Top 10 Caktus AI Alternatives in 2024 (Free and Paid)

With the launch of generative AI, writing content with AI tools is becoming more common around the world. Whether you are a student, a journalist, or any other person who needs assistance in their writing process, these AI tools help you a lot.

Caktus AI is one of the most versatile and handy AI writing tools. It is specially designed for students, but it facilitates everyone. Like Caktus AI, many other AI-powered writing tools make it easier for you to achieve your writing goals. 

There are multiple Caktus AI alternatives that you should consider while working on your writing projects. If you are wondering about these Caktus AI alternatives, then keep reading this guide. We will explore the top 10 alternatives to this writing platform to boost your productivity.

caktus ai alternatives

Here is a list of things we will discuss in the following discussion. 

Quick View of Caktus AI Alternatives

Here is a quick view of the alternatives to this AI writing platform.

Caktus AI AlternativePricingRatings
QuillBotFree & $9.95/month starting packageCapterra: 4.6
CopyAIFree & $36/month starting packageG2: 4.7
ScalenutFree & $20/month starting packageG2: 4.7
WriteSonicFree & $12/month starting packageProduct Hunt: 4.7
RytrFree & Starting package for $7.50/monthG2: 4.7
WordTuneFree & $9.99/month starting packageG2: 4.6
Content at Scale AIPaid Trial for 7 days for $15/monthCapterra: 4.0
PeppertypeFree & $35/month for starting packageCapterra: 4.7
Jenni.aiFree & $20/month for starting packageProduct Hunt: 5
NovelAIFree & $10/month for starting packageG2: 4.8

Let’s Explore The Best Caktus AI Alternatives

This section of our discussion will cover the best alternatives to Caktus AI. With this debate, you will get various options for content creation. So, let us explore different AI writing tools to make our writing processes more productive. 


Quillbot AI writer

In our list of alternatives for Caktus AI writer, QuillBot comes in first. This web-based AI writing tool offers various features and handy tools to harmonize your writing processes. Whether you are a seasonal writer or a professional one, this AI tool will help you in any case. 

In addition, whether you want essay writing assistance or need research tools for your essay writing, this AI writing assistant covers you. This AI tool provides you with many features, such as a plagiarism checker, blog post writer, summary writer, and many more. 

This web-based AI writing platform offers you a versatile range of features that enable you to become a master in your writing. Let us have a look at its features and other aspects so that things get easier for you.


The Quillbot allows you to paraphrase your sentences with just a few clicks. In addition, you can also change its structure to eliminate plagiarism. 
Quillbot AI can also identify and correct grammatical errors, which improves the overall quality of your writing. This feature scans your text for plagiarism, which ensures your work is original. It’s especially useful for students and researchers.

Quillbot AI can condense lengthy pieces of text into shorter summaries, helping you grasp the main points quickly. With this AI feature, you can write product descriptions with ease. 

In the premium subscription of this platform, Quillbot offers various features depending on your subscription plan, such as:

  • Synonym suggestions
  • Tone detection
  • Text formatting
  • Word count
  • Citation Creation

The Platform also offers you Chrome extensions, MSWord, and other add-ons, so you can use its writing tools seamlessly.


When we come to Quillbot’s pricing model, things get so versatile. The platform offers free access to its multiple features, along with 125 words in Paraphraser. In addition, in its free version, you can also summarize 1200 words in Summarizer. 

On the other hand, to use its premium features, Quillbot offers you to use its Premium package at a starting price of $9.95/month.

Pros & Cons

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
It allows you to use it for free without needing to sign up. The free version only offers two writing modes.
If you’re not satisfied, Quillbot offers you a refund policy. Quillbot doesn’t allow you to access OpenAI GPT AI writing with QuillBot.
The platform offers you its extension for multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and macOS, making it easy to use. Quillbot does not offer you an AI detection tool for AI-generated content.
You can use a language translator for free as there are various languages you can learn from. Sometimes, you will need to manually intervene.
The platform offers you a free application to summarize your content.
It also provides a free app for checking grammar.

Ratings On Different Platforms

  • Capterra: 4.6/5
  • Trustpilot:  3.8/5
  • Product Hunt: 4.5/5

CopyAI – Generate Content That Sounds Like You

CopyAI writing tool

When we discuss the second alternative to the Caktus AI writer, CopyAI has great potential. It is an artificial intelligence writing tool that utilizes machine learning to produce diverse types of content. It offers a variety of content creation options that cater to your diverse needs, such as marketing, creative writing, and various others.

