How to Make Music With Artificial Intelligence?

We are at the edge of the advanced artificial intelligence era, where this development spans every aspect of our lives. Whether it is making tasks automated or generating images, artificial intelligence empowers every sector of human life. In addition, when it comes to talking about the advancement of AI in the field of entertainment, there are so many tools and platforms that are evolving in this field. Generating music with the help of artificial intelligence is one of the most amazing experiences that allows you to explore new possibilities and increase your productivity. Do you know how to make music with artificial intelligence? Well, doing so is not so hard now because there are plenty of tools that enable you to transform your ideas and generate them with the aid of AI platforms.

In addition, as an artist, whether you want to generate melodies, write a song, or create a tune for it, these AI music makers are evolving the ways of the entertainment industry. Moreover, with the help of these AI tools, you can use a diverse range of pre-made music for your quick uploading on any kind of platform. If you are wondering how these AI music generators work, what are the best AI music generators? How to use them? What features does that offer you? In this guide, you will be able to get all your answers related to this matter. So, let us start our discussion and make it easier for you to understand every aspect of artificial intelligence music-making platforms.

How Does AI Music Maker Tools Work?

When it comes to talking about the working of artificial intelligence melodies or music generators, things get so versatile. Most of these music-generating platforms work on similar mechanisms, using deep machine learning techniques and AI neural networks to scrutinize extensive datasets, collecting essential elements such as music tracks, melodies, and chords. After the collection and analysis of this essential data, this data undergoes processing before being fed into the artificial intelligence system. After processing all the essential details and getting information about its ups and downs, artificial intelligence then gets training through its machine learning and deep learning AI models. 

Once all is done, the AI starts to depict the style of your trained data, artists, and its style so that you can get your desired results. In addition, the AI music generators also resemble the style of your desired artists with the aid of its machine learning models so that you can keep up your productivity while generating music with the AI sound generator. That is all about how an AI music generator works. Now, let us start to discuss what are the best options we have to generate music with the power of artificial intelligence.

Best AI Sound Generators To Make Music

As we spoke, there are various AI tools and platforms that allow you to generate music in different styles and of multiple artists. Whether you want to generate classical music, pop, or any other type of music, these AI platforms allow you to meet your requirements and help you to boost your productivity around the clock. In this section of our discussion on how to make music with artificial intelligence, we will discuss the best AI platforms that are not only easy to use but also free of cost. So, let us start exploring them.

AIVA – Your Personal AI Music Generator

When it comes to starting a discussion on the list of the best AI tools that [rovodes you with the opportunity to penetrate the music of your choice, AIVA comes at the top of our list. The Aiva platform provides you with various features to make music instantly. The first one is the generation profile, where you create your own music from scratch. In addition, you can also choose various details of your wanted music, such as the tempo, emotion, instruments used in that music, and many other aspects that you want to change or add to your music. The artificial intelligence platform then makes a custom composition, which you can share in the public profiles library or any other social media platform according to your preferences and needs.

Furthermore, the Aiva AI platform also offers you another way to create music of your imagination. You can regenerate music by starting with songs in the library, and after making changes in it according to your preferences and adjusting its tones and chords, you can download it to use for your personal or commercial purposes. In addition, the third option is to select a preset style, like jazz or pop, and let the AI create a song based on your chosen emotion and duration.

Moreover, the AIVA platform offers you three subscription plans that you can use to increase your productivity and efficiency in generating music. The first subscription model is accessible, and you can use three monthly downloads, up to three minutes each. A drawback of the free subscription model is that you need to give credit for this generated music to the Aiva platform, and you can not use it for commercial purposes. The second plan will cost you 15 euros per month and offers 15 downloads per month, up to five minutes each, without crediting AIVA. However, you still can not own the copyright and can only monetize on platforms like Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube. In addition, the third plan costs you 49 euros per month, allowing longer songs, 300 monthly downloads, no need to credit AIVA, and full ownership of the copyright for monetization.

SOUNDFUL – A Royalty-Free Music Generator

While discussing how to make music with artificial intelligence, the Soundful AI platform comes with great potential that targets producers, creators, and brands, offering affordable and royalty-free music to help overcome creative blocks. With the help of this AI music generator, you can get full control of generating music for your imagination. In addition, you can choose the genre of music you want, such as rap or R&B, and then specify details like the template, song speed, key signature, and a name for the track. After setting up all the details and features of your desired music, the AI will save your generated music in the My Library section, where you can download it anytime. In addition, there is also a section called Global Tracks, where you can explore songs based on moods, genres, or artists like A$AP Rocky.

When discussing the pricing model, Soundful provides you with three subscription options. The first one is free for your personal use and offers over 50 templates. In addition, you can also get 10 monthly downloads, unlimited track creation, and personal use on social media with some limitations. The second subscription model costs you $9.99 per month, or you can get it at $7.99 with a yearly subscription. This model is for commercial use and includes unlimited track and instant downloads, which covers your need to use that music for online platforms and digital ads. You also get the opportunity to publish generated music for your businesses.

The third plan, which is designed for organizational licensing, is priced through consultation and includes custom templates that allow you to generate music for your diverse needs, such as TV, ads, commercial streaming, and video on demand.

