What Are The Alternatives Of Elevenlabs AI?

We are living in the age of technology, where there are so many advancements in every sector. There was a time when speech-to-text conversion was not possible. Writing an interview or speech took a lot of time and effort. But things have changed, and we have the AI to do such tedious tasks.

There are so many applications of this AI tool, and many industries are using this tool to empower their customer care sectors to make them more precise and accurate. You might be wondering what the alternatives of Elevenlabs AI are.

Well, if you are looking for this answer, then this guide will help you in this regard. This AI platform provides you with many features that help you to fulfill your text-to-speech needs.

alternatives of elevenlabs ai

Here’s are the topics that we’ll uncover in this article.

Overview of ElevenLabs Natural Sounding Voice Generator

The Elevenlabs AI platform allows you to create audio of your written text using a human-like natural sounding voice tone. This is why there are so many applicable areas in which you can use this marvelous piece of artificial intelligence.

Whether we talk about podcasting or creating ads for your social media marketing, the audios are crucial, and here comes the Elevenlabs AI that can transform your words into attractive voice speech in multiple accents and voices. In this guide, you will learn about some use cases of Elevenlabs, its pricing model, and alternatives so that we can comparatively analyze different options for you. Let’s discuss this matter in detail.

A Quick View of ElevenLabs AI Features

The ElevenLabs AI offers you a variety of features that enable you to achieve your voice cloning or voice-generating goals. Whether you want to generate a natural human voice or need to explore a vast AI voice actor library, it has you covered. Here are the explanations of its features you must be aware of.

Text-To-Speech Synthesis

This advanced speech synthesis technology of ElevenLabs allows you to transform your words into captivating AI voices with different accents and languages. The AI voice platform offers you a wide range of AI voices that you can use to generate captivating speeches with just a few clicks. 

It also offers you precision voice-tuning AI tools to customize generated AI voices. With this tuning features, you can give hilarious voice impressions to your generated just as a talented voice actor.

Whether you are an independent AI voice actor or a Fortune company, this platform offers you the text-to-speech (TTS) ability to achieve your tasks.

Voice Cloning – Clone Voices Instantly

This feature enables you to create various synthetic voices of your own voice in a matter of a few clicks. In this feature, you will find plenty of AI voice actors and numerous AI voice languages that you can use accordingly. This voice-to-voice generator offers you remarkable aids for professional voice cloning.

Some Use Cases of Elevenlabs Voice Cloning Tool

When discussing the use of this text-to-speech (TTS) AI voice generator by the NLP and ML models of artificial intelligence, things get so vast. Various industries are evolving with the help of this AI tool.

Applications in E-Commerce, Customer Care, & Healthcare Sector

ElevenLabs AI offers you a dynamic way to generate natural-sounding voices for your various purposes Whether we talk about customer care services, entertainment, eLearning platforms, or virtual assistants, so many sectors are getting the aid of Elevenlab’s TTS AI model.

The platform allows you to create captivating human voice recordings that you can use in various applicable areas. Moreover, with the help of ElevenLabs AI, the health sector is also getting advanced as it can provide a way to speak or listen again to those who can’t speak or listen.

Storytelling – Writer’s AI Partner

The second thing you can do with this realistic voice generator is storytelling. The AI adds emotional factors to your writing story and transforms it into natural-sounding audio you can share. Various users, from content creators or short story writers to game producers and developers, can take advantage of using it. The voices generated by the Eleven Labs can be used in various fields and allow you to boost your audience experience.

Saves The Time of News & Article Publishers

Are you a publisher who has to spend lots of time and money to automate the process of making the audio version of your articles and news? Here comes ElevenLabs AI, which automates the whole process. You can generate synthetic voices to give your words life.

Transform Your Writing Into Audiobooks

One of Elevenlabs AI’s remarkable features is its audiobook converter, which allows you to transform your writing into captivating and pleasant audiobooks. This platform’s powerful AI ensures the quality of the voice and adds all the human-like elements to make your audiobooks pleasant to listen to.

In addition, it allows authors to write and convert their writings into audio files so that they can use them on digital platforms and get a wider reach for them. 

From the above features, you might be wondering what is the pricing model of the ElevenLabs AI platform. Well. in the next section of our guide, you will find your answers. So, let us know about the pricing models.

Is It Free To Use ElevenLabs AI?

The ElevenLabs AI platform offers you a versatile range of packages along with a free trial that allows you to generate ten thousand characters per month and enables you to use three custom voices and the liberty to use its Voice Design tool, from which you can generate custom voices for your personal needs. In addition, if you want extra, you can select from one of their paid packages, which starts from $5 per month.

There are many other tools that you can use instead of buying an Elevenlabs AI subscription quickly. We will explore them in detail in the next section of our discussion. So, let us find out the alternatives to Elevenlabs AI.

