one of the most advanced AI-powered robots, called Daksh, can remove life-threatening objects from dangerous areas and can save lives. These all are the aids of using AI in robotics.


When it comes to talking about the life-saving field, the medical industry comes at the top of the list. The need for artificial intelligence and robotics in this field was ample as there are so many tasks that the robots can perform with the help of their AI-powered machine learning program. This advancement comes with excellent results in brain tumor surgeries where perfection and precision are the most important elements. Emotions are the core of humanity, and if these complex operations are done by them, there are possibilities of mistakes. On the other hand, using AI-powered robots can do all these tasks with perfection.


The advancement of artificial intelligence use in robotics also evolved the ways of warehouse management. Whether it is about predicting demand or estimating the supply, managing products, or sorting them to their designated palace, all these tasks are now being done with the help of robots in a wide manner. The use of robots in warehouses increases productivity and boosts the efficiency of management. This revolution is caused by an array of advanced sensors. These sensors, trained to the decision-making brain of robots empowered by AI,  allow them to navigate and interact effectively in their surroundings.

In addition, the use of AI drones is also one of the most astonishing applications of robotics in warehouses. They are used to transport products where road means are not convenient, and time is one of the most important elements. With the help of these robotic drones, business is saving time and fuel combustion and decreasing their carbon footprint. 


When we come to talk about the use of artificial intelligence in robotics and its application, the automobile industry has a whole network of applications. From supply chain management to the production of automobiles, every aspect of this industry has now evolved with this advancement. Autonomous driving is a huge advancement in which automobiles are programmed with the help of machine learning models and learn how to drive a car without the interaction of a human. There are many benefits of using AI and robotic integration in the automotive industry. Here is an overview of these technological aids.

  • Robots have the ability to precisely identify the necessary objects, making tasks such as mounting door panels and fenders simple to accomplish.
  • They are widely used for assembling mechanical devices such as machines, cars, and many more.
  • Robotic arms also provide the services of painting and polishing. 
  • Along with assembling parts, robotics are also used for transporting, loading, and unloading these parts.

The above applications show how widely AI and robotics are used in the automobile industry and how to assemble tasks smartly.

What Is the Future of AI in Robotics?

Limitless possibilities and potential come to our plates when discussing AI’s future in Robotics. With the help of artificial general intelligence AGI, the AI will reach a level where it can truly understand humans easily. To achieve this level of perfection, AI needs to be integrated with Robotics, and the robot must possess the ability of mobility, sense of touching, vision, and interaction with objects. All these attributes will eventually transform AI into AGI, which will change the world’s precision about artificial intelligence.

Today’s focus on AI in robotics is to evolve the ways it interacts with objects and use its learning power to become self-dependent. Now, we can say that Robots and AI are working together to learn more about the world and become smarter. This will help improve many industries like manufacturing, healthcare, security, and space exploration.

Moreover, the future of AI in robotics is not only bright. With the integration of artificial intelligence neural networks with substantial capabilities of Robots, we can open new horizons of advancements and capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Use Of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics Help Humans?

The integration of artificial intelligence with robotics takes over the risky jobs of humans because they are capable of doing the work resiliently without getting tired.

What AI Technologies Used in Robotics?

Machine learning, computer vision, and motion control AIs are used in Robotics nowadays.


From the above discussion on the use of artificial intelligence in robotics, we can conclude that there is a wide range of applications of AI in the robotic industry, and the combination of these magnificent advancements makes ease in various, or if we say every industry around the world. From the warehouse to medical, aerospace to the manufacturing industry, no single field is not aided by this artificial technology advancement. So, to learn every aspect of this development in different industries, read this blog and make it easier to understand the use of AI in robotics and their significant impact around the world.

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