Novel AI

Novel AI is based on advanced language models that empower it to write stunning stories and roleplays. It also shows an impressive image generation feature that makes it different from other AI story generator platforms. It also offers various AI tools to assist you in crafting captivating content in a matter of seconds.

AIChief has engaged with its different AI models and finds them pretty impressive. Its affordable pricing, exclusive features, and easy user interface make us indulge in it. We have crafted a concise and easy-to-understand Novel AI review for detailed comprehension. Read the following AI review to unleash the real power of this AI writing assistant.

Novel Ai Review

Here are the things we will review in this discussion.

Introduction to Novel AI

Novel AI is an AI-powered text assistant that allows you to craft stunning and compelling stories with its AI storytelling tool. It is a text-to-text, Text-to-speech, and text-to-image model that uses intelligence technology to perform its tasks with perfection and precision. 

Whether you are a content creator, marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner, this creative writing assistant has got you covered. Its cutting-edge technology and power to produce high-quality content make it a good choice for everyone. 

The following table gives you an overview of all its technical aspects. Let us have a look at them.

Performance ScoreA
Average load time0.5 s
Average response time10.5 words/s
Quality of Generated ContentHigh-Quality Generated Content
AI-based technology
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Large Language Models
  • User-Friendly
  • Customizable UI
  • AI Storyteller
  • Text Adventure
  • Multiple AI Models
  • Style and Tone Control
  • Worldbuilding and Lorebook
  • Advanced Text Generation
  • Multiple Writing Modes
  • Theme Editor
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Ability to import stories
  • Customizable Memory
  • AI Image Generation
  • Multiple Customizable AI Modules
  • Advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS)
PricingYou can get a free trial with limited tokens to generate text. It also offers many paid subscriptions starting from $10/month.
CompatibilityWeb-based along with Mobile Web Browser Compatibility
  • NovelAI Website
  • Discord
  • X (formerly Twitter)
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Patreon

Insight Into Nove AI Story Writer

Technology is getting more advanced every day. There is not a single day when we hear of a new specialized tool based on artificial intelligence, which is surprising. With the invention of AI, every aspect of our lives has changed. 

Whether you are a graphic designer or a story writer, every professional field is spanned by the influence of artificial intelligence. If you are a writer, the Novel AI tool is one of the great inventions of technology. 

It is a giant AI writing tool that lets you put your thoughts in words within seconds. Whether you want to write a fictional novel, non-fictional, or creative content, this powerful AI writing tool can transform your imagination into a captivating story. 

If you are curious to get the answers to these questions, this Novel AI review is for you. In this discussion, we will discuss every aspect related to Novel AI so you can make everything easier to understand. Let us dive into honest review discussions and make everything understandable.

What Is Novel AI?

Novel AI tools are now innovating the world of writing stories. It is a powerful story-writing tool for various creative purposes, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. It utilizes different open-source technologies to craft compelling stories. 

From GPT-New to GPT-J, open-source alternatives for GPT-3 to generate human-like AI stories. As a powerful AI-assisted writing tool, it can mimic your writing style, collaborate with you through textual descriptions, and provide color-coded outputs that are convenient to understand. 

NovelAI offers a range of features, such as memory storage, a customizable editor, and AI modules with different styles and inspirations. It also allows users to create their custom AI modules. With its remarkable qualities and real literature training, you can craft a whole story with AI-assisted authorship.

A Look At Novel AI’s Features & Compatibilities

While talking about the features and compatibilities of NovelAI, things have become so versatile. We have reviewed every aspect of this AI tool for text generation and find out some amazing things that we have mentioned in the following table. Let us have a look at its features and compatibilities.

AI StorytellerAllows you to generate entire stories or specific parts based on your prompts, preferences, and style choices.
Text AdventureCollaboratively develop a story with the AI, taking turns adding prompts and actions.
Multiple AI ModelsChoose from AI models with different writing styles and strengths (e.g., lyrical, descriptive, suspenseful).
Style and Tone ControlDefine the desired style, such as formal, informal, humorous, and tone, such as serious or lighthearted, for personalized writing.
Worldbuilding and LorebookCreate a comprehensive backstory for your world and characters.
Advanced Text GenerationGenerate creative text formats like poems, scripts, musical pieces, emails, letters, and more.
Theme EditorCreate a visually appealing and inspiring writing environment.
AI Image GenerationEnhance storytelling and reader engagement with AI-generated images.
Advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS)Generate high-quality audio narration for your stories

Novel AI Pros & Cons

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
You can start using Novel AI without paying anything, as it offers you free access. The cost of unlimited text generation may be higher than other AI tools.
Helps you to overcome writer’s blocks to smooth your writing processes. AI may sometimes generate irrelevant content for reasons of bias.
Provides you with a simple user interface to interact.
Create realistic visuals with your text to empower your stories.