CopyAI offers a range of functions, enabling you to generate various content formats, such as blog headlines, social media posts, marketing copy, and more. Whether you are a marketer, content creator, or an individual seeking assistance with your writing tasks, CopyAI has you covered.

In addition, the platform offers you a wide collection of templates and tools designed to kickstart your writing process, providing you with a solid foundation to craft your writing prices.

For those who are looking for perfect marketing and branding material that depicts their brand voice, Copy.AI is one of the best solutions. The platform offers an exclusive way to transform your wording into engaging attention-grabbers.

Give the command to AI according to your brand voice, set the parameters, and see the magic of CopyAI. The use of this platform is quite simple and straightforward, which makes it one of the most versatile and engaging tools for generating AI content. Let us check out its features for better understanding.


CopyAI offers a variety of features to assist you in creating effective copy for your website, blog, or social media accounts. Let’s explore them in a bit more detail:

  • CopyAI provides you with over 90 templates for various types of content, including blog posts, headlines, product descriptions, digital ad copy, social media content, and email templates. 
  • These templates give you a starting point for your writing tasks, whether you are creating short or long-form content.
  • The platform also offers you a rewriting tool that helps you to rephrase and enhance the quality of your writing material. It is useful for producing concise content and improving the overall quality of your generated content.
  • For marketers and website owners with international businesses who want to market their brands or businesses, CopyAI allows them to generate content in more than 25 languages.
  • CopyAI also offers you a grammar checker that automatically corrects grammar and spelling errors. It helps you to ensure your content is polished and error-free.
  • It enables you to simplify the proofreading process by identifying and fixing any mistakes before the final publication.

CopyAI includes a plagiarism checker that detects duplicate phrases and sentences in written content and instantly provides you with plagiarism-free content.



CopyAI offers you free access to its content creation tool, for which you can get 200 bonus credits to create content. In addition, the platform also offers two more plans, Pro and Team, which will cost you $49 and $249 per month, respectively. 

Pros & Cons

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
It is easy to use and helpful for generating AI content. Output speed is slow as compared to other AI tools.
It provides you with various AI tools to increase the quality of your content. Sometimes, it can generate irrelevant content.
Boost your writing processes by offering diverse writing aids. Cost may be challenging for average writers to justify.
CopyAI offers you a user-friendly interface with an easy-to-navigate approach. Occasional generation of inaccurate copies.

Ratings On Different Platforms

  • Capterra: 4.5/5
  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Trustpilot: 3.4/5

Scalenut – AI-Powered SEO Content Writing Tool

Scalenut AI Writer

In the digital landscape, generating content that fulfills all the requirements for search engine optimization is crucial. Here comes the Scalenut AI writing platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft SEO-optimized articles. 

The Scalenut platform offers you an intuitive platform to engage with and a variety of writing tools to achieve your content generation needs. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you to research, craft, and upload high-quality content with remarkable SEO practices. 

In addition to its remarkable features, its content editing score scale allows you to analyze the drawbacks of your content and helps you to eliminate them resiliently. Whether you are a content marketer, SEO expert, or a small business owner, Scalenut has you covered. 

Here are some of the remarkable features that make it an appropriate alternative to Caktus AI. Let’s check them out.


  • Scalenut’s Keyword Planner facilitates you in generating a clear internal linking structure and enhances users’ website experience by providing relevant content for anticipated follow-up inquiries.
keyword finder for cluster content
  • The Scalenut also offers you a Cruise Mode feature that helps you produce captivating and SEO-friendly content quickly. It utilizes deep learning models and NLP-generated key terms to generate optimized content instantly.
Cruise Mode
  • The Scalenut platform also offers you plenty of SEO tools that generate detailed research reports on top content URLs. This approach provides you with insights into competitors’ strategies to enhance your content plan.
  • You can also offer a content optimizer tool that helps you to analyze content across ranking pages. With this approach, you can get real-time feedback and suggestions for improvement to attract more traffic and enhance website ranking.
  • With a traffic Analyzer tool, you can analyze your blog articles’ traffic and engagement metrics for better optimization. 
Traffic Analyzer tool
  • Offers suggestions to improve SEO scores, facilitating quick editing and optimization decisions, and is available in Cruise Mode and Content Optimizer.
  • The Scalenut also allows you to rephrase your blog articles, gives you SERP analysis, and provides you with multiple templates and many other content-writing tools.