Boomy AI – Unleash Your Music Creativity With it

In the world of artificial intelligence, Boomy AI is a leading platform that allows you to make music with a quick and easy approach as it offers you a simple platform to perform all your functions that leads you to generate captivating music. In addition, it also allows you to choose a style like lo-fi, rap beats, or global groove so that you can set your music preferences for a better understanding of AI. You can also make a unique song by selecting your own composition style, instruments, tempo, sound effects, and mixing style so that you can give your personal touch to it and show your productivity. If you go for a preselected style, you can pick a subgenre.

In addition, the Boomy AI platform also offers you fully customizable settings so that you can make your songs more engaging. Also, it allows you to adjust multiple attributes of your music, such as tempo and density, add instruments and sound effects, edit the mix and arrangement, and record or upload your personal vocals in your music, which opens a new horizon of control and customization.
From many of its magnificent features, it helps you to release your songs and albums on various streaming and social media platforms so that you can increase your reach and audience diversity. In addition, you can also use your own cover art, or you can also get the help of Boomy’s AI to generate pictures for your music cover while using its text-to-image generator. 

Furthermore, when it comes to discussing the pricing of the Boomy AI platform, there are three subscription plans it offers you. The first one is Boomy Free, which has limited features. The second is Boomy Premium, which will cost you $2.99 a month and offers more options like unlimited saves and downloads. The third is Boomy Pro, which you can get for $9.99 a month, giving you even more benefits like priority rights requests along with unlimited saves and downloads.

Riffusion AI – Make Music With Words

Another artificial intelligence music generator platform is Riffusion, which enables you to transform your words into captivating and exotic music that you can use for various purposes. One of the most unique qualities of this AI platform is that it allows you to generate music with your words. You just have to write the lyrics of your music or describe what type of music you need to generate with it. The Riffusion AI will understand your command and will generate instant music that you can use for various operations.

In addition, the AI generates an image or a visual representation of signal loudness at different frequencies based on your prompt, which creates a base for your generated music. These spectrograms are then transformed into music. For instance, you can give prompts like joyous pop music, piano in A juvenile, Jamaican dancehall songs, or any other kind of music that you want to generate AI. You just need to write it and see the magic of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, the Riffusion platform is powered by and developed after the fine-tuning of the Stable Diffusion Ai image generator that enables you to generate stunning art pieces. This model was adjusted to create images of spectrograms that could be turned into music. However, there are a few drawbacks to Riffusion. For example, when it is asked to produce a song in the style of a specific artist, such as Drake or Nicki Minaj, the AI tends to generate very similar songs with the same rhythm. In addition, when the songs include vocals, they may sound disturbing to you. That is why you always use its different other AI tools to refine your music and fine-tune it accordingly.

Ecrett Music

Another answer to how to make music with artificial intelligence is the Ecress AI platform that enables you to generate your favorite music in a matter of seconds. The platform allows anyone to make music snippets by learning from hundreds of hours of existing songs. In addition, Excrett AI provides you with an easy-to-use interface and offers a wide range of scenes, emotions, and genres, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users to generate music exponentially.

Moreover, this AI music generator lets you create music for videos or games, and it includes a feature for generating royalty-free music to avoid any licensing problems. Additionally, using the Ecrett AI platform is quite a simple thing. You just need to choose options from Scene, Mood, and Genre, then click Create Music. The AI tool then generates music based on your choices, providing different music each time, even with the same settings. All these attributes make it one of the most amazing AI music generators for artists. 

In addition, the platform also provides you with full control over music customization. You can easily customize instruments and structures with just a few clicks. Once you’ve created music with Ecrett, you can manage it using features like Favorites, Download History, Video Upload, and many more, where you can use it for various purposes according to your desire and preferences. 

Furthermore, the Ecrett AI platform also offers you a free trial version available before subscribing to any of its paid plans so that you can experience it without paying anything. After that, you can purchase its Individual plan for $4.99, which gives you unlimited reality-free music, the ability to use generated music commercially, and many perks. In addition, it also offers another subscription plan for business owners that you can purchase for $14.99, which gives you access to its elite features to generate any kind of music for commercial or personal usage without any licensing issues.

The above are the best AI music generators that use artificial intelligence to make stunning songs for you in a matter of seconds. These AI platforms not only allow you to generate music quickly but also help you to make it more attractive by providing various features that enable you to fine-tune your music. In addition, along with various features, they also offer you free trial and paid subscriptions so that you can use them to boost your productivity accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Music With AI?

Yes, you can generate royalty-free music with various AI platforms that enable you to generate engaging and captivating music instantly.

How to Make Music With AI?

The process of making music is quite simple. You just need to select the platform that generates music for you according to your prompts. After that, you need to give the command to adjust the settings of your music and then generate it. After generating it, fine-tune it with AI tools and save it or download it to your preferred device.


At the end of our discussion on how to make music with artificial intelligence, we can say that there are numerous AI tools that are nowadays available that are changing the ways of doing so. The AIChief team has done its research and picked the best AI tools for you so that you can boost your journey of generating your favorite music. With the help of the above discussion, you can learn everything about generating music with these AI tools. So, read the above guide to increase your productivity exponentially.

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