Novel AI Features

Novel AI is a versatile tool that allows you to generate various types of content, such as fiction stories, marketing copy, and other visual content creation. It uses its advanced algorithms and crafts innovative content in a matter of seconds. Let us have a NovelAI review of its features

AI Story Generator

The first feature we reviewed is its AI Story Generator, which empowers writers to overcome writer’s block by suggesting creative pursuits. This platform’s natural language processing abilities allow you to generate good stories without facing writer’s block.

For creative writers, story generation is a tedious and time-consuming writing process. At this time, the NovelAI offers you full control over every aspect of your story to cut down your efforts.

Memorization: It Stores Prompts!

With this feature, you can store many details related to different story characters, their related or surrounding companions, and everything else that has happened previously.

Provides Author’s Notes

This feature dramatically influences storytelling as the AI brings on this information and provides results based on the author’s notes. 

Customizable Editor

Whether you want to customize the fonts, size, or color scheme, this user-friendly AI feature can help you make your writing space according to your desires.

Create Your Own AI Models

Novel AI has a magnificent feature of custom AI modules, allowing you to create your own AI module by training them on your data. This custom AI module training can be done with providing novels, books, or writing from other writers to train the AI.

This approach lets you get your desired results or enables the AI to mimic your desired writer’s writing style. In addition, the AI models trained will be saved to your Initially, that feature was only for Opus tire users, but now, it is available for all Novel AI subscriptions. 

Lorebook Feature

Suppose you are writing a story with multiple ideas and characters. In that case, Loorebook is where you can define your imagined characters, locations, or any other things you need to be saved. A key is generated for each piece of information, and when you enter that prompt, your stored information will automatically be added. 

Generation History

As Novel AI is a tool that provides you with information based on your prompts, sometimes it happens when you do not like the results and ask for more information or another answer. And after a while, you realized that the previously AI-generated content was more productive.

In such scenarios, Novel AI allows you to answer generation history features from which you can check the previously AI-generated content in your chat history. 

Image Generator

The Novel AI platform is not just an AI story generator; it also allows you to generate images with a few prompts to give your stories more appeal and relevancy. With the help of this feature, you can denser the impact of your writing process. 

Note: The Novel AI image generator tool may not work according to your expectations. You can use an alternative, such as AI Dungeon, for creative visuals.

Different Modules of Novel AI

Different AI Modules of NovelAI

Novel AI has a simple interface and three main modules: Storyteller, Text Adventure, and Image Generation. After signing in, go to the official page and select one of your desired modules. Once you choose an option, the corresponding page will open with different tools to help you in your work.

Storyteller Mode

Storyteller Mode

With the help of Novel AI story prompts mode, you can write your story from scratch. You need to start writing in the prompt section. As you write your prompts, which can be extended or a single word, click on the send button. 

The Novel AI storyteller starts to generate a response that relates and is the successor of your added information in the prompt section. You can edit or regenerate your answer until you get what you want. It is a tool that allows you to write your story faster and with broader ideas. 

Text Adventure

Text Adventure Mode

A text adventure is an easy and fun way to interact with the Novel AI tool. As it is clear from its name, it is a text-based adventure game that allows you to create scenarios and different characters for your game. 

The AI uses its imagination and follows the directions that you gave it, and the AI plays the game on your behalf. Although it is available in all subscriptions, in the free version, the credits are limited. 

Novel AI Image Generator

Novel AI Image Generator

Novel AI’s image generator allows you to create unique art and characters using simple prompts. With numerous attributes, you can easily obtain your desired images. Check out some tips on using image-generation AI prompts in the next section.

Novel AI Image Generation Tips – How To Use It?

The AI image generation tool in NovelAI is powerful and allows you to turn your imagination into a reality. Use various options to edit your prompt, add details, and enhance your image. It’s great for adding animated images to your stories. Here are some tips for using it effectively. 

Craft a Detailed Idea of Your Character

If you add your imagined character’s animated image to your story, then it is clear that the more details you give in the prompt section, the more precise results you will get. 

Once you have a clear vision of your character, you can start prompting Novel AI to generate the image. To understand the image generation prompts, you can learn from the following:

The above character prompts allow you to create your desired character image. You can alter the prompts and add more to get more precise results.

Wisely Choose An AI Image Generation Method

Novel AI offers two image generation methods: Image-Image generation and Control Tools image generation method. In the Image2Image generation method, you must upload an image using the Upload Image button. 

You can use multiple commands to generate an AI version of your uploaded image. Just provide prompts to the AI to get your desired work, whether it’s a painterly artwork or a landscape AI image. For painterly artwork, use the following Novel AI Image prompts:

The above Novel AI art style prompts allow you to get your desired results; if needed, you can make changes according to your requirements.  