Scalenut Pricing

The Scalenut content optimization and writing platform offers you a free trial for seven days. In this free trial, you can get multiple features, such as AI article writer, keyword planner, marketing copywriter, traffic analyzer, and many other tools. 

On the other hand, it offers multiple paid plans so that you can boost your content writing processes and make them flawless. The following are the paid plans of the Scalenut platform.

  • Essential For $20/month
  • Growth for $40/month
  • Pro for $75/month

The Scalenut also offers you an Enterprise plan, for which you need to contact their sales department through their website.

Pros & Cons

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Gives you access to content editor, top 30 articles, NLP key terms, statistics, and competitive analysis for higher search engine ranking. It offers you limited language support compared to other SEO writing tools.
It offers you live chat, email, and onboarding across each plan, along with a video boot camp to help you learn this tool. Sometimes, AI-generated content requires human input for grammatical accuracy and to meet Google’s quality standards.
Its content editor with on-page SEO optimization and grading system offers comprehensive tips for better writing.
It offers you Cruise Mode to streamline content creation with AI assistance.
Provides you with a versatile range of AI content-writing tools, including the Instruct tool.

Ratings On Different Platforms

  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Trustpilot: 4.4/5
  • Capterra: 4.8/5

WriteSonic – A Real-Time AI Writer To Derive Traffic

Writesonic Writing tool

In the list of alternatives of Caktus AI, Writesonic comes with remarkable qualities. This online AI article writer enables you to write various types of content in a matter of seconds. It provides you with access to the internet, which enables it to give you real-time data for your writing projects.

In addition, it offers you an advanced content analyzer that enables you to craft impactful writing material with proper SEO qualities. Whether you want to write a blog article or news to craft product descriptions, the Writesonic platform has got you covered, 

While writing, any writer faces writer’s block, which slows the process. But with the use of Writesonic, things get so versatile and handy. Its AI writer enables you to break your blocks and suggest factual writing material that you can use to drive more traffic. 

Moreover, if you want to add royalty-free images in your articles to increase its impact, Writesonic comes with a handy approach. It allows you to add AI-generated images to your words according to their context.

Let us explore the different features of Writesonic for better understanding.


  • It enables you to get real-time data on the latest topics for impactful writing material
  • You can also get a Fact-Checked and Cited Content checker that analyzes and provides you with reliable resources for the content. It uses Google search engines for this purpose.
Features of Writesonics
  • It offers you a deep competitor semantic analysis. In this analysis, you will learn about word count, heading structure, internal linking, and all the important points that will help you lead the race.
  • The Writesonic also offers you an In-depth web research report to learn various resources and NLPs to boost the energy of your writing material.
  • For those who have old writing pieces and want to refresh them with the latest information, Writesonic enables them to use their own documents. With this approach, you can turn any dull or outdated document into the latest one.
  • This online text editor also offers you automated internal linking so that you can engage your audience and make your SEO better.
  • The Writesonic also allows you to control word length, offers you brand voice and style customization, and AI-generated FAQs, which makes your content more attractive.


Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic platform offers you free access to its different features, such as 50 generations per day and many others, to explore its capabilities. In addition, it offers four paid plans that you can purchase according to your needs and requirements. Here are the details of its paid models.

  • Chatsonic Pro for $12 per month
  • Individual for $16.67 per month
  • Teams for $25 per month
  • Enterprise, for which you will need to contact their sales team through their website.

Pros & Cons

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Writesonic reduces content generation time, which saves your time and effort. The human eye is needed for factual accuracy, especially while writing technical topics.
It offers you a variety of templates for blog posts, social media content, product descriptions, and video scripts to fulfill your writing needs. It may lack specific industry details.
It ensures that your content is grammatically correct and well-structured with relevant keyword placement. The AI models may contain biases, requiring careful editing.
Writesonic suggests creative angles and engaging writing styles for captivating content. You must get a paid subscription to explore its full functionalities.
It offers you an affordable approach to creating content for your diverse needs.
Straightforward user interface for easy navigation and use.