Google Text To Speech

Google text to speech AI voice cloning software

When discussing our first alternative of Elevenlabs, Google Text-to-Speech comes at the top of the list. It allows you to transform your written text into natural, engaging speech within seconds.

All this happens due to its machine learning and Natural language processing abilities that enable it to convert your text into a captivating audio file.

In addition, that platform supports more than 100 languages, which makes it one of the best alternatives to ElevenLabs AI for turning your text into multiple speeches.

The Google Text-to-speech platform also allows you to use its API to create realistic interactions with your customers and provide them with services. The Google TTS AI model offers multiple features that you can use to fulfill your speech needs. 

Following is an overview of them; let us look at them.

Features of Google Text-To-Speech

  • Custom Voice Recording (Beta): You can generate your voice for your closed use and make it your organizational voice by training in voice synthesis.
  • Voice & Language Selection: It offers more than 200 different voices and more than 40 languages that you can use to create multiple variants of speech for your text.     
  • WaveNet Voices: It allows you to use 90+ WaveNet voices to generate human-like voices quickly.
  • Pitch Tuning: You can customize your voice pitch and make it according to your requirements.

Amazon Polly – Natural Sounding Speech Generator

The second alternative to the Elevenlab AI platform is Amazon Polly, which is a cloud-based AI platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows you to convert your text into various speech in multiple languages.

The Amazon Polly uses advanced neural networks and deep machine learning AI models that enable it to generate human-like voices with a natural touch and tone.

amazon polly speech generator

In addition, the platform offers you various voices and languages that you can use for your multiple needs and scenarios. Whether you want to generate an audiobook or need to generate a customer care service speech, the limit on this AI platform is only your creativity.

With the help of its AI tools, you can create AI voices sound just like real ones and enables you to meet your text-to-speech requirements.

Features of Amazon Polly

  • The platform provides you with customized speech generation and enables you to control your generative voice outputs after applying Speech Synthesis to your text.
  • It also allows you to generate speech in different voice formats, such as MP4 and can store and repeat the speech when it’s called.
  • The Amazon Polly provides you with human-like and natural speech software. It also offers you multiple accents that you can get quickly and easily to fulfill your needs.
  • It also offers you various tools that enable you to create various voice impressions for your fiction content.

Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech – Perfect AI Voices

Microsoft Azure

Another alternative to Elevenlabs voice changer that you should try is Microsoft’s Azure Text-to-Speech AI voice generator. This voice cloning platform allows you to generate exclusively human speech for your various use cases with your own audio recordings.

Whether you are a website owner and want to generate a customer care assistant or a text-to-speech listener, this AI platform provides a diverse service that enables you to generate customized voices in numerous languages and accents.

This cloud-based voice changer also allows you to integrate its API into your personal website or software to get maximum experience. It uses deep machine learning and natural language processing AI models to convert your text into spoken words.

Also, it adds all essential human touch and enables you to use them in various applications. Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech is a cloud-based service that converts written text into natural and expressive speech.

This voice technology platform offers a wide range of voices, allowing developers to create personalized and immersive audio experiences.

Features of Azure Text-To-Speech AI

  • It offers you natural-sounding text-to-speech voices that match the intonation and emotion of human voices.
  • You can create your own AI voice generator that will reflect your brand’s identity exponentially.
  • It allows you to fine tune your generated voice clones and enables you to customize its rate, pitch, pronunciation, pauses, and many other vocal elements. This personal voice creator make the whole process resilient.
  • You can get access to this online AI voice generator from anywhere and on any device, as it offers you cloud-based access to your generative voices.
  • It also offers you an intuitive interface that you do not need any technical or language skills to engage with it.

IBM Watson Text to Speech

IBM Watson Text to Speech

When it comes to discussing alternatives to Elevenlabs AI, the IBM Watson text-to-speech AI model comes with great potential and handy features. This AI voice generator is powered by machine learning and doop language processing algorithms.

That converts your texts into engaging speeches in various languages and different accents. Whether you are an enthusiast of voice-over generation or a programmer, using IBM’s text-to-speech AI Watson is easy.

This voice changer allows you to generate high-quality, lifelike voices that you can use in various applications across the boards. In addition, it also allows you to use its API to integrate this powerful voice generator into your website or software to create an attractive scenario for you.

Features of IBM Watson Text-to-Speech AI

  • It offers you multiple languages and human-like speeches in real-time scenarios. 
  • You can create unique brand voiceovers for distinct appeal.
  • IBM uses machine learning and language processing models to create hilarious voice impressions resiliently.
  • With the ability of deep neural networks of IBM, you can generate professional voice samples due to this training on human speech and can also create realistic audio files instantly.
  • You can also customize word punctuation and clarify your voice-generating process with this approach.
  • It also allows you to control your voice by choosing a specific speaking style. This ability enables you to edit your podcast voice for natural and uninterrupted conversations.