Make Sure to Adjust Your Settings

The NovelAI image generation mode is a way to achieve your desired creativity levels. For effective and detailed results, adjust the AI strength and noise settings. This allows you to control the AI’s creativity and get your desired results. 

The high strength values allow the AI more freedom to understand the uploaded image. In addition, the noise helps the AI add more details to your image to make it more relevant.

Use Edit Option To Craft Your AI Image

NovelAI Image generation module is one of the best ways to unleash your creative writing and image editing abilities. Use the Edit feature to enhance the quality of your AI-generated images or add extra layers of details.

Edit AI-generated images

Once you generate your desired AI image, click on Edit Image. This option will appear under the thumbnail of your generated image. You will get many modification and enhancement tools in this section from which you can add more detail to your image and make your storytelling more appealing.

Novel AI Pricing Review

In the following section, we have reviewed Novel AI pricing models for your better understanding. let us have a look at them.

Paper (Free Version )

Free version

Novel AI’s free version offers you many experimental features that offers you to explore its real potential and make your writing processes more accurate and faster.

Tablet ($10/month)


It is the simplest subscription plan for NovelAI uses called Tablet, and it will cost you $10/month.

Even though it’s the cheapest option, it offers unlimited Text and Text to Speech generations throughout the entire subscription period. Additionally, you get 1000 Anlas to use for Image Generation and Module Training.

Scroll Tier ($15/month)


The second paid tier of the NovelAI subscription is Scroll, which costs $15 USD and offers various features to unleash your creativity.

Opus For Enthusiasts ($25/month)

The last paid tire of Novel AI will cost you $25/month. This is especially suitable for text enthusiasts and allows them to use NovelAI at its full potential.

Opus For Enthusiasts

Novel AI Promo Code For Discount

The team of AIChief reviewed the availability of Novel AI promo codes or any substantial discount, and we found nothing. The platform claims that it already offers affordable prices to its potential users. So, don’t trust anyone who claims to give you a discount against a promo code.

Novel AI Alternatives

In this section of our review, we will explore a list of Novel AI alternatives to explore more options for your creative writing ambitions. Here are the other AI writers you can use instead of Novel AI to break writer’s block.

Writesonic is an innovative writing tool that harnesses the power of smart technology. It provides you with various AI writing tools to harmonize your content generation processes.Jasper is one of the most advanced platforms that allows you to generate high-quality marketing content in seconds.
It uses neural networks and large language models to transform your ideas into captivating writing copies.


  • AI Article & Blog Writer
  • Product Descriptions
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Social Media Posts
  • Content Ideas
  • SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Headings and Outlines


  • AI-assisted Content Generation
  • Jasper AI Copilot
  • Team Collaboration for Content Generation
  • Accessibility to Generate & Upload on Targeted Platforms
  • AI-Assisted Image Generation


  • Offers free access along with three paid tiers starti


  • Free trial along with three paid plans starting from $39/month/seat

Ratings On Different Platforms:

  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Capterra: 4.8/5
  • Trustpilot: 4.8/5

Ratings On Different Platforms:

  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Capterra: 4.8/5
  • Trustpilot: 4.4/5

Novel AI Ratings On Different Platforms

The team of AIChief researchers has gone through many online repositories for ratings and found user-guided reviews of NovelAI. Here are the ratings of Novel AI that we found on different trusted online platforms.


AIChief’s Expert Review & Rating

Content Quality4.7

The AIChief has done its research and crafted this NovelAI review to let you understand every aspect. We found that the features this AI tool offers you align with its pricing models. Its user-centric interface and speed of generating high-quality content are impressive.

Moreover, the image generation for stories gives life, which is what we found the most indulging in this AI tool. Although it generates irrelevant content, sometimes. But, with a little fine By tuning your prompts, you can resolve this issue. So, boost your content-generation journey with Novel AI. 

Final Thoughts

Novel AI is the best option for those who are looking for an exclusive AI tool for their text and visual generations. From marketing to captivating stories and image generation, it is a one-stop shop for you.

The versatility of its features, handy AI writing tools, simple interface –  and user privacy make it the best choice for writers and other content generators. So, read the above honest review about the Novel AI and learn every aspect of this AI writing assistant easily.


Can I Use Novel AI Image Generator For Free?

Yes, you can use the Novel AI Image generator for free but with limited credits. So, for the best and most seamless experience, purchase this tool to enhance your storytelling.

Can I Write a Book With Novel AI?

Novel AI is a storytelling, crafting short stories, novel writing, and book writing AI-based tool. It allows you multiple options, such as mimicking a writer’s style, changing fonts, and creating AI-based images. This makes your own writing more appealing and relevant.

What is the best Novel AI Image Generator alternative?

AI Dungeon comes with great potential when it comes to generating high-quality character images for your stories and fiction.

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