Ratings On Different Platforms

  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Capterra: 4.8/5
  • Trustpilot: 4.8/5

Rytr – Generate Original Content That Sounds Like You

Rytr AI

While talking about alternatives, Rytr AI is a versatile tool that offers you some magnificent attributes to boost your human writer strengths. The platform aims to simplify content creation across various formats. It offers a wide range of features to assist you in generating content quickly and easily. 

One of its key strengths is the variety of content it can help you create, including social media posts, meta descriptions, email marketing copy, website content, and even video scripts. The Rytr content writer uses the power of AI to help you overcome writing blocks and provide content ideas.

The platform is a one-stop solution for writers and marketers that enables you to achieve your content generation goals. Whether you want to write stories with its AI Story Generator, or need assistance in character descriptions and song lyrics, Rytr AI has got you covered.

In addition, for those who are looking to increase the reach of their content, Rytr AI offers more than 50 languages in which you can create content. It also offers various customization tools, such as the tone of your writing projects.


The Rytr AI offers you a variety of features that are available for different industries and content categories. Whether you are a marketer, a business owner, a long-form content writer, or any other. This platform offers you various features, which are mentioned separately in the following section.

For automatic writing, Rytr offers you the following key points:

  • AI Autocomplete Text
  • Text Editing: Continue Writing
  • Text Inflator
  • Grammar Checker & Text Improver
  • AI Paragraph Generator
  • Rewording Generator
  • Sentence Shortener
  • AI Command Generator

For marketers, it offers the following handy traits:

  • Call To Action Generator
  • Social Media Ad Generator
  • Google Ad Generator
  • AI Caption Generator
  • AI SMS Generator
  • AI Bio Generator
  • Video Description Generator
  • Video Channel Description Generator
  • Video Idea Generator
  • AI LinkedIn Post Generator
  • AI Quora Answer Generator
  • AI Facebook Post Generator

The Rytr platform also offers you a new technology that helps you to generate unique content and saves time for your writing tasks.


AI Rytr Pricing

The Rytr AI offers you free options to explore this platform. In its free plan, you will get ten thousand free characters that you can use monthly to generate captivating content. In addition, you can also get its paid plan at a starting price of $9/month, and its unlimited package will cost you $29/month.

Pros & Cons

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
It offers you a wide range of supported content types. Ryter is not ideal for long-form content.
Ryter is great for short-form content & article outlines. The SERP analyzer and keyword tools lack depth compared to competitors.
It offers unique features like an AI image generator and a writing portfolio page builder. The user interface lacks optimization for content writing workflows and feels basic compared to other writing tools.
Provides you with a user-friendly interface with a simple, rich text editor and toolbar.

Ratings On Different Platforms

  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Capterra: 4.6/5
  • Authority Hacker: 4.5/5

WordTune – Boost Your Writing Potential

WordTune has a remarkable place in the list of AI writers with its incredible professional writing traits. WordTube offers a variety of features that make it one of the best Caktus AI alternatives. Whether you are a professional writer, a marketer, or a business owner, WordTune is a perfect companion.

In addition, it offers a versatile range of extensions that enable it to be accessible on various platforms. From Google to Slack, Chrome to Google Docs, this platform offers seamless access to its remarkable abilities. In the following section, we have mentioned its features. Let us check them out. 


  • WordTune suggests alternative phrasings and sentence structures to improve your content clarity and flow.
  • You can also adjust the tone of your writing to be more formal, informal, or persuasive as needed.
  • It can also detect and correct grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and sentence structure issues.
  • WordTune also analyzes existing text and suggests relevant phrases to enrich your content.
  • It also enables you to generate concise summaries of lengthy documents to save time.
  • This AI tool also generates short snippets of text to kickstart your writing process.
  • AI writers also receive suggestions and rephrasing options as they write to refine their content on the spot.


wordtune pricing

The WordTune AI writer offers you a free plan in which you can use 10 rewrites a day, three AI prompts, summaries, and unlimited text corrections. You can also get its paid subscription for maximum use at a starting price of $9.99/ month.

WordTune platform also offers you a 60% discount on your annual subscription purchasing. It also offers you an Unlimited plan that will cost you $14.99/per month. For team usage, you will need to contact their sales team.

