How to Build a Notion AI Assistant?

We are living in the age of super-fast technology that is evolving the conventional ways to perform tasks in every sector of our life. Whether it is about making functions more efficient or the need to perform tasks with automation, technology makes things more competent and efficient. There was a time when we had to do many hardships to generate an engaging and captivating writing piece in various sectors. But now, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, we become super-fast in this and many other functions. Notion AI is one of the most advanced and dedicated writing AI assistants among many others that provides you with extensive aid to build your writing drafts and make them just as you want in a matter of seconds. You might be thinking about how to build a Notion AI assistant so that you can use it to perform your writing tasks.

If you are wondering what Notion AI is, how can it be used for better writing? What features of this platform make it worthy of use? How can you create your personal Notion AI assistant? This guide will help you to learn these and all the other aspects related to this matter, every single step and information that will lead you to clear your mind and help you understand its capabilities. So, let us discuss it in detail in the following section and make it more understandable.

What is Notion AI and How Does it Work?

When talking about the Notion AI platform, things get so advanced and handy. It is a powerful AI writing platform that allows you to generate content in various formats and styles. Whether you want to write blog posts or long-form articles, emails for your marketing campaigns, or social media captions, the Notion platform provides many AI features and tools that enable you to achieve these critical tasks conveniently. Due to its diverse features and capabilities, it can be used for various applications and sectors. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, writer, or marketer, Notion AI is a platform for all writing-related subjects. In addition, the platform also allows you to generate your own AI assistant that can engage with you to fulfill your writing projects conveniently. This dedicated assistant enables you to generate content that resonates with your desired format and produce high-quality content with your commands or prompts. 

On the other hand, the Notion AI works in a very smart and effective way that makes it capable of generating your desired form of content. It operates through the utilization of large language models that are sophisticated artificial intelligence entities, making it capable of text generation, language translation, and question-answering. These large language models are a sub-branch of AI designed to undergo training on extensive datasets that allow it to generate both text and code. Following their training, LLMs exhibit the capacity to execute diverse tasks, including:

Text Generation

By taking advantage of the learned patterns from massive datasets, LLMs excel at generating text across various formats, such as articles, blog posts, emails, and even code. In addition, the versatility of text generation empowers you to create content efficiently and effectively.

Language Translation

With the help of large AI language models, you can convert text from one language to another. This capability allows you to break down language barriers and provides you with the opportunity to communicate across diverse linguistic contexts.

Question Answering

Another notable capability of LLMs within Notion AI is its adeptness in answering questions comprehensively and informatively while engaging with you. This ability enables it to handle open-ended queries, challenging questions, or content with unconventional structures. The adaptive nature of large language models of Notion AI ensures the understanding of the queries you ask. 

That is how the AI of Notion works for you and enables you to generate content using its advanced algorithms and LLM technology that makes it smarter and faster. Now that you have learned what Notion AI is and how it works, it is also important to know what features it provides you so that you can properly learn how to build a Notion AI assistant. So, let us discuss it in the next section, and after that, we will learn how you can use your personal AI assistant on the Notion platform.

Capabilities and Functionalities of Notion AI

The machine learning and large language models of Notion AI enable it to provide you with many AI features and capabilities that you can use to transform your ideas into captivating and engaging content for the diverse needs of your content generation. In addition to content generation, it can also help you with improving existing written work by providing features such as summarization, translation, editing, and reviewing. Following is an overview of its capabilities that makes it one of the best choice to use as an AI writing assistant.

Condense Existing Content

Notion AI can be used for summarizing existing content that allows you to streamline your process of writing business proposals, product descriptions, or meeting notes. This capability provides you with invaluable facilities that save both time and effort by distilling the essential points from your written material.

Generate Ideas For Your Content

Another notable function of Notion AI lies in its capacity to brainstorm ideas. Whether you’re grappling with naming your startup or seeking inspiration for an upcoming event, simply give the command to Notion AI to generate a list of options. This approach provides you with valuable assistance for creative ideation.

Compose From Scratch

In addition to generating ideas for your content generation, Notion AI extends its utility to drafting original content in a matter of seconds. Whether you want it to write a blog post, press release, email, or essay, the Notion platform enables you to achieve your writing goals conveniently. In addition, if the generated content is not as per your requirements, Notion AI also offers you multiple fine-tuned AI tools with which you can make it more attractive and informative.

Enhance Language

Taking advantage of its built-in spelling checker and grammar correction feature, Notion AI provides a concise approach to make your content error-free. In addition, with the help of this feature, you can enhance the power of the language used for writing and increase the accuracy of your content easily.

Facilitate Translation

Notion AI further broadens its functionality by offering content translation. This feature seamlessly translates your written content into any other language that you want, which allows you to increase your reach, widen the range of your content, and increase exposure to new audiences. 