NaturalReader – A Text-to-Speech Software

NaturalReader for Human sounding voices

Another alternative to ElevenLabs AI voice changer is NaturalReader. It is one of the most advanced AI voice generators that synthesizes your text and generates natural and human-like voices in seconds. You just have to provide your notes or text to this AI platform and convert them into original synthetic voice files.

In addition, the NaturalReader also allows you to transform your generative speeches into various languages and accents according to your needs and requirements. Whether you want to generate voices for your personal, commercial, or educational needs, this AI TTS model allows you to fulfill all your needs simultaneously.

This platform offers many vocal types, so you can achieve your voice production requirements and make an impact with your words-generated audio. Several features make it one of the best alternatives to Elevenlab’s AI platform. Here is an overview of its features.

Features of NaturalReader

  • It can transform more than 20 text format files into captivating audios with utmost perfection and a private voice data facility.  Enables you to use this AI from cross platforms, such as from your mobile phone, laptop, or Chrome extensions to meet your use case requirements. 
  • You can use this platform for your commercial use with all copyrights. In addition, it also allows you to use its voice library, where you can find different voices for different scenarios. you can also use its AI voice cloning abilities.
  • NaturalReader platform also allows you to create groups and share your educational or other notes with your mates by converting them into realistic speeches. 

From the above alternatives, the artificial intelligence field is full of possibilities that offer you different options that you can use according to your preferences and needs.

Other Alternatives to ElevenLabs AI Voice Technology:

The above-stated AI voice changers and generating platforms allow you to create voice clones instantly. There are many other tools, such as Resemble’s voice cloning software, Speechify, and others available for text-to-speech output.

Pros & Cons of Using ElevenLabs AI

When it comes to discussing the Elevenlabs AI pros and cons, there are so many advantages. With this knowledge, you will be able to decide whether to get its subscription. So, let us start to discuss them.

What We Find Good What We May Not Find Good
Rather than being bound to a limited stock of a subscription model, the platform offers a Pay-as-you-go option, allowing users to use the AI TTS tool according to their needs. Many users claim that the accents provided by Elevenlabs are not the best, leading them to prefer other text-to-audio platforms for certain languages.
The platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both new users and experienced individuals. Does not offer team usage, limiting its utility for collaborative projects.
Cloud-based access enables users to access generative voices from anywhere and on any device, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. Users have experienced issues with long-form text conversion, limiting its suitability for certain projects.
The platform utilizes artificial intelligence models such as machine learning and deep neural networks to transform text into high-quality audio files quickly. Sometimes mispronounces words, potentially affecting the quality of generated content.
Fast processing times result in quicker content roll-outs and production cycles. Support service may be slow in responding to specific queries, impacting user experience.
The character-based billing model may be seen as expensive for users seeking cost-effective solutions for voice-generation needs.

How To Cancel ElevenLabs AI Subscription?

As you can see, there are so many limitations and drawbacks to using the Elevenlasb AI text-to-speech software, which is why you might consider canceling your subscription. If so, then you must know how you can cancel it easily. The following is a step-by-step guide for you to conveniently cancel your Elevenlabs subscription. So, let us start to discuss it.

  • First, you need to sign in to your Elevenlabs.io account.
  • Once you are done signing in, click on the profile icon and select the subscription option. 
  • Now, find and navigate to the Manage Subscription option and then go for the Cancel Subscription option. 
  • Here, you can also upgrade your plan, and if you have any leftover characters in your existing subscription, they will be added to your upgraded subscription model.

From the above steps, you can see how easy it is to cancel your Elevenlabs AI subscription. In addition, by following the above steps, you can also upgrade your subscription.

Moreover, you can also contact their support team, if they answer, and can tell them about your concerns.  If you’re having trouble locating the button, consider switching to a different browser or device.

Final Thoughts

At the end of our discussion on what are the alternatives of Elevenlabs AI, we can conclude that there are various them that you can use to generate speeches from your text. From Google Text-to-Speech AI to IBM Watson TTS AI, Amazon’s Polly to Microsoft Azure.

A versatile range of Elevenlabs AI alternatives help you instantly meet your voice generation needs. The team of AIChief has conduct a deep research about this matter and creafted this guide for you.

So, read this exceptional guide and learn about the alternatives, pros and cons, and subscription cancellation process of ElevenLabs AI.


Can I Use ElevenLabs AI for Commercial Use?

You can use Elevenlab’s artificial intelligence platform for your commercial use until you have a paid subscription to it.

Which One Is the Best Customer Care AI Voice Tool?

The IBM Watson Text-to-Speech AI is one of the best customer care voice-generating tools that uses neural networks and natural language processing models of AI.

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