How to Easily Use TikTok’s AI Face Filter & 5 Top Filters to Try

Are you a part of the TikTok bandwagon yet? If yes, you must have seen people playing with a lot of face filters. 

TikTok launched a lot of fun filters, which make videos more fun, interactive, and interesting. These AI face filters can help you achieve your fantasies. For instance, if you ever dreamed of becoming a vampire after having a crush on Damon Salvatore, the filters can help you. In fact, you can even be your favorite anime/manga character. 

The primary issue is that majority of people don’t have an idea how to use TikTok’s AI face filter. So, we did the research to create this guide. It includes tiniest details you need to use the filters on TikTok and make fun videos.

The Beginner’s Guide to Using AI Face Filters on TikTok

Using TikTok’s AI face filter seems challenging to many people. In most cases, it happens when people aren’t very tech-savvy. That’s the reason we are sharing this steps-based guide with you. To access the filters on TikTok, you have to access the ”Effects” option. Now, follow these steps, please.

Step 1 – Open the Effects

The first step is to open the TikTok app and click on the “Plus” button. This button is on the screen’s bottom. Clicking this button will open the camera, and from there, you’ve to go to the “Effects.”

Step 2 – Search

The next step is to click on the search bar and type “AI style.”

Step 3 – Start Making Videos

Once you search for it, you will get a lot of AI face filters. So, scroll down to find what aligns with your likes. You can click on the recorder button, and it will start scanning your face. After scanning, the recording will start. You can take a picture or video, whatever you prefer. 

There is also a textbox available. In this box, you can search for the desired filter or face. For instance, you can say “a vampire in a dark forest” or “a rabbit in carrot fields.” After this, just tap on the “Create” button and wait.

Using the TikTok’s AI Face Filter without TikTok – Is It Possible?

Yes, it’s possible to use the AI face filters even if you don’t have a TikTok account. The most straightforward option is to download and use the FacePlay app. To use this method, you’ve to follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open the FacePlay App

You need the FacePlay app on your phone. You can download it through app store on the phone. After completing the installation of the app, you’ve to open it. 

Step 2 – Browse

The next step is to skim through available filters and effects. You can choose whichever you want. 

Step 3 – Select or Capture a Picture

The next step is to select a picture from the gallery or capture a new one. There is a camera feature in the app for you to click the picture in the app. 

Once you click the picture, it will apply the selected effect on it. Also, give it a few seconds (don’t rush and close the app). The resulting picture or video can be saved in the gallery. 

In case you want to upload it on TikTok, just click on the “Plus” sign on TikTok’s homepage. It will open the gallery, so you can tap on the picture or video that you want to upload.

5 Types of AI Filters on TikTok

Now that you know where is the AI filter on TikTok and how to use it, it’s time to know the different types of filters you must try out. TikTok has released multiple interesting filters. For instance, you can become the older version or complete your anime fantasies. So, let’s check out some famous options!

The Old-Age Filter

This filter can transform you into a granny or grandpa. It uses an advanced technology which predicts how you will look as you age. You can see how you will look once young times are over. It is known as FaceApp.

The Anime Filter

There is an AI Manga Filter. It’s extremely creative as it can turn your regular videos and pictures into manga style. It’s a great feature for anime lovers and people who want a different visual effect. In simpler words, it shows as if you are living in a vibrant comic world. 

The Baby Filter

This filter is by Remini, and you can use it to see how your baby looks. You can create pictures and videos. It uses your current picture to create an innocent and childlike appearance. 

The Beauty Filter

This filter is known as Bold Glamour. It makes the pictures and videos extremely smooth. It adds a lot of bling and glamour to the look. In addition, it makes your dull skin look more radiant. This filter enhances the nose, eyes, and cheeks by adding lipstick and eyeliner. Many TikTok users say that the effects aren’t extravagant. This means that the pictures or videos won’t look heavily edited.

Time Warp Scan

This filter is designed to create a distorted image of a person or their surroundings. It scans the entire screen to create these illusions. It’s a reliable filter for people who like artistic effects and optical illusions.

The Potential Downsides of Using AI Face Filters

While using the face filters is a lot of fun, there are some valid concerns. There are always some downsides, and as a TikTok user, you must acknowledge them. Two of these concerns include privacy issues and unrealistic standards. We are explaining both of them in detail. 