From the above capabilities and features, you can estimate how handy this AI writing assistant is. You might be wondering how to build a Notion AI assistant so you can use it according to your preferences and needs. Keep reading this guide, as we are going to discuss this matter in the very next section. So, let us start to explore it and make it easier for us to create an AI notion assistant.

How To Build A Notion AI Assistant?

When discussing the matter of building a Notion AI assistant, things get a little bit tricky. As artificial intelligence is evolving at the speed of light, there are many AI tools that allow you to make your personal assistants at ease. With the right knowledge of these tools, you can generate your personal AI Notion assistant that enables you to make your trained AI assistant fulfill your writing needs. In the following section of our discussion, we will discuss every single step so that you can learn from it easily. So, let us have a look at them.

First Step – Define What Will Your AI Will Do?

The first step to building your personal Notion AI assistant is to decide what do you want to do. That is the most important part of your AI assistant, which will decide about the capabilities and all the work we do for it to generate. You can get the idea from the following use cases so that you can think like that and choose your own type of AI assistant.

  • If you are looking for an AI assistant who engages with your customers, solves their problems, and even suggests their products, then the Customer Care AI assistant will be the best option for you.
  • For those who are overwhelmed with numbers and data, data analysis AI assistants can help by understanding and giving you valuable insights for better decisions.
  • If you are busy in your life and want suggestions for various functions, then a personal AI assistant can take care of your schedule. Such types of AI assistants can set appointments for you and remind you of important things.

Knowing the job you want your AI to do helps you to choose the right tools. There are different AI platforms. For our example, we are creating a custom AI assistant for a website. If you need help with data analysis, you might try ChatGPT’s Advanced Data Analysis or tools like Otter AI or Clay for managing time and tasks. Once you are done deciding about your AI type, head to the next step.

Second Step – Choose Your Desired AI Platform To Built

Now that we know what we want our AI to do, it’s time to pick the right tools. This step is crucial because it decides how well our AI can be trained and how smoothly it can fit into our systems. Here are two great options:


  • It is a large language model that enables you to generate Notion AI assistant 
  • Provides you with a simple and engaging platform to navigate to its different sections
  • Allow you to create a database to import or export your AI model
  • Provides you with a secure platform with all your data encryption
  • Provides you with many features to streamline your AI assistant, making the process easier and harmonized. 


  • It is a trainable AI assistant builder that helps you build an AI 
  • Provides a simple and easy-to-navigate interface to keep engaging with you.
  • Allows you to connect data sources easily, creating a chatbot similar to ChatGPT tailored to your specific needs.
  • It offers you many unique features, such as an intuitive training process; you can make a smart assistant answer questions by uploading a document or adding a website link.
  • It enhances your customer experience and offers a unique engagement strategy.
  • This platform offers a free plan along with paid options starting from $19 per month.


  • This model transforms traditional documentation into intelligent AI assistants
  • Use for customer support and creatively leverage specialized knowledge.
  • It can be trained on internal knowledge and external web pages, handling customer chats, and generating AI-written content while maintaining your brand voice.
  • Its unique features include Dual functionality, including customer support and AI content writing.
  • You can be trusted on it for both customer interactions and generating content.
  • It offers a free plan, and monthly paid options start at $19.

To generate our Notion AI assistant, we will go with Difyas, the main platform for building our artificial intelligence conversational partner.

Third Step – Gather Data To Train The AI Assistant on Dify

Now, let’s gather the information our AI will use. This is like collecting ingredients for a recipe. The kind and amount of data we collect will shape how smart and useful our AI becomes. We can collect data in different forms like text documents, URLs, sitemaps, or Q&A content. The idea is to give our AI special information it wouldn’t know otherwise. To train your Notion AI assistant, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • The first step is to log into your Dify account. You can conveniently log in using your GitHub or Google account.
  • Click the Datasets button on the top sidebar, followed by the Create Dataset button.
  • Connect with Notion and your datasets. Select Sync from Notion and then click the Connect button. This will redirect you to your Notion
  • AI login page, where you will need to provide your credentials to log into your account.
  • Specifying the pages for AI needs to be studied, enabling it to comprehend the content within this section of Notion.
  • Create your AI application. You must create an AI application and link it with your recently created dataset.

By following the above steps, you can build a Notion AI assistant conveniently. Just follow these steps carefully so that things get easier for you and you can achieve your goal effectively.


At the end of our discussion on how to build a Notion AI assistant, we can conclude that this process needs a few steps with the right approach to be done. From selecting your purpose to generating an AI assistant to choosing the right model for you to use while generating an AI assistant, these steps are crucial for you to take. The AIChief team does deep research and gathers all the essential information for you so you can build your Notion AI assistant to get involved in conversations or generate content from it. So, read this guide and learn how you can create your personal Notion AI assistant for your various tasks.

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