Grammarly Paraphrase – An Excellent AI Rewording Tool

Being a writer, the hard part comes at the end when you complete your rough draft writing piece. After writing your writing draft, there are still many things that have to be rewritten or edited. Until you finalize your writing piece, you can not submit it to the publisher. Rewriting your writing piece or article is one of the crucial steps in which all the errors are eliminated and the flow of the article gets better with editing or rewording sentences for an engaging and attractive masterpiece. All these tasks have to be done manually as you need to confirm the legitimacy of your writing material. Do you want a tool that could skyrocket your rewriting or rephrasing process and let you complete your masterpiece quickly? Grammarly paraphrase writing assistant allows you to make your writing easier, flawless, and accurate without losing its original tone.

Let us find out how the Grammarly paraphrasing feature work and make it easy for you to write attention-grabbing and mistake-free content.

How Grammarly’s Rewording Feature Works?

When it comes to discussing the Grammerly paraphrase feature, things get exciting. It is a fantastic tool that allows you to rewrite or reword sentences without losing their intent and meaning. With the help of this AI-based algorithm that has the ability to understand your conversation, you also do not have to worry about plagiarism. In addition, you can also improve your content verdict and make it smoother and more harmonized.

Moreover, Grammarly also includes another feature that allows you to achieve multiple tones of writing, such as confident, friendly, sincere, and many more. That feature is called Delivery and has the ability to paraphrase a large amount of content. But the Delivery feature has limitations as it is not free. To get the best paraphrasing experience, you should buy Grammarly Go, a newly added AI feature that allows you to reword your text up to 5000 characters, which is estimated at 800 words in a single turn.

How To Use Grammarly Rephrasing Feature?

The use of the Grammarly rewording AI tool is quite an easy process. You just need to follow these clean steps to get access to this magnificent rephrasing tool.

  • Open your web browsers and navigate to the My Grammarly page by searching on the search bar.
  • Now, copy and paste the content that you want to rephrase into the Grammarly provided box. Remember that the free version of Grammarly will only allow you to rephrase 500 words at once.
  • Now, click on the Paraphrase It option to start the magical process.
  • Grammarly will allow you to select a sentence or a paragraph to paraphrase. Use the back and forward arrows to navigate your text to get reworded.
  • After the selection of your desired text, Grammarly will give you multiple suggestions to choose one of them. Select one that resonates with your intent and requirements.
  • Once you are done with the above step, just click on the Copy option to end the process.

Once you are done with the above steps, you have completed the process of paraphrasing with Grammarly. That’s how you use reword in Grammarly.

For your guidance, this is one of the many smart features of Grammarly. You can use the entire Grammarly suite to skyrocket your writing speed and quality. From the grammar checker to plagiarism checker, tone detector to word suggestions, there are multiple features that are in Grammarly to increase your content quality. In addition, you can also add its extension to your Chrome browser and download its setup for MS Word.

Benefits of Using Grammarly Rewording Feature?

When it comes to discussing the benefits of rewriting or paraphrasing content with the aid of the paraphrasing feature of Grammarly, things get so versatile. Whether it is about the ability to write sentences or paragraphs or the matter of saving time, multiple benefits come to the plate while using this AI writing assistant feature. Here is an overview of its benefits.

Rewriting Sentences and Paragraphs

Grammarly’s paraphrasing tool provides you with a convenient way to rephrase sentences and paragraphs while keeping the original meaning intact. This functionality allows you to enhance your text. In addition, it enables you to avoid issues related to plagiarism by altering the structure of your content.

Enhancing Vocabulary

Along with paraphrasing, this tool also assists you in making your content enriched by new words. The suggestions for your text by providing synonyms or alternative words without altering the overall essence of the content allow you to increase your content density. In addition, it is also valuable for you to elevate your writing and convey your ideas using suitable words and expressions.

Customization and Text Restructuring

Another advantage of Grammarly’s paraphrasing tool is the capacity to personalize and reorganize the text according to your requirements. With the help of machine learning algorithms, the tool understands your content’s tone, and level of formality, enabling you to produce paraphrases that resonate with your intended audience. This customization of your content and restructuring of your text enables you to empower your content writing.

Time Efficiency

One of the best advantages of using Grammarly paraphrasing is time efficiency. With the help of converting complex sentences and paragraphs into simpler and more productive ways, it saves a lot of your time so you can spend it on making your content quality better. Moreover, the ability to generate high-quality paraphrases with a simple click, allows you to meet deadlines for writing tasks and helps you to become more efficient in your field. This efficiency allows you to allocate your focus to other aspects of your work, which enhances the overall productivity level.

What Are Grammarly Paraphrase Alternatives?

From exploring new AI tools to integration limitations and pricing there are several reasons to use an alternative to Grammarly. For those who want to change their AI-driven writing assistant like Grammarly, there are various legitimate options nowadays available. We have searched and crafted a list of the best Grammarly paraphrase alternatives. Here is the list of the 10 best Grammarly alternatives:

  • Wordtune (Free & Premium)
  • Paraphrase Tool (Free & Premium)
  • (Free)
  • OpenAI ChatGPT
  • Rephrase (Premium)
  • QuillBot (Free & Premium)
  • (Premium)
  • SpinBot
  • PrePost SEO (Free & Premium)
  • Hemingway Editor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grammarly Free Version Paraphrase?

The free version of Grammarly allows you to paraphrase up to 500 words and to increase its limit, you must have a Grammarly Pro subscription.

How to Paraphrase a Paragraph With Grammarly?

To paraphrase a paragraph of your content, you just need to copy and paste your text into the Grammarly provided box. By hitting the button to Paraphrase it, you will get your results.

Can You Paraphrase Emails in Gmail With Grammarly?

Grammarly is a versatile AI-driven tool that allows you to integrate it with multiple platforms and applications. You can also paraphrase your email with it.

Can Grammarly Reword Really?

Using machine learning algorithms, Grammarly can reword your text without losing its sense.


At the end of our discussion of Grammarly paraphrase features and endless possibilities, we can conclude that there are countless aids of this AI-based writing tool. Whether you want to reword your sentence or paragraph or want to enhance your content’s creativity with suggested words, Grammarly’s paraphrasing feature allows you to use its numerous aids to empower your writing pieces. Furthermore, with the above discussion, you can also learn about the best alternatives for Grammarly. So, read this content and understand every aspect of Grammarly’s paraphrasing feature.

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