Midjourney Pricing Guide To Get The Subscription

Midjourney AI is taking the world by storm due to its magnificent features and abilities to generate images with a few text-form commands or prompts. With this powerful AI Image generator, businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, CEOs, and marketers are creating stunning pieces of art that are unmatchable. The Midjourney also provides various subscription plans to its users depending on their needs and requirements. To cover the needs of everyone, Midjourney provides multiple payment plans. In this article, you will learn about Midjourney pricing, different subscription plans, and various related aspects that can be helpful for you regarding purchasing a Midjourney subscription according to your requirements and needs. So, let us start with the discussion on how many subscription plans Midjoureny offers.

Midjourney Pricing Model

When it comes to talking about the Midjourney subscription model, four subscriptions are available for you. Free trial, Basic, Standard, and Pro are the names of these subscription models. Each of these plans has unique features and limitations. The Basic Midjourney plan offers you limited access to generating AI pictures; on the other hand, the Pro Plan offers you unlimited access to every feature of the Midjourney. Following is a detailed overview of these subscription models and their pricing. So, let us start to explore them.

Free Trial

The first thing that every user wants is to get a free trial for any new AI model. This facility allows users to learn how the AI model works, what are the limitations of this AI tool, and many other things. With Midjourney free trial, you can get limited access to its magnificent features and can avail the flooring things:

  • The price of this subscription is free.
  • You can get 0.4 GPU hours in your free trial .
  • There are no Relaxed GPU hours in a free trial subscription.

With the free trial, you can run up to three jobs simultaneously and queue up to ten jobs for later processing.

Basic Plan

For those who want to increase their exposure with the MIdjourney Image generator AI, the basic plan is a perfect subscription for them. With the help of this subscription model, you can avail yourself of the following features.

  • The price of the Basic Midjourney subscription model is $10.
  • The cost of a Yearly Basic Subscription is $96.
  • You can get 200 images to generate per month.
  • The Basic plan allows you to get 3.5 hours of GPU time, giving you the top priority of Midjourney.
  • You will not get any relaxed GPU time in the Basic Midjourney plan.
  • Similar to the free plan, the basic plan allows users to have three simultaneous jobs and up to ten queued jobs. 
  • This plan gives you access to member galleries and the ability to add credits. 
  • The usage rights for the images produced under the basic plan are subject to the General Commercial Terms of Midjourney.

Standard Plan

The standard Midjourney plan also allows you to get various features that you can use to generate top-notch AI images. Similar to the previous plans, the Midjourney standard plan also allows you to do three continuous jobs and ten jobs in the line. In addition, you can also capable of top-up credit and access to the member galleries. Following is the key knowledge about this subscription plan.

  • The cost of the Standard Midjourney AI is $30 per month
  • You can get this subscription yearly for $288 
  • Also, you will get 15 GPU hours to make your work super fast and easy
  • Unlimited Relaxed GPU hours are granted by Midjoureney in this subscription.

In addition, with the help of relaxed mode, you can generate unlimited AI images by waiting in a queue even if you get out of the run of Fast mode credit. But keep that in your mind. Each time you use the Relax mode, your priorities will go down, and that is why you will have to wait for a long time to generate AI images on Midjourney. 

Pro Plan

The Midjourney Pro Plan allows you significant features that you can use to generate AI images quickly and efficiently. You will get twelve Fast jobs that you can do concurrently, three Relaxed continuous jobs, and ten jobs that you can do in a queue. Additionally, you will also get access to members’ galleries and facilities to top-up the credit.

  • The cost for a monthly subscription is $60
  • You have to pay for a yearly subscription to Midjourney for $576
  • It allows you to utilize fast 30 GPU hours per month
  • And unlimited Relaxed GPU hours

One of the most significant features of the Midjourney Pro Plan is that you will get Stealth Mode. This feature enables your AI images to be protected and prevents anyone from accessing your generated images that are in the Midjoureny gallery. It means the images that you will create with this plan of Midjoureny will not be available publicly except to you.

The above discussion shows you different subscription models for Midjourney and how they are different from each other. As you can see, Midjourney has multiple plans so that every person can get access within a few costs. At this point, you must be thinking about which plan you should take or which is right for you. In the next section, we will discuss this matter in detail.