Content at Scale AI – You Best AI Writer for SEO Content

Content Scale Ai

For those looking for an exceptional AI writer who helps them craft SEO-optimized content, Content@scale is the best option you can rely on. The Content At Scale uses artificial intelligence that enables it to add every single essential writing element to your content.

The platform also offers you a content editor scale and other analysis reports to make your content-worthy ad engaging. You can also give training to its AI to craft content according to your brand voice and generate content that grabs the attention of your targeted audience.

Let’s take a closer look at its remarkable features, pricing, and pros and cons to better understand.


  • The Generative AI qualities of this platform offer you a quick way to produce high-quality content personalized to your style.
  • It helps to create optimized long-form content while maintaining your brand voice consistency.
  • Its RankWell feature provides you with unparalleled SEO insights to improve your content ranking and scalability strategies.
  • The Conten@Scale also allows you to detect AI-generated content with 98% accuracy, which ensures the authenticity of your content.
  • It also allows you to use the power of GPT-4 chatbot technology so that you can personalize your AI writing and editing experience.


The Content@Scale platform does not offer you free access to its platform as you need to pay $15 for its trial version. The full version will cost you $249/month, and you can get multiple features that empower your writing trails. – Create Quality Content Instantly

In Caktus AI alternatives, comes with outstanding qualities. It is a one-stop-shop for writers and marketers to achieve their content generation and SEO goals. This web-based AI writer enables you to craft different types of content in high-quality text.

Peppertype AI writer

n addition, Peppertype also offers you a variety of AI tools that boost your content writing processes and save you time. It is one of the best in class integrations that increases your productivity and skyrockets your learning abilities.


The Peppertype AI offers you multiple features as mentioned below

  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Style Editor
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Plagiarism check
  • Sentence formatting
  • Tone checker
  • Grammar Check
  • Autocorrect


The Peppertype AI offers you a free trail along with annual and monthly paid subscriptions starting from $35/mo and $25/mo in annual plan.

Jenni.AI –  Supercharge Your Research Paper Writing

Jenni is one of the most advanced and versatile AI writers that is especially designed to boost your research paper writing skills. This platform offers you an intuitive and straightforward interface, offering you creativity and productivity boost. Let us check its features in the following section.

Key Features

JenniAI offers you a variety of features that are mentioned below.

  • Citations generator
  • Paraphrase & Rewrite
  • Generate From Your Files
  • Chat to your PDFs
  • Bulk Import Sources via .bib
  • LaTeX and Word Export
  • Outline Builder
  • Multilingual Support
  • Research Library


Jenni AI is a free writer that allows you to generate 200 AI words/day along with AI editing commands. It also offers you to get its paid subscription at a starting price of $20/month for unlimited words generation.


At the end of our list, NovelAI offers you a variety of writing aids that supercharge your content generating processes. Whether you are a student or a fictional writer, this platform is a remarkable place that uses AI power to generate content for you.


The interface of NovelAI is user-friendly which allows you to engage with this tool without ant hesitation or confusion.


NovelAI offers you a variety of features that boost your storytelling processes. Let us have a look at them.

  • AI story writer
  • Content editor
  • Intuitive interface
  • Text-to-image generation
  • Free-trail accessibility


NovelAI allows you to access this platform for free along with multiple paid plans starting at $10/month and goes up to $25/month.

NovelAI Pricing

Other Alternatives of Caktus AI

The Caktus AI is a remarkable writing tool for students that empowers them to meet their content generating requirements. In the above discussion, you have seen many alternatives to this AI writer. There are multiple other alternatives are available that we have mentioned below.

  • Jasper AI
  • ChatGPT
  • AI Writer
  • Gemini
  • Chai
  • NotionAI

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AIChief’s Choice

From the above detailed discussion, the team of AIChief has decided to give the Writesonic a first place in the list of the alternatives of Caktus AI. We found Writesonic a remarkable tool for everyone, whether writers, students, or businesses. 

With remarkable abilities to generate up-to-date content makes it worthy to engage and generate content for various needs. So, explore this platform for your better creativity and productivity in writing processes.


Which one is the best alternative to Caktus AI?

There are various alternatives, such as Writesonic, NovelAI, QuillBot, and others that you can use instead of Caktus AI.

Is there a free version of Caktus AI available?

Ckatus AI offers you a free access but you have to buy its paid subscription starting from $14.99/month.

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