Privacy Concerns 

The biggest concern associated with face filters is privacy. That’s because the face filters work on facial recognition technology. It collects your pictures, location, age, and gender. So, if someone has access to this data, they will be able to spam you with ads or know your whereabouts.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards

When filters like Bold Glamour come out, they make it challenging for people to accept their natural faces. People become insecure about their looks, which can lower their self-esteem. In addition, it can result in body shaming. All these factors result in dissatisfaction. 

There are potential downsides of these filters but these are innovative tools. If used responsibly, it can create amazing results. So, it’s best that we let people decide if they are comfortable using the filters or not.

Tips to Use the AI Face Filter

The filters are an easy way of showcasing your true personality. However, beginners cannot always use these filters to the maximum. So, if you want to get the best outcomes, don’t forget to incorporate the following tips. 

Experiment with Settings

Many people use the filters as they are and don’t experiment with the settings. So, if you want unique pictures and videos, experiment with the settings of filters. The easiest option is to play with the color, intensity, and brightness of the filters. In fact, you can combine multiple filters to create a unique video.

Use Keywords & Hashtags

People only use hashtags to increase their video visibility. However, you can use them to explore new filters as well. You can use words related to your preference, and it will show related videos. For instance, if you are into romantic videos, you search for #romance, #love, #lovebirds, or #couplegoals.

Share your Videos

Uploading the videos on TikTok isn’t enough if you want to become popular. This means that whenever you create a new video, share it with your friends and family. It will help skyrocket the views on your video. Also, you will get to know other’s perception of your videos. Secondly, you should join filter-based trends and challenges. These opportunities will help you showcase your artistic talent.

Are TikTok Filters Really Interactive?

Some people rightfully wonder how interactive these filters are. TikTok’s AI face filters and others do respond to the expressions and movements of users. These filters depend on AI technology. Some of the common AI technologies used in TikTok’s AI face filters include the following.

Face Tracking

The face filters use facial tracking and recognition algorithms to follow your face. It also uses this algorithm to track different expressions. For this reason, it can create distorted faces and apply virtual makeup.

Green Screen

TikTok’s AI face filter does come with background replacement and removal. That’s because TikTok leverages the green screen effect. As a result, you can replace your background with something that matches your aesthetics. 

Movement & Gesture Recognition

There are some filters that only respond to specific movements and gestures. These filters are designed to identify the body movement. Consequently, it allows users to interact with the filters and control the effects.

Collaborative Filters

These are perfect for people who like making videos with multiple people in a frame. These filters can detect multiple faces at once. As a result, the videos look well-synced and create a shared experience.

The Future of TikTok’s AI Face Filters

AI technology is going to advance even more, so it’s fair to think about the future of these filters. In the near future, face detection will improve, and gesture recognition will be smarter. This will increase realism in photos and videos. Also, it might change the way people create content. To illustrate, they will start relying on AI to complete make characters. 

Secondly, we think that Mixed Reality will help people change their surroundings. With time, the AI will be able to understand human emotions better, so TikTok’s AI face filters will become more realistic. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it might be able to help us express our feelings and emotions. 

While the future is bright, we must understand the ethical considerations. This is because AI might lead to a hit on authenticity. People will use TikTok’s AI face filters to get social validation and acceptance. It will damage the way we perceive ourselves. So, there is a need to find a balance where your self-expression isn’t compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add AI audios to TikTok videos?

Yes, you can use AI audio in TikTok videos. For this purpose, people are using Speechify AI Studio. It offers multiple voices, and you can mimic the voices of celebrities as well.

What do we call the AI filter on TikTok?

There are multiple AI filters available on TikTok. However, the Bold Glamour is the most popular one as it’s helping people appear more polished.

I am unable to access my favorite TikTok’s AI face filter. Why?

It happens when there is an internet lag. So, check the internet and make sure it’s working. If the internet isn’t lagging, it’s time to update your TikTok to the latest available version. If both these solutions don’t work, it’s likely that the filter isn’t available in your region yet. 

Is it safe to use TikTok filters?

Yes, TikTok has extremely secure servers, so they are usually safe to use. However, beware of adding too many details because it can lead to data theft.

What are the famous AI trends on TikTok?

The face filters are topping the charts. They use facial recognition AI. These filters can be added to videos easily, so you can create immersive content.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that TikTok is a fun way. It’s giving people a way to express themselves and have fun in their own way. Similarly, TikTok’s AI face filter is giving people the opportunity to transform their videos. There are so many filters to experiment with and play with the backgrounds. With this article, we are certain you know how to find the AI filter on TikTok. So, open TikTok and start showing the creative side!

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