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Which Midjourney Plan is Right for You?

When it comes to discussing which plan is recommended to choose for you, it highly depends on your needs and requirements. Whether you are a CEO or a business owner, Midjoureny has something for everyone. Despite the difference in who you are, it is recommended to choose the Basic Plan of Midjourney AI image generator. The reason for that statement is the Basic subscription plan is affordable, and you can save up to 20% on an annual subscription package.

In addition, the selection of the Midjourney AI subscription plan also depends on how many GPU hours you require and the need for Stealth mode for your business or branding privacy. The whole information that you are getting about the pricing of Midjourney is based on the stats of the date of writing this article. It is recommended to see the official website of Midjourney to get updated information about the subscription model of the AI image generator Midjourney.

How To Subscribe to Midjourney Subscription Plan?

Getting a subscription to the Midjourney AI image generator is not so easy as there are so many attributes that are involved in getting its magnificent access. The first thing you need to do is to create your Discord account to get your Midjourney subscription. If you are wondering how to get a Midjourney subscription, then the following are the steps you need to follow:

Join The Discord Server of Midjourney

To join the Midjourney Discord server, you need to go follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Midjourney. 
  • Now, at the right-bottom of your screen, you will see an option to Join the Beta. Click on that option, and it will redirect to the Discord Midjourney invite page. 
  • There, you need to click on the Join Midjourney button to confirm your invite. 
  • At last, you will need to verify that you are a human, and for that, Midjourney will ask you to solve a puzzle.
  • Once you have done with the Midjourney human verification, you can explore different art content on the platform. 
  • Things are not yet done to start your subscription; you need to accept the terms of services of Midjourney. 
  • To accept the ToS, you need to select the channel entitled Newbies on Discord and send a message. 
  • Then you will get the ToS acceptance message that you have to accept to complete the Midjourney server setup.
  • Now you have done with joining the Midjourney Discord service, proceed to step number two.

Open the Subscription Page of Midjourney

Select a newbie channel from your left-side menu and type “/subscribe” in the command box. It will generate a personal link that will lead you to the Midjourney Plan Page by clicking on the link to the Open Subscriptions Page.

Select the Midjourney Subscription Plan & Pay

Once you are done with the above steps, you are now on the Subscription page of Midjourney. Here, you will see different plans that you can avail of, such as Basic, Standard, and Pro plans based on monthly and annual subscription models. Choose one of them that suits your requirements. And then, you need to pay for your subscription according to your model.

Verify & Enjoy

When you are done with the above steps, you are done with the subscription, and now, Midjourney will take a few seconds to start. Meanwhile, you will receive a confirmation subscription message from the platform. Just click on the Close and start your journey to create magnificent AI images that will inspire your business, personal profiles, or whatever you opt for.

How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription?

To cancel the Midjourney subscription, there are three simple steps that you need to follow. Here are the details of these steps.

  • Go to the Midjourney Subscription Page while you are logged in to your Discord account.
  • There, you will see the option to Cancel the Plan in the Billing & Payment section. Click on that option and proceed further.
  • A prompt message will appear that will ask to confirm your cancellation of the Midjourney subscription.

By following the above three steps, you can easily cancel your Midjourney subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anybody Use Midjourney AI Image Generator?

Anybody who is older than 13 years can join this platform to generate amazing pieces of AI art.

Is It Worthy to Buy a Midjourney Subscription?

Yes, it is highly beneficial for those who are art enthusiasts and detail-oriented in their work. And it is the easiest AI tool that allows you to generate magnificent AI images.

Is It Possible to Get Midjourney for Free?

Yes, you can use mid-journey AI for free by getting its free trial subscription, in which you will get 25 images as a token to play with your imagination.


At the end of our discussion on Midjourney pricing, how to get a subscription to this magnificent AI tool, and other aspects of this matter, we can conclude that the Midjourney platform offers multiple plans that fit everyone’s requirements. The need is that you just learn how to choose the best package for you, and for that, we have discussed all these essentials in this blog for you. So, whether you are wondering about the Midjourney cost, different subscription models, the availability of plans, or the matter of cancellation of its subscription, we have covered them all for you in this article. So, use your ideas and create a vivid image by getting a subscription to the Midjourney AI image generator.

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